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  1. Ugg, they did it again. Very limited release of the product.
  2. Force Illusion will get rotated out as will Holocron. I am guessing that is the solution to those cards. FI is a good hard counter to big modifier dice. It is more of a NPE than an OP card. If you god roll a bunch of modifier damage all you are doing in milling them. Otherwise it is a field medic taking up an upgrade slot or a less effective ancient lightsaber. Granted it triggers when you can block damage and need not take an action but as far as Tank cards go, it is only good against decks running a lot of modifiers. Otherwise that upgrade slot can be used for something better. I called special chaining very powerful when Force Focus was spoiled. I do think it may get out of hand. One thing to keep in mind is the specials getting focused to have to be real good, as in two dice good cause that is what you are burning up to do that. It is an action cheat, but so is All In with a focus on the table. How often does All In get used? I think the special chaining will be a problem but I also think we have to wait and see how big of a problem it will be. The real key is how many dice can be put on the table with killer special abilities. Hand crafted lightbow, y wing, force throw. It's got to be something worth two dice and those dice have to be on the table to resolve.
  3. Correct which is why you would have to just resolve the dice as a normal action unless there is a conflict with running interference or Coercion. And everyone tends to have a NPE when they don't understand what is going on. It is just odd you have to name the specific action you take before Kanan.
  4. @ScottieATF First I am not a child and you really need to stop trolling. I don't need to be told multiple times how good or bad the upcoming page is. Everyone knows how good and bad it is. FFG puts whatever information on that page they want us to know. However, they tend to act in good faith with that page most of the time. Most companies do not do this and it is odd FFG does. That page currently is one of only two sources of official information we have, the other being the quarter one announcement. I am not making a big deal about that page and I said I take it with a grain of salt. You however are fixated with it and need to tell me multiple times it is wrong, Seriously? Why would you even care? Also, I don't care if FFG releases it in early Jan or not. I made the point most products don't get release during that time for various reasons. Has nothing to do with my feelings about that release date. BTW companies warehouse goods all the time. FFG does this A LOT. It is how they are able to release products world wide on the same day. Do you really think all their goods magically appear at the distributors on exactly the same day all over the world? They warehouse ALL THE TIME. They have to do this for all their goods currently in stock. Yes, it costs money, so does everything else. Anyways they clearly missed the window they wanted to release in. The seasons are very important, so much so they had a small shipment of the rival packs sent out early. It is entirely possible their worldwide release got blow up by late delivery to North America and they are going to move forward with their European release. It is odd but the seasons are so important they may just stagger the release. If that is what is happening we probably will see Legacies in the US whenever they get in. We'll know the truth of the matter on Friday if Europe is actually getting Legacies or just the Rival packs like everyone else.
  5. Well it is a Before effect with the trigger being an action, so yeah, I guess you announce the action to cause the trigger but seriously, what else are you going to do in this game? Pass - in that case all you do is take an action to resolve a die. Maybe it has something to do with Running Interference or Coercion where that might not be possible to resolve a die. Either way, I have never seen anyone play Kanan other than announce his ability and then take whatever action. Seems a little to micromanaged.
  6. There are cards that are specific to the campaign that are designed to work with the limited card pool. It would be a different experience using a larger card pool but the game would still be functional.
  7. Well I hope that is true and you guys over there enjoy Legacies. What I don't hope is that they do a very limited prerelease again like they did for SoR were only a few people get product.
  8. This is true, It is the stores that need to buy the product and many of those are small businesses that need to do the final books and pay their estimated taxes by Jan 15. Until then, cash flow is restricted, as I said. Most of the customers are not affected nor even know about Jan 15. US market is by far the biggest market for this stuff and as such given the biggest consideration. Yeah, they aren't going to sit on product nor will they ask to have a late holiday shipment sent out. They'll have them shipped at a time that makes sense if they missed the holiday window. BTW, you seriously didn't catch that part about rivals being a limited run just in time for the holidays? Not the official release and therefore not tournament legal. However it is one of the few times the upcoming page doesn't give full information about what products are being release. It is incomplete information for sure. I do agree, the release date will be after Jan 15, cept + a week or two.
  9. The Descent app really shot its sales way up too. I expect even bigger sales for IA.
  10. Go7Gaming has the expansion organizers, sadly US source. No idea if anyone in the UK makes them, though if you do find someone that make this sort of stuff in the UK, you may see if there is any interesting in them licensing the design from go7gaming or one of the others. They probably use similar laser cutters after all. The only key is sourcing the material and having the file.
  11. Actually, just zip lock bags work best and is cheap.
  12. For In Pursuit, what you are missing is Infamous. If you already are playing Infamous for Ace in the Hole or other things and have a couple of yellow characters, it isn't a horrible card. It is a less consistent Hit and Run. Not good but not trash. No Good to Me Dead is useful in indirect damage decks as a tempo up swing or even mill decks that occasionally do some damage. Depending how how good indirect damage is and how useful having a couple more resources early can be, it may not be complete trash. Is dropping two damage worth a turn one Grand Moff? Mend is clearly the replacement for Field Medic post rotation. Field Medic is maybe a bit too good, Mend is the toned down compromise. Three Steps Ahead is similar. I am not sure Tarkin is that good. He is like Thrawn, looks really cool but how do you use him? Is he really better than Saw or Kallus? I think he sees a lot of play at first but people will lose interest in him quickly. Well Connected is great for mill decks that like to discard people. It is basically one card for a resource. I wouldn't call it trash. It is Truce without ambush and without giving anything to your opponent when running mill. Bartering is a turn 1, 1 resource mill deck upgrade that can be overwritten later. How many other cards fit that bill? Still it is Mill. Investigate would be banned in Magic. Destiny not so much since you can draw up to 5 cards, only have 30 card decks and get to sort through two first hands. Still 1 resource for potentially the one card you really need in a round - that may not be so bad.
  13. Nah, the upcoming page is accurate for most of their products so it isn't wackadoo but certainly off enough to not be completely reliable. So yeah, you can take with a grain of salt but it is also the info that we got. One thing that doesn't go on the upcoming page is unannounced products, so no, you won't see the set after Legacies on there even though it should be at the factory at this point making the proofs. My guess is they intended to release this month but sith happens. Beginning of Jan is a horrid time to put anything out. First, the customers have no money, people are still out on vacation and that January 15th date makes cash not flow until after everyone gets their last estimated taxes in. So you can think beginning of January all you want and hope for that date but I would be less surprised to see it release in two days than I would if it is release before Jan. 15. We aren't quite two weeks into Dec. yet so we got the rest of this month and most of next month, so a couple of months, give or take a few weeks on the remainders. Though you seem to like trolling me, so by all means knock yourself out and get all technical on the time frame.
  14. Seems unnecessary to state which of the actions you are taking since the Kanan player already know what he is going to do as is. I would understand if that is just to communicate you are using Kanan's ability before the one given action per turn. FFG comes up with so wonky rules.
  15. Typically companies don't release new products the first couple weeks of the year. Could it happen? Sure, will it? Not likely. The Upcoming page isn't always right but it also isn't mostly wrong. FFG is claiming Legacies hasn't even shipped yet. On top of that they are saying quarter 1 not in a few weeks. The release is far enough away for them not to be able to give a clear date. So again, not early January otherwise they would be giving that date if the release is imminent. They are spoiling the cards like crazy, as if it is about to come out, so I doubt they are thinking late quarter 1. That puts the release 1-2 months from now. Wanting the set to come out sooner won't make it so. We have enough information to have a pretty good idea of what is going on, like in Europe the distributor is calling the Rivals Packs part of the Legacies release, which it is technically a part of, so they aren't necessarily wrong, but that is what they are getting on Friday, which FFG already announced.