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  1. idiewell

    Happy Friday.

    All of them. When i line up all of my ships and allow myself a moment to admire them, i find myself humming "Into the Trap" from the ROTJ Soundtrack 🙂
  2. idiewell

    Katana Fleet Expansion

    Hey even the Gunboat got into X-Wing (eventually). I think at some point in the future we'll get a Dreadnought for Armada.
  3. idiewell

    "Inviting players to deploy higher-point fleets"

    Very true, but in larger engagements, It's very difficult to hide in a corner.
  4. idiewell

    Happy Friday!

    Yeah that's what i get for commenting without being fully awake. Terribly sorry 🙂
  5. idiewell

    Happy Friday!

    The Broha'tok Gunship. From a proud member of the Broha'tok Fan Club 😉
  6. idiewell

    Assault pelta: how to use

    Pair it with Torpedo Hammerheads or MC-30 Torpedo Frigates. Then i usually run Engine Techs, ER and Shields to Max. For officers, Lando, Derlin or Antilles work well.
  7. I look forward to it, Ling27. I can't promise that certain Rebel players :trying to look innocent: MAY put some of your theories to practice... 🙂
  8. idiewell

    You know what?

    Keep the faith Crabbok 🙂 We appreciate all you do for all of us, as well as the community at large. Don't ever change 🙂
  9. idiewell

    You know what?

    Well as a Rebel player, we are all about hope and faith 🙂
  10. idiewell

    Post TLJ Resistance Fleet

    The resistance was caught in the process of evacuating their not-so-secret base, outnumbered and staring down the huge barrels of a fleet-killing weapon. Yes, Leia ordered an evacuation, but we have no way of knowing if it would have been successful. They certainly imply later that the firepower would have been adequate of dealing with the Resistance, when they showed the Dreadnought targeting the Raddus. If the Fulminatrix had been part of the First Order fleet after they tracked them through hyperspace, the Resistance, i feel, would have been utterly destroyed. So yep, i consider them heroes of the Resistance. That said however, the less said about TLJ, the better 😀
  11. idiewell

    Post TLJ Resistance Fleet

    The First Order, just from the destruction of the Fulminatrix, suffered 215,000 casaulties to a number of 5-man bombers. In combat, you have to accept that you will lose people. Considering their heroic actions saved the rest of the Resistance, i'd still call that a victory.
  12. idiewell


    Well i tried to have a little chat with him, but i'm afraid he just went to pieces after a hit from my Blaster...Perhaps another time ?
  13. idiewell

    2019 Rotation - Happy Friday

    I assume you mean for competitive play. Doesn't affect me if so ?
  14. idiewell

    Single Strongest Attack?

    Single strongest attack? Whatever Ben flies against you, of course ?
  15. idiewell


    Usually i play 800 point mega-brawls, but we're going to tone it down to 600 next time we play just for the heck of it ?