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  1. Ha!!! Interesting as I just read those rules last night as I started looking over AoR and thought the same thing!
  2. Bang! Thank you Klort- much appreciated- that sounds like exactly what I was looking for. One of my players mentioned something to me about it sometime ago but I forgot.....getting older and all that!
  3. I have pitched an idea to my players about bringing all their EOE characters together into a large pot and becoming employees of a corporation. As members of this company, they will earn "stock" and have an ownership interest. As they complete missions for the company, naturally they will move up the corporate ladder so to speak, thereby earning more profits for themselves and a bigger share of the overall company. The reception was very enthusiastic. One problem, I hadn't fully fleshed out rules for how I wanted to handle this exactly! I have some loose concept ideas which I can put to paper but figured it would be wise to consult the forum to see if anyone else has any insight, especially if there is anything in any of the 3 core rulebooks I could use as a basis. Game wise I don't want to bog down the adventure portion of the game with business rules. I have acquired all the published modules for the three games and am doing up "Job Summaries". I will then have the group meet and decide which course of adventures (jobs) the party goes for. I can see this being a unique and fun twist to the game that can add an extra layer of intrigue and social roleplaying, but I don't want it to be all encompassing. Ultimately, the party members will get paid as each module suggest. However, in an attempt to simulate "behind the scenes" activities of the company, I want to make like a quarterly roll that pays out a bonus to the players based on if the company was profitable for the quarter and/or their stocks can increase/decrease. Something where I might make a roll every other/third session to simulate the passage of time and the overall direction the company is taking. Any advice/ abstractions would be greatly appreciated. Best regards CC
  4. Just wrapped this one up Friday night. All in all a decent adventure. My "middle" pick of the 3 EOE adventures- behind Beyond but better than Jewel. The party had just boarded the Renegade's Blood as we picked up the action. I had them go through all 4 of the optional encounters- Abandon ship, Damage Control, Breached Compartment and Mantellian Mayhem. In addition, I had the entire party make a Discipline/Cool check (their choice), after each of these encounters- to represent the stress of running about on a starship that was under considerable assault. Each check was upgraded following the completion of each- starting with easy following abandon ship and ending with daunting after MM. Each failure resulted in -2 strain which definitely took it's toll on the party. I upgraded the Mantellian to 36 wounds, durable 3, frenzied attack 2 and adversary 1. When the party encountered the Queen, I had her cockpit completely impenetrable- it wasn't, but given their time constraints, it was. I REALLY REALLY wanted the party to join her but no dice. I even up'd her bluff by claiming she had another fleet coming to rescue her and they would be arriving from hyperspace in a few minutes. The computer specialist had hacked into the bridge computer and was able to confirm the jump coordinates. In reality, the ships were tugs that were incoming as part of a bluff to force the ZC's fleet to fall back. Ultimately the party didn't bite so I had her spring out from her cockpit and attack. I upgraded her as such- Wounds 32, Melee 4, Ranged Light 3, Soak 7, Adversary 3, and she took the Marauder talent tree- Toughenedx4, frenzied attack x2, feral strength x3, lethal blows x2, heroic fortitude, enduring x2, natural brawler, defensive stance. Surprisingly the party waxed her pretty quickly and booked it to their ship to leave. However, I tacked on a demolition charge to the outside of her cockpit which detonated as she died. I gave all the PCs a chance to dodge the damage with a daunting (for half) or formidable (for no) athletics or agility check (again, players choice). Unfortunately the guy who played the Jawa demolitionist didn't show up for the evenings session so the party was at a disadvantage. They then played through the betrayal by Venlanna, which I felt was really weak and predictable given essentially the same thing happened after Jewel. I was very pleased with how I ran it. I think using the "fear" rules more can be very beneficial for GM's to create heightened senses of anxiety and stress.
  5. I actually don't play anything but humans. I don't know why but for me, none of the alien races in SW are even remotely interesting. My wife plays a droid and another character is a wookie.
  6. I really like that- that sounds fun! I agree with the posts subsequent to mine as well- know the NPC motivations- perhaps he wants credits, a drink, a job or friendship, perhaps he's really a bounty hunter in disguise who is talking up the party as a distraction. I do the same thing with social encounters- let the players talk and describe their actions- after all, this is supposed to be a "narrative" driven game and I do not believe it should be up to the GM to describe what the pcs are saying or doing. On the flip side, I have been involved with ungodly tedious social roleplaying as recently as last months August Pathfinder session. We always start playing at 4, we didn't start swinging swords till close to 9pm. My son (age 21) actually role played going to a town and getting a 3 day job to dig a ditch for 3 copper pieces a day. That was INSANELY boring!!! Surprisingly the DM, he is a couple years older than me and I thought he would have more DMing experience but apparently I was wrong. Social Encounters are, in my opinion, the art or lifeblood of any RPG. The technical side is knowing the rules. The "Art" and what separates the good from the great GM's are social encounters. Social encounters grow the gaming experience and add a completely new level of immersion to the game. If you compare it to real life, thing about your job or classes or whatever. Do the interesting challenges you face or really memorable moments come from crunching numbers or entering data or writing a paper or do they come from interaction with other people- good or bad.
  7. Hello- I am finding that my group (8 players strong) generally wants social almost as much as combat. To them, those types of encounters really make SW come alive. I do social really really well. Here are some answers I have for your questions: 1- take a moment to pause and think about how you would react to this type of encounter in real life. RPGs throw a quirk in there given that different races might react a lot differently than you and I would. 2- in connection with my answer to number 1 above, try and develop (or think of) some instances where his lesser used social skills can actually be put to use. 3- Well, I would advise you to not be- after all, failing at social encounters can generally lead to making the players actually think rather than just rolling dice. They have to formulate a plan and come up with a solution as players rather than just letting the dice do the work for them. Are you sure you aren't allowing them to fail because you prefer not to deal with social encounters and would rather just let them succeed so you can move on to the next combat? Be honest withyourself- if the answer is yes, you may be cheating them out of some memorable fun. I do little prep work as a GM simply because I have learned how to do really good social encounters (I have been a DM/GM for 35 years now so time has helped! :)) I have found that you don't need to hurry up and give immediate answers, if they surprise you, take your time and be imaginative and reasonable. If you act reasonably, your players will accept your decision and go with it. Memorable social encounters- oh my have we ever!!! My best friend and his wife were playing a Gand merc and a Bothan Dancer. They joined our group 2-3 sessions in and during the player introductions I told the main group "You see a shapely Bothan and runtish Gand over near a small access door." Ok we casually stroll over to see what's up. As the party approached, the Bothan started doing some semi-provocative dancing and the Gand "Throws his hat down"- it was hilarious and everyone laughed. The other memorable moment came when one girl in our group (Age 21, somewhat shy) who plays the face (go figure lol) for the party was watching a fight with a male NPC contact. She knew he was being dumped by his girlfriend and was trying to console him. The poor girls goes "I put my hand on his knee and start stroking...." as soon as she said that, the 4 guys (ages 21-26) start ripping up with laughter and she got incredibly red faced. It was easily the best moment of our gaming year. Good luck!
  8. I certainly would agree but I just don't understand why go to another game when they already have another game system out there for SW......me personally, I think it is great, as I still hold WEG as the Standard for SW RPG but it seems like taking this on might dilute their offerings of EOE, FD, Rebellion, etc.....
  9. Yeah, I agree which is what has me scratching my head over all of this- is FFG doing this as another, game exclusive to their current SW offering? The article states that it is a collectors edition release and not compatible with the current SW FFG systems.....which begs the question (At least in my mind) why do it?? Personally, yes, I picked it up back in 87 when it was released and it was (and still is) a fantastic game system. Would be neat to see some new material on it.
  10. Finally got a chance to get back to this adventure after my son's terrific little league season!! Alright, we picked up right at the start of Episode 2- the team had defeated the guards at Blackwind Crater and assaulted the lair. They dispatched the Queen decoy and met up with Venalanna to discuss new options. They met Illo Vandin and decided to go to Rusty Reach (Which I was very pleased with as 1- I don't like the fight fixing scenario as much as the Rusty Reach one and 2- RR gave me a prime location to stage an ambush based on one of the PCs obsession triggers). The party went to RR and it was a relatively straight forward affair. I then had a bounty hunter group lay an ambush in RR. They had 2 minion BH groups assaulting a poor defenseless Ewok (God only knows how or why and ewok would be on Ord Mantell but they didn't ask !) Once they started to intervene, I sniped the "face" of the party and nailed her for 20 points and she dropped. That ticked off the hired gun and he returned the favor with 24 points of damage. He got a "Limb blown off" crit but since he had killed him I just said "you blow his head clean off" and that got the party hyped. They then dispatched the rest of the BH's and headed back to Meet Torval. The Torval episode was very very entertaining (so much so that some of the players are talking about YouTubing some of this part of the session! :)) Three of the players went to the bar at the Loaded Savrip and commenced to drink. The jawa demolitionist got drunk and failed his resilience check so bad he toppled off the barstool and soiled himself! poor guy. The "face" of the party is a human female (played by a 21 year old female) and she talked her way into Torval's viewbox. She played the data chip for him at which point the bodyguard left the viewbox. The party "tailed" the guard as he left while the "face" stayed with Torval in the view box. Once he left, the woman playing the character goes " I put my hand on his leg and start stroking his leg............" and as soon as she said that, the rest of the party (all twenty-something guys) just lost it and I had complete chaos at my table! Eventually she got the information from him and the party dispatched the guard outside of the LS. They are currently concocting a plan to send a remote droid/drone down into the elevator shaft to scout around before they go down into it. My son said to me Sat morning "I don't think I am going to keep playing my character as everyone seems to get so mad at me when I go to do something." and I told him "That isn't your fault, that is good roleplaying- you aren't a distraction, you are playing how you believe your character would react- in addition, I am doing a good job of keeping the party tense and maintaining a sense of urgency. They only want to deal with your shenanigans when the time is right." So, next session is Aug 18. I'll brief you on that one. I do have a question- During combat, how do you handle any advantages earned beyond 3? Are they lost? Do you cap at 3? At times, I have players getting 5 and even 6 advantages on a roll and it generates this rolling wave of advantages. I was curious if anyone caps this or what you do to control the advantages in combat. Another question- the Jawa Demolitionist Obsession obligation triggered- any recommendations on how to work that in to Episode 3 of this module?
  11. I just finished reading it as well and was asking myself the same question! Curious but this Basilisk war droid is listed as "damaged"- is there a minty fresh one statted out somewhere? If not, what mods would anyone consider to buff it up?
  12. That beats the place value my players had!!
  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh my!!! Yes, you are quite correct and I hadn't even thought of that!!! Excellent catch!!! Thank you for the kind words. There has been a ton of information on this thread that has set me to thinking about some additional cruel and nasty things to do!
  14. Bravo Nightone!!! EXCELLENT writeup!!! I do like many of the suggestions you present -especially some of the force talents you suggest- as I am still learning this game. One of the things I was looking as was the Rancor is a beast with destructive tendencies (Was unaware of the intelligent angle till you suggested it). I still like my idea of having the force essentially create a "behavior dilemma" if you will for our poor rancor- the force is "good" and it is "challenging" the destructive behavioral instincts of the beast to temper it with a more peaceful, tranquil side- thus the "inner conflict" the party witnesses. Now, that being said, I am no idiot and there are some FANTASTIC angles both yourself and others have suggested that really give me some excellent material to work with!! I had no idea the connection with the Night Sisters and the Rancors- that opens a whole new floodgate.
  15. Hello I have played a couple FD games (long time EOE player) and have enjoyed it and picked up the CRB this past weekend. I am planning on having my party (who I hope aren't reading this!! :)) receive a distress call from a relatively isolated community in which a Rancor has stumbled into their region (young rancor- not a full grown angry model) and is causing havoc. In particular, this beastie seems to have some kind of "powerful magical abilities" which makes it very unpredictable. The party is going to get a contract to go and capture this creature for further study. When they arrive on said planet, they discover that the Rancor appears to have some relatively basic force powers (move, push, levitiate, etc) but nothing really dangerous like force choke or lighting. He also seems to be somewhat docile- as if these powers are controlling him and he is very confused by it all. (the force is tempering his animal urges to kill on sight). As such, the party does have the ability to observe him from a distance. Eventually, they discover that he wandered too closely to a "force fissure"- an area where the force/midichlorians are concentrated and it has begun taking control of this Rancor. When the party further investigates, they discover that the "fissure" opens into an underground temple used by force users eons ago. Curious what everyones thoughts are on this. Has anyone attempted to create a force using Rancor?
  16. Artistic rendition of a Supermassive blackhole devouring a star............
  17. Alright- so we played my Son's "Sith" one-shot Saturday afternoon/night. It was a lot of fun actually. We accepted our first assignment and immediately following the first contact one of the Sith slew a Sith trooper (ie player on player violence). it was pretty comical but both players agreed that was what would have happened in the particular circumstances. Luckily my son had a few extra characters lying around for us to use. The word of caution here is that Sith on Sith violence can absolutely occur and all players should be willing to accept that without any ill will. A few hours later another player showed up and he played a Masssasi who was a slave NPC before the player showed up. Unfortunately for him, the group had agreed that he would be used as a sacrifice for a Sith ritual the party had unlocked in a long lost temple. The player had been at the table for approximately 20 minutes when he realized- his time was up!!! Again, fortunately we had extra player characters to replace him with. The party had a moral dilemma in slaying him as his "master" was opposed to the idea because he did give him his word he would not come to any harm. I played a Taung who was tasked with protecting the Sith group he was with. I was a "Hired Gun". We took place in Darth Malgus's assault on Alderran. We fought through 2 pretty epic battles against Jedi Consulars and other Knights. Ultimately I enjoyed it and I believe all the other players did as well. I do agree with one of the previous posts that perhaps one or two players should be actual Sith. We had 8 players at the table so we could work with 3 Sith. Id like to continue the campaign but I don't believe that's in the immediate future.
  18. Uncanny the timing of this thread as my son starts us on a Sith Old Republic era adventure/campaign this weekend.
  19. Ok. So, it was a very very good session I am happy to report. We had to start a little later than usual so I rolled Obligation while here at work and that gave me sometime to chew on how I wanted to implement it. Frankly, it was a brilliant move because the thing I have always hated is the "on the spot" improvisation the game forces GM's to do whenever Obligation is triggered at the onset of a session. This gave me more time to work it in a little more seamlessly and it worked brilliantly. Turned out the party discovered a bounty was out on the new guy they brought in the session before. A competitive bounty hunter group dropped by after the party finished the "Exile" section and it led to some interesting RP. Ultimately the party decided to not turn the new guy over and this gives me a chance to drop these competing BH's in on future sessions. From now on I am just going to roll for Obligation a week or two before the next session. That will allow even more time to integrate the angle and stay a little more true to the spirit of the game. I dropped a Nunno on the party and they made pretty good work of it. I asked the group to make a Knowledge Xeno (or Educ) to see if they could identify it. One did and I read it as an "Omniverous" creature- my eldest son thought I said "Carnivorous" so he blasted it and it retaliated. Once that scene came to an end, the group walked into the Clone ambush in Blackwind Crater. I was really surprised here as the clones were a very very difficult challenge. I have 7 players in the group so I tacked on 3 extra clones (rivals) and frankly, the party would have probably been slain. I pulled two of them out after 2 rounds because they were just too overpowering. If anyone is GMing this encounter and they have 4 players, I'd take a very close look at what you are putting your players up against. Next month I am holding my "Con" so we will be playing a Force and Destiny game. Guess my son is going to run a group of Old Republic Sith! This should be pretty epic!! We wont get back to MOPQ till April. Hope to get through the barracks then.
  20. Well, we gather tonight at 1800 EST to adventure. Going to finish up with the EXILE then toss them into Blackwind Crater- Im going to toss one of those Ridiculously tough Nunno's their way. They should get into the hideout tonight so it looks like a guns blazin sort of night. My wife said Meatball hoagies are on tap so it's a win all around. Sitrep on Tuesday!! Everyone enjoy their weekend!!!
  21. I agree- though I would love to see something work out like that. I think a lot of work would need to be done to keep the feel of Tech. A few years back I tried tweeking d20 to fit with MechWarrior and I thought I pulled it off pretty well. Only problem was my players just weren't into Tech like I am! I have always had a hard time trying to morph MechWarrior and Classic Tech.
  22. This is where I believe a lot of the problems are stemming from with my group. It is a big group at 7 players and 5 of them are really really green Roleplayers. So, I think the players can/need to accept some of the responsibility to provide input. I spponfed them through the first adventure and then left them more to their own devices during Jewel of Yavin. In regards to the discussion on DND. I have played several games where the DMs are very black and white- you either beat the roll or you fail. I do not run my games like that. There are plenty of options that DMs have to be very flexible if the party is flexible. For example, some of you mentioned traps- if a party member were to fail a roll, he or she would drop, take damage and then the party needs to figure out how to get him out of there. Again, as I stated in my initial post, I prefer a story telling approach to gaming so if my players make an effort, no matter how zany, I try to come up with some game mechanics to make it work for them. In the end, it's about bringing players back to the table, and over the 15 years I have been hosting at my house regularly, I have had 123 gamers come and go. We are still going strong. Ultimately I believe both systems do have their merits. What I am finding with the "narrative" approach is that it gives me the tools I need to flesh out little encounters without having to go over the top with 800 million rules. It allows for storytelling/cinematic excitement without the "500 level" rules discussion. It's quick, it's dirty and it works as needed. Does it always result in the maximum result for players, no? But does it enhance the game experience- yes, I believe it does when done correctly.
  23. As a player I think my PC is around 200 XP, my groups I run they are around the 150-200 mark. Some of you guys have been playing A.LOT! That's cool- Id love to see some of those sessions- they must be truly epic.
  24. All my players LOVE playing EOE and tweeking their characters. As such, when it comes time to make dice rolls, some of the pools are just off the charts. Inevitably, there is at least once, maybe twice in a session when I get rolls like: " I got a success with 5 disadvantage." "I got a failure with 4 advantage." and so on. How do you interpret those? I have basically looked at those wild extremes of dice rolls as essentially "plucking victory from the jaws of defeat and vice versa." Essentially, for the first one, the player completes the task but it take them an ungodly amount of time- like 2 hours to reload a blaster- to the point of well, you succeed but it took so long that you might have well just as failed as we cannot wait that long. Generally with the other extreme (fail with 4 advantage), the character whips through the task way too quickly or trips or something and there is enough time remaining to try another roll. Curious how some of you interpret these types of results- has anyone ever "failed" someone on a "success with 5 disadvantage" or given them a "succeed" result going the other way? Keep it silly CC
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