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  1. @jjvreed It's a new product on their main page. Direct link https://go7gaming.com/product/ahl-001-for-arkham-horror-zealot/
  2. Mep

    0-0-0 Determining target

    I believe you determine available ships that can be hit by the affect, like target lock or attacking, and then choose one.
  3. Pretty sure the reason the box is "over sized" is to allow for these short of storage solutions. Go 7 gaming has come out with one. This one is well done though. Nice work.
  4. Mep

    Upcoming Rules Reference

    Range 0 is not on the range ruler and therefore isn't measured. To tell if a ship is at range 0 you check to see if the ships are touching. If they touch they are at range 0. PEROID! There is nothing else to measure. Trying to rules lawyer by saying but from this arc it is 1 is exactly that, rules lawyering, and you need to stop it.
  5. Mep

    Upcoming Rules Reference

    The rules state ships that are touching are at range 0, period.
  6. Rules state that ships that are touching are at range 0, period.
  7. Mep

    Transfer vs gain

    You can't transfer a token that has already be spent. In either case, a ship that received the token would be gaining it.
  8. Mep

    Upcoming Rules Reference

    The rules do say you can't attack at range zero most of the time. Most weapons have a range, like 1-3. Range 0 is not included in range 1-3. The design space does allow for range 0 weapons though.......
  9. Mep

    What will Wizards Do?

    Wizard has a horrid history of making card games not named Magic. Expect nothing to happen with netrunner.
  10. Mep

    Future of 1.0?

    Black Panther total gross was 1.3 B, the Last Jedi total gross was 1.3 B. Keep in mind TLJ opened at the end of the year and a good chunk of it's change was made the following year. It skews the numbers and it is always good to keep the facts correct. Yeah there are a lot of guys on the internet that hate it because snoke wasn't a vampire. Everyone else is buying it. It is what it is. Thinking a bunch of guys on the internet didn't get to live out their twilight 2.0 fantasy in star wars is going to impact X Wing's future is silly. The future of X wing will be Clone Wars, EP 9 and the Resistance which will slow down the 2.0 conversions of all the old ships. I don't see a massive dump of 2.0 product being done, instead a slow roll out with new ships never in X wing before with a few of the old ships showing up. Even if they did one old ship per faction per wave a few times a year, it will take a few years to see all the ships in 2.0 format. I don't see them doing any 1.0 reprints to replenish stock. With that said, there is enough used old stuff out there I don't see it being hard to get what you want if you are willing to buy used.
  11. Mep

    Future of 1.0?

    Yes, star wars is like a big mac. People complain how bad that hamburger is with their mouth full as the shove that big mac in their mouth. Ever since the prequels people have been hating on SW all the while buying the crap out of it. For two decades now people have love to hate star wars. If they ever make another great SW movie again people wouldn't know what to do with it. "... that was better than Empire, but wait, it can't be, but it was, but it can't be, but it was, but it can't be, but that Thanos was really cool, so I guess it was .... but I don't want it to be ...."
  12. Mep

    Palpatine timing

    You will spend that force like a calculate changing one focus to a hit or evade. Gone are the days of changing a blank to a crit. That is how he is nerfed in this format.
  13. Mep

    Future of 1.0?

    Yes, the highest grossing movie of 2017 and the highest selling blu ray of 2018 won't see a squeal because 200 guys on the internet wanted snoke to be a vampire. 🤣
  14. Mep

    Focus vs Calculate

    Don't forget the cases where you only get to reroll 2 of x dice or just 1 of x dice. Have fun with that matrix.
  15. Mep

    Future of 1.0?

    I am sure there are a few 1.0 ships that won't see a reprint for years, especially with the new factions and new cartoon and eventually EP 9 coming out. With that said, the manufacturing process for these models has greatly improved over time and if you don't already own it, you probably want the new version, and even if you do own it, probably still want the new version. Just hard to know what ships will be MIA for years that you might want to pick up. I would say anything from the old EU and old video games would be last on the remake list.