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  1. That is one way to look at it. The other way is there are people who need to own them all and FFG just sold 30 cents worth of card stock for $5 to a lot of people and are now sold out on their own web site. Good for them.
  2. At this point with the way things are going, restocks could come in the next few months or not for another year.
  3. Well FFG is already doing the alt paint and sculps for other games and all the alt art cards that they do. The reason they can do this is because the economy of scale isn't all that bad. They don't have to retool or do special molds for ships. It's just the paint phase. The key though is if they make 1000 they will sell 1000 and probably a 1000 units they otherwise wouldn't have sold. Do that with enough ships and yeah, it really does help out the balance sheet. Companies that do limited ed. collectables can do very well for themselves. Check out a company called Side Show Collectables. Note - I take no responsibility for your maxed out credit cards if you visit that site. As for the secondary market, well those go all over the place with collectables. Go see how well the prices on those destiny cards are doing. FFG isn't the best when it comes to keeping things in stock, so their products often end up on the secondary market for stupidly high prices due to product scarcity. So nothing new there. If you miss a paint job, you miss a paint job, big deal.
  4. After everyone lost their minds over the silver naboo ship, neither pretty nor popular ship, clearly there is a market for alt paint jobs. Any holes should be filled that way. There really are enough ships for the game. Maybe the thinner factions need more ships and I am sure those are coming but X Wing 1.0 had a lot of ships. At some point all these ships become redundant or in trying to make them special they are so under powered they aren't worth playing or so over powered they are over played. I'm a quality over quantity type of guy though I do get people like to just collect all the ships, which is why doing limited ed. alt paint jobs is such a good play for FFG.
  5. Yeah, it is a hard sell to the license holder to approve ships from a video game that came out a quarter century ago. The focus will be on currently marketed movies, tv shows, cartoons, video games, books and comics. FFG made some of the old stuff in the past, mostly because they ran out of the iconic ships from the movies, so it can't be ruled out completely. Still, I am not sure they get to a point where something like the skipray makes a showing.
  6. There is some stupidly expensive terrain that can depict interiors. Also, why we picking on a dead game here? So mean.
  7. You can go to Tap Plastics and get the sticker shock on that one. I can tell you thin acrylic sheets will bend, so nothing thinner than 3/8, 1/4 would need a good frame. A lot of acrylic has been used up lately so it may be hard to find even if you want to buy it. 4x4's are over kill unless you are wanting to put a fish thank on the table. The reason people are using those cheap coffee tables from costco is because they are cheaper than wood you would get from home depot or lowes. They are short though. With that said, you could get wood cut for you if you don't have a saw. I don't know if home depot or lowes will cut that accurately but a place like Woodworkers source or some other wood working store can make the cuts for you. Some may want you to buy the wood from them, others just charge it as a service and are happy to take your money regardless. Also those cheap coffee tables provide a bottom frame. So you can't just have four legs and be done with it. You actually need a frame to support the legs and table top. As far as screwing is concerned, you do need to drill out pilot holes and then wood screw up the frame and then the table. Screws can be recessed into wood by drilling out a shallow indent on top of the pilot hole the width of the screw head. That part takes practice to get right but is otherwise not difficult. Some image I found of a basic table frame. Note a taller table frame might need more horizontal supports mid way down the legs. It's actually not hard to do, just not cheap. Also you might want to sand all the edges to stop splintering.
  8. Wood can soak up a lot of paint, so as long as nothing gets wet, felt is the way to go. 1/8" seems a little flimsy to me but clearly functional in the short term.
  9. I got my tracking number but it wasn't handed over to the post office yet. They probably generated a batch of labels before the long holiday weekend. Sure they will be actually shipping them all next week.
  10. Just got my tracking number. They are shipping.
  11. Never said it currently sees a lot of play just that it was put in the game. I also don't think VTG was ever toxic let along got close to TLT levels. A point increase isn't an actually nerf, just a feature in 2.0 for things to get balanced correctly. This is a good example of the PTSD people have over TLT. Even a hint triggers them to disagree with something that was never said.
  12. Well clearly TLT, no matter how it is brought back or balanced it may be, has too much toxic PTSD behind it to bring it back. I see the 2.0 version already out there in some fashion with veteran tail gunner. A second bonus attack is already in the game and clearly not toxic.
  13. I remember plenty of ghosts with fire control, tlt, and double focus.
  14. I remember TLTs having double focuses and target locks in 1.0 to get those hits to land. 360 arcs are not a thing in 2.0. A double shot turret in 2.0 wouldn't be as toxic as 1.0 TLT, which was part of my point, the other part being the PTSD the TLT toxicity caused making it impossible for people to accept in any form, which would be the point of the this response.
  15. First wave, all they said was they were processing the order getting read to ship. No mention what "soon" means. Just a, "we are going to charge your credit card now" notification. Their general announcement said they will be shipping things out in the next two weeks. I don't expect it in the next week, just the cc charge.
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