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  1. We're not exactly dealing with military secrets here. You're opinions (at least in my opinion) and possibilities are always welcome. I'm sorry if you're equating disagreement with them with dismissal of them.
  2. I was hoping you'd come along and enlighten us as to what the norm was for NDAs.
  3. I think Ackbar will like the MC75 but Sato is gonna LOVE that b****.
  4. It just means you've achieved Legends status.
  5. I could get behind both of those changes.
  6. It would see a h*** of a lot more use if that were the case.
  7. So sad that making it an exhaust instead of discard would still just make it a maybe.
  8. You know you need more Cluster Bombs.
  9. If they were going to drop Armada why would they want to drag it out over the next two years? I really don't get why you would think it was ending. Care to elaborate?
  10. I care. Not that that does any of us any good. I don't think there's any call to be worried that they're ending Armada. I think we're simply suffering from an unforseen delay combined with incompetent customer relations.
  11. That sounds awesome now I'm gonna have to get ttsso i can use my kty Katie why KDY ships. (I always thought it was just my talk-to-text picking up my redneck accent now I know it's not just me)
  12. Got to play 2 good games of Armada tonight. Lost the first, won the second. Got an email saying my shapeways order has shipped. Have a four-day weekend next week and plenty of painting to do.
  13. I don't say this very often, because I'm a stubborn a**, but you've managed to change my opinion. This is a very well thought out argument. I found the World War 2 parallel very convincing. Well done.