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  1. Okay, fine, I'll say it, yes, you are stupid, unless you aren't. In which case, you are crazy smart and well above the curve. Either AT-STs are truly over cost or people haven't figured out how to use them effectively. If you know how to effectively use Weiss, you'll clean up cause no one will see it coming. Otherwise, don't get too salty. You choose your list, so have fun with it.
  2. Mep

    Convergence release date?

    Miniature Market doesn't know anything. FFG has a live draft event with the new set scheduled for the 21st of this month. That isn't exactly a release date but FFG seems to think they will have enough product on hand to do a small draft on twitch. So the set could release tomorrow or not until June for all we know.
  3. Well, at least we now have an AT-ST worth placing on the table......
  4. @werdnaegni Your app is great but what it really needs to to total the units points in print view rather than just the break down. 😉
  5. Mep

    Can I skip the big box?

    If cost is an issue, look for used game components. Lacking a source of used game, the best deal is the core set. Actually two core sets is still a good deal and gets you the biggest bang for the buck. But yes, even if you grab two cheap cores, you are probably looking close to a $200 buy in to have enough units to field a couple of different lists to play with. Go sell some plasma, help someone who needs it out and enjoy the game.
  6. OMG people. You are not suppose to use all the heroes all at once. Take a commander, maybe a second or an operative. Then take a few support units or special forces. Then load up the rest of the list with your troopers. Think of a chess board. It is full of pawns. Yes all the flavor comes from the named heroes and villains. Why? Simple, because unnamed troopers aren't exactly flavorful. They are extras, nothing more. Star War is a story. The game represents the story. So yes, the actual characters that drive the store will be flavorful in any game. That doesn't mean bland trooper units aren't important in actual game play. They absolutely are. They won't be, nor should be, as interesting as heroes.
  7. Mep

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Just got the Cad Bane mini. When printed, his legs are very. I realize he isn't suppose to be a fatty, but when mixed in with other legion minis, it looks overly cartoonish. This isn't noticeable in the 3D images on the computer. Just and FYI.
  8. Yeah, just had a release a couple weeks ago for infantry upgrades.
  9. The head is a tad too small but better than the over sized one. Not sure if it is worth reprinting as it is close enough. Looks good though. Gives the AT AT a mean look to it.
  10. @alpha117 FFG loves to sell plastic toys, so yes, eventually we will see more corp units. Does the game need more pawns right now? No. Pretty happy with the choices we have for pawns. They are pretty good. Better than the choices we have for Bishops or Castles. We do seem to be getting plenty of Kings and Queens and Knights though.
  11. @Alpha17 You might be missing the fact that this is a game. Standard corps units are vanilla and that is why you can take 6 of them and must have 3. There is enough variation already with the standard corp units that you have choices. The fact you can take up to 6 means they shouldn't get too flavorful as people can really exploit them. I am sure FFG will make as many toys as possible so they can make more money. So rest assured there will be more. However the variety in units is really going to be seen outside of the normal infantry and they will be limited in both actual numbers that can be taken and by how many points they cost. You're not suppose to have 6 sniper units on the board or a dozen speeder bikes. You do need to have at least a dozen vanilla troopers though. The game is pretty good that way.
  12. Yes, stromtroopers are stromtroopers are stromtroopers. That is the whole point of vanilla corp troopers. They are generic. The more specialized units with extra flavor are your special and support units. We just got a pack to upgrade corp units to give them a bit more variety. I can see a special weapons pack for them in the future as well. Maybe an alt sculpt pack. End of the day, standard infantry is just that, normal standard infantry, repeated over and over again.
  13. Didn't we just get a unit pack a couple weeks ago that allowed greater customization of the basic trooper units? Seriously, troopers are troopers. Maybe they feel generic and bland because troopers are just that. However you can take 6 of them. So there you go. If you want to load up on troopers, go ahead. They are actually rather customizable at this point. We don't really need anymore flavor in a unit type that is actually not suppose to have much flavor to it. Also, having low number of activations is a huge disadvantage in this game. If someone wanted to load up on hero units, even if they are strong, they pay for that list with a lack of activations. The game is already basis against doing just that. FFG is in the business of selling many plastic toys. When people buy just one toy of each type, then yeah, FFG will need to make many different types of toys to get their money. That doesn't mean it necessarily effects how the game gets played.
  14. Unless Han had a will, the Falcon legally belongs to Kylo Ren and the resistance is nothing but a bunch of squatters raising live stock in Kylo's ship.