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  1. Yes, the grass is always greener. I am sure in 10 years they will have some new strategy to confront all the criticism. Until then, they are confronting the current criticism. Time will tell how successful it is.
  2. I get that if you have to explain the joke, it may not be funny, but it has nothing to do with what you think it does. Worker insects are genetically female but are asexual. Period, nothing more to read into that. If you do, you bring your own bias. The complicated part of the joke refers to parthenogenesis which can be stressed induced and is rather complicated. You choose to read into my statement something that simply does not exist there. The statement was about fictional insects and their biology. Really does have absolutely nothing to do with humans. You brought that to this topic, not me, and you are the one that decided to flaunt those attitudes here. You really do need to stop this.
  3. Yeah, I know, small people gotta make themselves feel big and calling something out that actually isn't there.
  4. Yep, once again, did not say anything about pronouns. Was actually talking about insects, in this case intelligent insects that would use something like facebook. BTW, Geonosians have a hive mind, so "they" actually means multiple geononsians, even if referring to a single individual. This has nothing to do with LGBTQ at all, the joke has nothing to do with LGBTQ and this forum has nothing to do with LGBTQ. SJW, gotta put words in peoples mouths to validate their own existence. Such sad sad people.
  5. This is clearly a 3D chess type ship. Could be effective if flow well, but probably too situational to be effective.
  6. Yeah.... I said not one thing about LGBTQ. Educate yourself.
  7. Wonderful, so we now get geonosian ships eating away the wood of our gaming tables. Who needs debris and asteroids when you got wholes in the table for the ships to fall through. And yes, insect workers do have a sex even if their facebook page says they are "asexual". Depending on stress levels, their facebook page could change to "complicated".
  8. By just looking at the box it is not intuitive that you'll need 2 cores for a full play set of cards. Actually AH is a little more forward about one core being 2 player and 2 cores being 4 players. This isn't the case with some other LCGs. FFG seems to have designed the Marvel game to be very accessible. Just buy one core and buy which ever expansion packs interest the player. The buy in of the older LCGs were so large they simply couldn't attract new players after several years running. Even AH has $120 buy in for a full story arc, although I think the AH crowd really likes the long campaign style rather than the one and done that Marvel is doing. FFG is changing their business practices that many were put off on. Their flag ship game X-Wing got a lot of complaints about having to buy ships one wouldn't normally want to play just to have an upgrade card. They changed that policy in Legion and are even not offering upgrade packs that just contain cards. As to the price point. well those X-Wing ships went up 33% from $15 to $20. With tariffs and increase in minimum wages across the US the inflation will push those $40 MSRP items to $60. Death, Taxes and Inflation.
  9. Nevertheless it is very off putting to many people and FFG seems to have decided to stop the practice.
  10. A full set of cards for the core set for Arkham is in fact $80 MSRP, well below $60. When viewed in that light, and many do view it in that light, the new Marvel game is actually cheaper. Yes there are many that buy in at $40 MSRP without knowing better and feel dubbed once they do. It's a huge problem with FFG's LCG that I am glad they fixed. This new Marvel game is actually going to be a much cheaper buy in and more in line with what a game that is just a stack of cards should cost.
  11. Yeah, not sure you understand the situation being referred to. To have a complete play set of cards for investigators for Arkham, you need to buy 2 cores. All the extra monster and story cards are a complete waste. The new marvel game MSRP is $20 more than Arkham but is complete. FFG does reprint based on demand. So yeah, that Wolverine pack will always be getting reprinted while the starfox may sit on the shelf but won't get reprints. I am not terrible interested in the Marvel game, I am just glad FFG woke up, raised MSRP and made sure a single core was all that was needed.
  12. So the new Marvel LCG FFG is putting out MSRPs for $60 and contains a full set of cards. No need to buy a second core. This is why we complain. Customer feed back is a good thing and often has the desired results. I don't see them going back and redoing Arkham or any other LCG's core set as a complete set for $60 any time soon. But new games in the future and certainly any 2.0 or reissued games will hopefully get this treatment and this multiple core nonsense will come to an end.
  13. Yeah, we had someone do that in our Fantasy league about 15 years ago. Still talked about how much of a **** move it was. Winning at all costs in the NFL is expected. It is professional football not friendly game football. If someone chopped blocked on a friendly game of football to win at all cost, they probably be facing jail time. Something to think about.
  14. It is unethical to throw the match? By throwing the match, sure that guy gets in on the cut, some other guy, who fairly won his match, does NOT. You did harm to him. You acted unethically. Just because someone benefits doesn't mean you did no harm. Throwing the match to try to avoid an opponent is certainly a strategy although hardly a sound one. So many factors goes into pairings it is hard to predict if throwing the match will give you the desired outcome and will cheat someone of their position if you played fairly and to the best of your abilities. This part isn't so much ethics as it is sportsmanship which such a strategy is devoid of.
  15. The base costs of the SSD is so high already, getting people just to pay the base cost is a hard sell. Doing anything additional on top of that, is basically going to be not much more. Just more than a couple of people to dish out $600 is a pipe dream. Going to be one of those, what people are able to pay for it and what it is actually worth are such different numbers it isn't worth doing beyond a few. Yes, the cards must be included at those prices.
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