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  1. So if I give Anakin D7B config, afterburners & R4-P44 I can do red maneuver boost with Afterburners, trigger ability, Barrel Roll with R4-P44 then perform an action. I could also trigger those in any order as long as the regular action comes after the anakin remove stress step. Seems like a pretty good option to me. I just want to be sure I'm right about this when I go to play it.
  2. The ships have synchronized console so if any of them don't require their target lock they can pass it along. Ahsoka can do 3rd with her force but might not be necessary.
  3. Assume I have a Rebel Falcon with Leia & Seasoned Navigator crew and I use Leia at the beginning of the Activation Phase. If I dial a white 3 bank left and Seasoned Navigator to a 3 Hard Right, which SN turns red while you move, now Leia should be able to turn a red maneuver into a white. The effect of Leia card stats "During this phase" no specific timing. The effect of SN says "while you execute that maneuver," which is also during this phase. With no more precise timing the default would be the player decides. If someone has any better clarification on this I would appreciate comments & verification. Here is the text of both cards. "At the start of the Activation Phase, you may spend 3 charges. During this phase, each friendly ship reduces the difficulty of its red maneuvers." "After you reveal your dial, you may set your dial to another non-red maneuver of the same speed. While you execute that maneuver, increase its difficulty."
  4. I play this exact list and it has done really well for me. Not sure I'd take it to a major event though.
  5. I have found it pretty good, I only have a few games with it but managed to line up a lot of them. I did 7 damage to a Leebo in opening round of combat almost lost my Drea that same round. Some lists will smoke drea pretty quick but the predator helps keep the HLC's performing, it also helps with range 1. There's enough ships to use one as a blocker too. It does need some more table time but, I really enjoy putting Guri on the table as well!!
  6. I like this little swarm. Drea Renthal — Y-Wing 40 Debris Gambit 2 Dorsal Turret 4 Ship Total: 46 Tansarii Point Veteran — M3-A Interceptor 33 Predator 2 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 39 Tansarii Point Veteran — M3-A Interceptor 33 Predator 2 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 39 Tansarii Point Veteran — M3-A Interceptor 33 Predator 2 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 39 Tansarii Point Veteran — M3-A Interceptor 33 Crack Shot 1 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Tractor Beam 3 Ship Total: 37
  7. It's only in the rules that come with the Falcon as far as I can tell. I could find it no-where online when I was playing a couple days ago.
  8. Play her either way, You stack a lot of potential extra's on her and pay the points. If you're wondering if it's too much or too little build out a Slave-1 to similar specs or compare to using Fenn Rau on the lower end. Guri is like two different ships with the amount of points you can sink into her.
  9. Well, this definitely more clear of a why it doesn't which certainly helps & good note on the bullseye not on rear arc, seems obvious now.... It seems the only two builds I am finding that might be worth it are: Andrasta Saturation Salvo & Cluster Missiles. Slave 1 Clusters & Adv Protons. It's a decent amount of points invested. I favor the Andrasta build since Saturation Salvo is pretty clutch!
  10. Rules Reference says: "Bullseye arc (Bullseye icon? This arc is found inside the (Full arc icon). If something is in a ship’s (Bullseye icon) arc, it is also in its (Full arc icon) arc." Which doesn't leave a lot of clarity. It does look as if it would qualify to me. Bulls eye is within the arc specified.
  11. Does SAW's Renegades have content that won't be in the Rebel upgrade kit?
  12. How are the YT-1300, YT-2400, JM5K, B/17, Decimator, etc effected by the mobile firing arc change and are all of them changed to the same type of mobile firing?
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