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  1. The first season is definitely a slog but after that it becomes well worth watching. It's not as good as the Clone Wars but it's still pretty good.
  2. Yes the Eighth Addendum to the Apocrypha of the Admiral. Doubt not, my brother, for in the days of Salvation the words of the one true Admiral shall offer succor unto thee.
  3. That makes it difficult to add any of the big ships like ISDs and MC80s as the games escalate.
  4. If their running two Peltas I'll consider it a mercy kill.
  5. Stop making me feel sorry for the Rebels
  6. I looked, and there before me was a pale Chimera. His rider was named Darth and Kallus was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the fleet to kill by Blue, Black, and Red dice and by rerolls and ruthless strategies. Book of Nelson 6:8
  7. A campaign for Armada. Comes with a map some new obstacles and new aces and objectives but no plastic. May be just what you're looking for.
  8. 400points is tournament standard
  9. I couldn't find anywhere that this was mentioned... They look nice and compared to GW stuff is reasonably priced. I ordered a set last night. I'll let everybody know how they turn out when I get them and paint them.
  10. All of these "errors" were foretold in the book of Nelson. These AS inconsistencies are simply more signs of the impending Armadageddon.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if a Rogue Squadron show was animated. I'd certainly watch it. I would massively prefer a live action show though. Something similar to Battlestar Galactica with a more mature target audience. I think a live action series would have a greater mass market appeal than the animated shows do.
  12. What are you saying? Surely you're not suggesting FFG would ever make a mistake in any of their preview articles. That's just preposterous.
  13. I'm all for the Rebels getting a stolen Quasar. I would want it to be unique so there could only be one per fleet and one per faction in campaigns. Seems like that would be counter productive to selling new ships though so they should put it in a Rebels based campaign.
  14. So many ships are getting knocked over
  15. Have the stations spawn fighters and be equipped with different weapons. I would love to have different types of stations just like ships. I'd even be fine with them being campaign only.