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  1. Yeah, there is a correct order to how that move is done, he just didn't do it right. Sabine activation into an ambush, resolve specials, including speed and Yoda, then two actions to resolve dice.
  2. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    Some where in the multiverse it was Michael Bay, not Ron Howard, that was hired to do the reshoots for Solo. Finally a Star Wars movie that does well in China.
  3. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    I loved that toy when I was a kid. So many sounds to make with it. Got a huge kick out of them putting it into rebels. Yeah, it was just some toy they came up with, there were quite a few of them back then. BTW, no one had that many stromtroopers to out fit that transport. It always carried other things.
  4. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    Considering Qi'ra is the mother of krakens, doubtful.
  5. I am your Father - rule

    Sadly you cannot I Am Your Father Hondo's die to Force Throw the table into your opponents face for playing Hondo.
  6. Action cheating and then retreat

    @Mace Windu Actions don't resolve nor are the in the queue. Retreat is a delayed effect. It is resolved, and must be, before any actions can be taken. So yes, it does get fully resolved before any action is taken. The delayed effect happens after the action it creates. It is a very strange card in that it really doesn't fit into the normal frame work of the game. So really, it is hard to say if it can over ride the second force action with an opponents action then just flat out end the round. How this game is played doesn't always follow logical sense which makes "do what the card says" often difficult to do.
  7. Good Partner For Windu

    Mace really really wants Fast Hands but FFG is all like ......
  8. Action cheating and then retreat

    @Mace Windu Yeah.... FFG doesn't actually know what immediately means. What they mean by that is during that turn, not another turn. Most people look at that word and think do the action before the current action is resolved. The question is can retreat reorder the actions and bump force speeds second action behind the retreat action. If not, then something like force speed can cheat the intended use of that card. FFG can always say, golden rule, no cheating that card. Otherwise Kingbobb is doing an excellent job of explaining the rules on how actions are taken.
  9. Action cheating and then retreat

    Logic and FFG rulings are often not on speaking terms. Thinking logically sets one up for disappointment. Depending on ones point of view, retreat creates an extra action that would follow behind the second action created by force speed, or retreat forces the new action to be taken and ends the round before force speeds second action. It could go either way but the golden rule does allow for the later to happen even if the one can make a logical case for following the rules in the former. Best thing to do is submit a rules question and depending on who answers will determine the response. If it is asked enough times, it goes to the FAQ and we get official clarity until they change the ruling.
  10. When dealing with force illusion, think like this, "how broken can I make this card" and play it that way. You'll be correct.
  11. Trained clone trooper and re-rolls

    It's FFG guys, they write rules like trash. Keep the anger pointed to where it belongs. Yes, the tournament rules say to keep track, but this is between characters, otherwise they want this to be a causal game so no, you don't keep track. Note this may change in the future, since they keep changing the rules on us.
  12. They do in house printing for North America. Not sure what they do over in Europe where this is an actual problem. It really has nothing to do with translation or mass printing, these are cheap print shop runs as is, it is just them being cute with the script.
  13. They already translate the cards to whichever languages they decide is worth publishing in. So that work is done and on file. I don't see translation as a problem and even just plain English is more intelligible than star wars script.
  14. Action cheating and then retreat

    @kingbobb Pretty sure the golden rule will wipe out the second force speed action if you are trying to play it that way, but it is a good argument. Something FFG should rule on if this becomes a thing.
  15. Aayla/Clone Trooper x2

    Just as long as you don't have Aayla run through a bunch of strange CGI plants, she'll be fine around those clone troopers. I would focus on ways to keep Aayla up, healing, shields, while buffing up the clone troopers for the end game. She is such a big target, just tank her and not worry about upgrades for her.