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  1. Always excited for more rebel ships. I'll take 3 🙂
  2. For the Rebels, i'd like to see the following: Starfighters: K-Wing, U-Wing, Defender and the YT-2000 Flotillas: Braha'tok Gunship Small: DP-20 Corellian Gunship, CC-7700/CC-9600 and Ranger-Class Gunship Medium: MC-40A, Rebel Assault Frigate Mk I, Liberator-Class Cruiser and Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser Large: Dauntless-Class Heavy Cruiser, MC-80B/MC-90 and Nebula-Class Star Defender/Endurance-Class Fleet Carrier
  3. Well my first go against a SSD ended rather roughly. It was a 600 point game and he fielded an Executor-I with Jerjerrod, Palpatine, Leading Shots and Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, a Gladiator-i SD with Ordnance Experts, ACM's and Demolisher. Fighter support consisted on Mauler, Howlrunner, Fel, Rhymer, Zertik and Bobba Fett. My fleet consisted of an MC-80 Assault (Raddus, Engine Techs, ECM, EWS, LS and Home One), MC-80L (Caitkin & Shollan, Spinals, Xi7 and Mon Karren) and MC-75 Ordnance Cruiser (Ordnance Experts, ECM, Ext Racks and Rapid Reload). Fighter support consisted of Luke, 2 X-Wing's, 3 YT-2400's, 3 Lancer's, 1 H-6 Scurgg, Gold Squadron and Green Squadron. I'll admit i did not play my best. I was a little rusty, forgot to use some of my upgrades to best effectiveness and didn't roll great. However my opponent used the tools at his disposal quite well. so kudos to him. He destroyed my Command Ship before i could deploy the Liberty. After that, he started to pound the MC-75. We called it at the end of turn 3, but i'm certain one more round would have seen the MC-75 gone as well. Fellow Rebels, here are some advice i can offer: Jerjerrod on a SSD is absolutely crazy. That ship can turn almost on a dime. Those auxiliary arcs are pretty good as well. 3 Shots/round at medium range hurt. At close range you better be fielding Rieekan. Those double contain/brace/redirects are very hard to chew through. That pass token is annoying. Better take more ships or Strategic Advisor to counter it. Still, hope is not lost. I'll get him next time 🙂
  4. Interesting. I'm facing a 600-point engagement where my opponent will be fielding an Executor-II Star Dreadnought. My admiral of choice? Raddus. I'm fielding a battle group comprised of an MC80 Command Cruiser, MC80L Battle Cruiser, MC-75 Ordnance Cruiser and 2 MC-30c Scout Frigates, with 13 squadrons of fighter support. Never fielded Raddus as admiral so i'm hoping to catch him by surprise and throw the liberty into a rear aux or rear shield.
  5. 135 points for the Starhawk is my guess.
  6. Not to worry. There's always something to complain about in the forums, or so it seems 🙂
  7. The card should be called "Let the wookies win" 😀
  8. Oh yes. Fleet displays are always impressive 🙂
  9. Hmm counting core sets and waves together i have the following: 5 CR-90 Corvettes 5 Nebulon-B Frigates 3 Rebel Assault Frigates 2 MC-80 Home One Star Cruisers 3 MC-30 Frigates 2 GR-75 Flotillas 2 Liberty-Class Star Cruisers 3 Pelta-Class Frigates 6 Hammerhead Corvettes 3 MC-75 Star Cruisers 3 Rebel Starfighter pack #1's 3 Rebel Starfighter pack #2's 3 Rogues and Villians packs
  10. Sadly, this Rebel seems to be destined to remain alone. I envy all you others 🙂
  11. You've just taken your first step into a larger world 😀 Welcome to the forums 🙂
  12. A great actor and great man has left us, but he will live forever with his movies and his Mayhew foundation.
  13. Well as the shunned stepchild, it's refreshing to see some love directed towards us 🙂
  14. It's canon, but we currently know next to nothing about her dimensions, complement, firepower, etc etc. I feel the Starhawk will eventually come. But more than likely in a later wave.
  15. The campaign and GCW ships are what appeal most to me. If they add the option to allow CIS/Republic ships into Rebel/Imperial factions, then certainly i'll be interested. However i have not yet decided if i'll take the plunge into additional factions.
  16. While i am glad that Armada is continuing on with the addition of Clone Wars material, as a rebel player i am a little nervous. With the addition of The Republic and CIS as new factions, it will take time for them to catch up to the number of ships that the Rebels and Imperials can field. What happens to us? Will we be forced to wait for years for new Ship expansions? Or are they basically phasing out Rebel and Imperial expansions entirely to focus on the new factions?
  17. I like the idea of Rebels being able to field versions of Imperial ships as captured spoils of war. Maybe not Imperial SD's and SSD's, but everything else could be fair game. Such ships would be limited to upgrade cards only allowed to Rebel players, which also means no titles as well. Maybe even limit them to a certain amount of enemy ships that can be used in a scenario (thinking 1 large or 2 medium or 3 small max). I'll leave the game mechanics to our more talented community members (paging Drasnighta 😀), but i think an "upgrade" card that you use instead of a ship title (say 6-10 point cost depending on ship size) that contains the keywords "captured" and "limited" as well as rules to cover captured ships and limited numbers use for scenario use should cover it.
  18. Been suggested several times, stev. Hopefully FFG is paying attention 🙂
  19. A little bummed out no ships in the immediate future, but the campaign expansion is a nice consolation prize. Let's give a round of applause to our bothan spies who managed to infiltrate the event and ask several questions on behalf of our community.
  20. As a rebel player, i'd love a lil love to my faction: Flotilla: Braha'tok-Class Small: DP-20 Corellian Gunship Medium: MC-40a Light Cruiser Large: Dauntless-Class I'd love any of these 🙂
  21. Knave Squadron E-Wing Squadron Each round while in combat against a hater of the E-Wing design you may either: Inflict 1 damage to a ship or squadron of your choice OR heal 1 damage to your squadron by drawing sustenance from their salty tears 😀
  22. Oh we'll get a new fighter pack eventually. Many of us were burned out on fighters with the squadron pack 2's and Corellian Conflict releasing very close together. Still, at this point, as a rebel player, i'd even take fighters 🙂
  23. The problem with new factions is that the supply of ships/squadrons within each faction is finite. What happens when the supply runs out? Do we switch to Armada 2.0 the clone wars? To be followed a couple years later by Armada 3.0 Resistance vs. First Order? Are we going to be forced to purchase new core sets every few years? Sorry, but i feel that this would kill Armada. For now, let's just keep it simple and keep the 2 factions. Perhaps new campaign expansions could be used to add new content like the first order and resistance. Introduce the older CW content, but work it into Imperial and Rebel factions, or even offer them as dual-faction ships.
  24. It's just little bit sad that us rebel players likely will have to wait for another year for a ship for us.
  25. A limited edition ship with just a different paint scheme and the same upgrade cards? Doesn't bother me at all. It's a nice prize for those that attend the event. But a limited edition ship with all-new cards? Or ever worse, a brand-new ship with all-new cards only available at events? Yeah i'd be sharpening my pitchfork 🙂
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