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  1. Mep


    Give it time boys, give it time. FFG will add all the plastic crack. And the stormtrooper transport was awesome .... a long time ago in a century now forgotten.
  2. Mep

    How to prepare 3D printed terrain for finishing?

    And skill set. If a normal person went at it with a dremel they'd probably do more damage than good. A filler primer seems to get the job done well enough. Those domes are tough though.
  3. Mep

    BigBadAndy’s WIP thread

    BTW, just got this in today. The size is perfect. It is 3D printed, so the detail isn't great, but good enough if you try hard with the painting.
  4. Mep

    not available?

    FFG are geniuses at designing games. Game support, marketing, communication, those things, not so much.
  5. Mep

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    I would look for toys of droidekas and buy one of them for reference. Their spine looks like it can be compressed in on itself. They may be where some of the deformation you are seeing comes from.
  6. Mep

    Next steps...

    White is one of the hardest colors to paint. The key is you paint grey and highlight up to white.
  7. Mep

    Deployment strategy wins games

    I've noticed games and won or lost before the game play even happens.
  8. Mep

    Broken Range Ruler

    Well if the range ruler didn't stand up to day one, it was defective. They are cheap plastic but they are engineered to stand up to a little abuse and wear. Yeah, give enough time and use, they will break but they aren't designed to break right away (looking at you cheap cell phones).
  9. All I have to say is Opoly is a thing. Google it. They are shameless. Yes, you can play Cat-opoly. You won't pass go, you scat. You don't go to jail, you get stuck in water. Cats don't get free parking, they get free catnip. Their work arounds are creatively funny if unethical but legal. They usually don't go so far but they do steal bits and pieces of other games and use them in their own games. This is why you have categories of games and people can say, "oh, you move your piece around the outside of the board to mark progress just like, in all these other games", or "oh, you put this hex tile down as the game progresses, just like all these other games". Now I doubt we'll be seeing a netrunner rip off a la Opolies but don't kid yourself, they steal mechanics from each other all the time if not outright steal a game almost entirely. This is because game mechanics are not copy writable and patents expire.
  10. Mep

    FFG: It's not me, it's YOU

    When I have the choice between living without or paying a scalper, I just live without. Clearly FFG has some stock in the back room. Please, no one feed the scalpers. It just encourage them.
  11. Mep

    How to prepare 3D printed terrain for finishing?

    The domes are the worst. I tried sanding and the plastic doesn't sand easy or quick. One could certainly put the energy into it though. I used automotive primer as IT suggests, followed up with sand textured spray paint. I don't see the print lines, not even on the domes, and the texture is perfect for the models.
  12. Mep

    Broken Range Ruler

    Well they are cheap plastic, so eventually.
  13. Well lets hope the new set breaths some life back into this game.
  14. Mep

    End the Run

    I agree they turned the ship around with the revised core but that wasn't evident back when the license needed to be renewed or when R&R was ordered. I hope they are kicking themselves now for not having faith in this game. BTW, I use the word probably a lot, not I know. Pretty clear it is speculation unless you just want to be disagreeable and there is nothing I can do about that.
  15. Well the revise core can still be found but since you already have an old core, you won't find as much value in yet another core as you would in some of the other products, if you can find them. Check your local game stores. Maybe they still have some stock. The deluxe boxes will bring you the most cards and hence options for the buck.