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  1. It is the internet, nothing is truly lost, but the old cards are gone. Gotta let them go and hope the new cycle fills in the holes left in every account siphiners' heart.
  2. Actually there is an aftermarket, it just happens to be small because the player base is small. If the player base ever grows to the size of X-Wing, which is a miniature's version of an LCG, then you could easily find any card you wanted on ebay like you can for X-Wing right now rather than every once in a while. I truly hope some day there will be a healthy aftermarket for netrunner as it would mean the game is successful. Buying single cards be it for X-Wing or an LCG isn't terribly different than buying used, or barrow cards. I am not sure it matters how one come about their cards just they are friendly people to play with. I will say you simply can't compare an CCG to an LCG or their respective aftermarkets. The card values are very different. When buying singles for an LCG you are really paying for the service for someone to split the card packs up and sell them as singles. The LCG cards aren't collectables with a limited print run nor do they come in random packs. Also LCG are far cheaper than CCG, once one gets over the huge buy in. A $15 pack once is month is nothing compared to CCGs. This holds back any kind of aftermarket as well. There isn't a huge demand for it, outside of lost/damage cards or new players putting decks together. I don't see a need for an eternal format. They tend to be broken in other games and broken games aren't fun. They finally got netrunner to a point where it isn't so broken, no need to revisit it. I will agree any exposure is good exposure which would be why jinteki hasn't been served. FFG does need to do more to make their LCGs more accessible to new players. The buy in is a huge barrier for most people. Eternal formats won't do anything to help that nor dumping banned cards are new players. That actually would do a lot of damage. FFG coming out with a value product of their older products still in rotation would help. Sadly once a card is out of the game, it really has no more value. I'm not tossing any of the banned cards but they shouldn't be played. They are gone for a reason. As for the parasite freeloaders, you find them on jinteki.
  3. You could overwrite with a normal lightsaber, tossing out the old Rey's and then overwrite with Rey's on the normal lightsaber.
  4. Well I think most stores will need to offer a 10% discount to get people in the door, so the draft box and 6 boosters for $30. The store is still selling a good amount of product for the event so they should be happy. Now $30 can be a bit much for some people but there seems to be some value in the draft box and buying 6 booster is something most people do anyways.
  5. Rebel War Room ... sorta heroish
  6. @Tahofeng First, you can only be defeated once. So you can do Noble Sac and then MAITF, not the other way around. Not really relevant in this case since his only character was exhausted already. An action cannot and will not happen inside another action, ever. The current action fully resolves before moving on to the next. So Obi Before defeat plays MAIF, then Palp dices resolves, Obi is defeated and any after effects take place (like removing dice from the pool). That action is now fully resolved. Then you immediately take the next ambush action. Then it becomes your turn. Misplayed, though complicated and understandable, but still there is a lot of actions taking place there. If the rules were followed correctly you'll only have done 3 damage not 12 but have gotten one action before your turn, so probably another two actions plus the MAIF play. BTW, welcome to the forums.
  7. Yeah, I actually bought a box. Nothing to great in it. Certainly plenty of playable cards but for the same price I could have gotten a couple of ancients. I can some how justify spending that much money on a box but not two cards. Buying lottery tickets is always stupid but I am a sucker I suppose.
  8. Yeah, needing two for a play set isn't a big deal if you go to two draft events.
  9. Lets be real, you are opening packs for the chance to pull a high priced legendary. All the other cards are just fillers even if they are playable. Sadly the good legendaries are just too expensive to justify spending that kind of money on a piece of paper, so buying singles seems silly. Either you pull that ancient or Thrawn, or you go without.
  10. I think it went because they wanted the design space so they can do more with tags than just bag.
  11. Tournament wins require a good and consistent deck. Cad is surely a good character but he won't be winning too many tournaments without a good way to make him consistent.
  12. Well it isn't fun to have that played on you, however, it was smart play on his part and he was rewarded for good play and good deck construction. Having a Palp player use two rise and rejuvs in one game is also harsh but again, smart play on your part. It actually sounds like a good game, not one of those cheesy turn two everyone is dead games. You just came up on the short end of it.
  13. Most likely there won't be any changes until all nationals are done so they all operate with the same rule set. What you need is a hard argo deck that can do a lot of damage and kill FN turn one. I suggest a kylo/FN deck as it does this best. The other option is control. This may drag out the game but may leave you with no win option. Having cards that resolve your opponents dice for you may be the best bet. Enrage, Hidden Agenda, Truce into Reversal and It Will All Be Mine is good as is Manipulate, Anger and Threaten. Make that deck's strengths weaknesses. This can be done in a Pig/Kylo/FN deck. If running FN is distasteful then do a Pig/Kylo/Pig deck. You'll get a lot of dice control and can do damage on your own while still having 33 base health and you won't have to change your deck when the ban hammer comes.
  14. @Buhallin Okay, the game designers go the the execs and say hey, what we want to do for rotation is exactly what WotC does for rotation. Those execs just got poached by WotC. The last thing they want to hear is their other employees looking at WotC. The conversation after that point really isn't going to have much to do with games or design. FYI
  15. If you are playing a very limited format like then sure, Grimwalker is correct, you only need to buy four products. BTW, nearly no one plays that. Having started this game about 7 months ago with a limited catalog, I can tell you as a matter of fact, you won't be competitive at your local game night, without a good size catalog to pull cards from. You won't need the entire catalog but their should be no expectation that you can buy 1 core and terminal directive and have the card pool to do another other than lose games. I will say however, the campaign mode is fun actually and worth playing and only requires those two products. If you wish to play beyond that, expect to dish out some real money for a bunch of cards. Netrunner is an older game with a large library. It is however worth it. You simply need to be realistic and be given realistic advice.