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  1. Here's a link to the first round game. I am in the process of uploading the rest of the videos
  2. For, 7 more points why wouldn't I take a conditional 3rd dice
  3. God I’m so bad at time management. They are coming Soon(tm)
  4. From what I remember they said if new content came out in future expansion packs, that wasn’t in the conversions like more pilots or upgrades, then they would release a card pack to get those without having to buy new models. So, I wouldnt expect more dials with those, or a pack like that at all for the striker/Z-95 since neither pack appears to have new content
  5. Yeah, 86% is still really good. Slightly better than a howl swarm, but worse than the 94% a Tie/fo gets with fanatical and optics
  6. It’s actually 86% for two hits on optics/heroic because you also have to consider blank+ focus along with focus+blank.
  7. I’m baffled that people play Thane 6.5x more often than they play Biggs for the same cost.
  8. Was about to say the same thing about Fenn Rau. Super Vader is definitely a situational call, if you have a possible kill shot but are low/out of force i would take the damage. But if you've got force left i would just get rid of the focus.
  9. It would also lessen the need for big bids with I5 and I6 ships that don’t have access to movement options like that.
  10. Local tournament stream, starting at 11 at Twitch.tv/archalliance @Tlfj200
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