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  1. Megatronrex

    So how could they do Clone Wars in Armada?

    There's also a large number who collect not only both factions but multiples of each ship. H*** look at all of the people that want MOAR buying ships from Mel's and all the people designing ships and factions on KDY. I think adding more factions adds the potential of appealing to some new players. Maybe not a number that you'd feel is significant but this is a niche market to begin with, pretty much any new growth is positive. Adding new factions wouldn't be any more expensive for FFGs production. I think it's pretty clear their already producing s*** as fast as they can. Why would they need to release ships for all 4 factions each wave, or even continue to use a wave system for releases? I think it's a great business opportunity.
  2. Megatronrex

    Suggestion for a final squadron pack

    I laughed and then I cried because what if a Clone Wars expansion gives us a different derpy little kid "spinning" in a Naboo fighter.
  3. Megatronrex

    Gen Con Assault?

    A measly three years probation for what that f***er did is absolutely absurd. There's still a civil suit to come for bikelock boy though. Hopefully that'll be far less forgiving.
  4. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

  5. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    But we love you whether you like it or not.???
  6. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    @Flavorabledeez I think your idea for a show sounds great. Someone else won't and will get hurt about it. Then someone else will get hurt by the other persons hurt and so on and so forth. We're all nerds, we're all passionate in different ways about different things that most people don't care about. We're gonna fight and argue and share our hurt with each other. Then when it's all over we'll get together and gang up on the non-nerd that's dumb enough to tell us that everything Star Wars sucks. It's kinda like family, a very, very dysfunctional family. But a big ole family full of nerds nonetheless.
  7. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    If they make another Last Jedi it won't be the gatekeepers who decide I'm not a Star Wars fan anymore. I agree, "The Holiday Special is up there with the greatest crimes against humanity". Saying it's a more egregious crime than TLJ is like saying Mao was a better guy than Stalin. It may be true, it may not, but it doesn't make either one of them good. Hopefully it can make the chosen era more palatable in the same way The Clone Wars did for the prequel era. I think it's kinda sad though that they need a TV series to make the movies bearable.
  8. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

  9. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    Hey that sounds........completely like something I have complained about.
  10. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    They might be able to sell me on a Mandalorian series. I'm leery of it imitating GoT style too much though. I've already had enough of Star Wars killing off the characters that I care about.
  11. Megatronrex

    Star Wars series

    S***, didn't see this till after I responded. Sorry. Clearly I am apprehensive about the setting of the new series. I do like Jon Favreau though.