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  1. idiewell

    Happy Friday

    Knave Squadron E-Wing Squadron Each round while in combat against a hater of the E-Wing design you may either: Inflict 1 damage to a ship or squadron of your choice OR heal 1 damage to your squadron by drawing sustenance from their salty tears 😀
  2. idiewell

    Squadrons 3

    Oh we'll get a new fighter pack eventually. Many of us were burned out on fighters with the squadron pack 2's and Corellian Conflict releasing very close together. Still, at this point, as a rebel player, i'd even take fighters 🙂
  3. idiewell

    SSD Delayed

    The problem with new factions is that the supply of ships/squadrons within each faction is finite. What happens when the supply runs out? Do we switch to Armada 2.0 the clone wars? To be followed a couple years later by Armada 3.0 Resistance vs. First Order? Are we going to be forced to purchase new core sets every few years? Sorry, but i feel that this would kill Armada. For now, let's just keep it simple and keep the 2 factions. Perhaps new campaign expansions could be used to add new content like the first order and resistance. Introduce the older CW content, but work it into Imperial and Rebel factions, or even offer them as dual-faction ships.
  4. idiewell

    SSD Delayed

    It's just little bit sad that us rebel players likely will have to wait for another year for a ship for us.
  5. idiewell

    Limited Edition Ships

    A limited edition ship with just a different paint scheme and the same upgrade cards? Doesn't bother me at all. It's a nice prize for those that attend the event. But a limited edition ship with all-new cards? Or ever worse, a brand-new ship with all-new cards only available at events? Yeah i'd be sharpening my pitchfork 🙂
  6. idiewell

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Perhaps, Maybe they meant to say "against a Rebel force of equal points." Still the Rebel in me hopes for an Epic ship for us as well 🙂
  7. idiewell

    Happy Friday.

    All of them. When i line up all of my ships and allow myself a moment to admire them, i find myself humming "Into the Trap" from the ROTJ Soundtrack 🙂
  8. idiewell

    Katana Fleet Expansion

    Hey even the Gunboat got into X-Wing (eventually). I think at some point in the future we'll get a Dreadnought for Armada.
  9. idiewell

    "Inviting players to deploy higher-point fleets"

    Very true, but in larger engagements, It's very difficult to hide in a corner.
  10. idiewell

    Happy Friday!

    Yeah that's what i get for commenting without being fully awake. Terribly sorry 🙂
  11. idiewell

    Happy Friday!

    The Broha'tok Gunship. From a proud member of the Broha'tok Fan Club 😉
  12. idiewell

    Assault pelta: how to use

    Pair it with Torpedo Hammerheads or MC-30 Torpedo Frigates. Then i usually run Engine Techs, ER and Shields to Max. For officers, Lando, Derlin or Antilles work well.
  13. I look forward to it, Ling27. I can't promise that certain Rebel players :trying to look innocent: MAY put some of your theories to practice... 🙂
  14. idiewell

    You know what?

    Keep the faith Crabbok 🙂 We appreciate all you do for all of us, as well as the community at large. Don't ever change 🙂
  15. idiewell

    You know what?

    Well as a Rebel player, we are all about hope and faith 🙂