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  1. I immediately thought it was discard both the command (dial or token) and the card but now I'm not so sure. D*** you commas and/or your lack, d*** you grammar.
  2. Sounds like you're asking for advice on how to play with yourself. I'm no expert but I do have some experience playing with myself. While I'm sure lots of people like to use a wide variety of techniques some things seem to be universal. First of all make sure your man tool is in proper working order. It should be rigid yet somewhat flexible and about 12 inches when fully extended. It can be problematic trying to play with yourself if your man tool keeps flopping around everywhere. Secondly playing with yourself is a great way to practice Dic tricks. I've had countless hours of joy putting my Dic on the table and pushing it around while making funny noises. It's always a good idea to make sure you're aware of the abilities and limitations your Dic has. Third be prepared for embarrassment when someone walks in on you playing with yourself. Finally always remember that playing with yourself is just not as satisfying as with a partner because you're only beating yourself.
  3. D***, since that post came from you I thought you had found some way to boost it to counter 3. Oh well.
  4. I must be missing something. How does Black Squadron get counter 3?
  5. I've was playing around with rapid launch bays, and 4 Decimators on Avenger before boarding troopers came out. I never got a target larger than a Pelta and Avenger never had to shoot at the same ship it hit with the Decimators. It's expensive but effective.
  6. Yes if you spend their red defense tokens they're discarded.
  7. Only because I showed Ben my list and he lit it on fire and threw it in the dumpster along with my fleet so I couldn't beat him. Armada is dead, dead, dead.
  8. Armada is dead. Ben broke it. Clearly everyone else is playing the game wrong because I bought a black market auto-win upgrade out of the back of a guys car behind the LGS and people won't accept my greatness. I'm gonna sell all of my spaceships and quit playing but I'll keep posting just to remind everyone how dead this game is. Ahh, fun times indeed.
  9. Yeah boring is certainly a subjective term. I'm sure the guy that runs those CR90s doesn't think they're boring at all.
  10. I bought two packs of Hammerheads and have 4 of each task-force title.
  11. Yes they have 2 of each.
  12. You misunderstood there's 2 copies of each.
  13. It's really just 1 guy who runs it around here and it's not that I can't beat it, I still win about half the time. It's just so **** boring to play against and extra frustrating when it wins. The TRC nerf did weaken it a lot by halving the auto damage but it hurt Rhymer and Demo too and they were nice and easy answers to it. I guess I just wish that running 3 or even 2 ship lists was still viable. I'm just not a big fan of small ships (except for Raiders, love those things).
  14. I have too but they felt like an uphill struggle the whole way. I did win a game yesterday with 3 Vics against a 6 activation rebel list that felt easy but my opponent made a lot of mistakes. The situation I usually run into involves a swarm of TRC90s with a 20 point bid that plays shoot and scoot. Come in last first on a raider or flotilla then spend 3 or four rounds running away. A pass mechanic would turn that tactic into garbage.