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  1. It has already been mentioned, but I'll second it - they work really well for tracking squads in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. I have groups of ships already mounted on colored bases and when I set up a mission I pull out the "Orange Squad" or "Green Squad" or whatever. That may seem like overkill but at one point I was running two campaigns at the same time and had 24+ TIE Fighters to put out for an evening of destruction.
  2. We started a "Risk Wing" campaign at our FLGS this past summer while waiting for 2.0 to drop. I made one mistake (my map is huge, so we're a lot more spread out) but so far we've had a good time. We opened with seven teams. Turn 1 was simple movement. The "blue" team as the "double move" team ability. We played it wrong for the first few turns and gave him his double move automatically. Turns out it's supposed to have a die roll to determine success. Oops. Next turn Next turn Purple and Gray squads are playing "chicken" and Gray blinked and turned south rather than seek out conflict. Next turn - three Victory Point territories are claimed at this point, but nobody has more than one. Next turn and "Something-Something Dark Side" aka Blue Team, "The 5o1st" aka Gray, and "Kyber Legion" aka Purple are all threatening each other. After orders for Turn 6 were entered we have our first combat. Gray team loses and retreats, Blue takes the hex. Gray still only has one squad marker, Blue has three and everyone else has two at this point. Fast forward a bit. Gray team was unfortunately sandwiched between two aggressive Imperial forces and has been eliminated from the game. "The Hive" (Orange) scattered Vellery in the only combat so far that did not include the Gray team in one way or another. Here's our current map, and orders for Turn 12 are coming in. The lighter gray team icon indicates their base of operations. Darker icons represent squad markers. A double icon (seen in hex 65) indicates a reinforced squad. Blue team ability is an optional double move, based on a successful Hyperspace roll on a d6 Purple team ability is the option to reroll up to 3 times per match Red team ability is reinforced squads are +30 points instead of +20 Orange team ability is +20 per squad marker but they cannot have any unique pilots / upgrades or any EPTs Green team ability is +10 points per squad marker but they cannot scatter an opponent no matter what the margin of victory is Yellow team ability is they are -10 points per squad marker (70 instead of 80) but they can mix factions, including putting Imperial crew on Rebel ships and so on. We're having fun with this, so thanks for sharing! If anyone wants to follow along with our "Risk Wing" campaign, you could track further progress here: http://x-wing.sunderedrealm.com/maps.php
  3. Saw's Renegades and TIE Reaper are the bridge packages and include both 1.0 and 2.0 stuff. Back on topic - I am a fan of the gear boxes, and would love to see them continued. I also like the collector boxes, and the micro-hangers, and the mini maneuver cards...basically everything you've provided. I have three Rebel transports and a hanger for each of them!
  4. Whether I have multiple zip-lock baggies full of 1.0 shield tokens is irrelevant when 2.0 uses double-sided shield tokens instead.
  5. What they really mean is you get enough dials for 2 ships, and enough unique pilots to run one. For example, if you previously purchased two K-Wing models and want to have two copies of Miranda that doesn't happen. You only get one. So yeah, you can technically fly two legal K-Wings (can't fly two Miranda's in the same squad) but you don't get the equivalent of buying two individual ships.
  6. It's not a "bit" disappointing, it's more than that. I don't understand how they can offer it up as "2.0 ready" when you don't have what you need to run the ship under those rules.
  7. We've run 3 (yes, 3) Heroes campaigns at my FLGS, with mostly different people playing each time. I ran the first two, then one of the guys who played the 2nd time ran the 3rd time so I could play. My ship was "Rover" a bomb-dropping TLT-firing barrel-rolling boosting Y-Wing that could ignore crits due to Chewie's pilot ability. Talk about fun! We're starting up the Battlestar Pallas campaign, which is a ... fan-made expansion to a fan-made expansion? LOL If you liked Heroes, you might take a look. The terrain bits from the crowd sale look awesome. I made my own stuff, but there are various things I would like to do differently if I had the time to go back and do it again. Ordering from the sale meant I don't have to worry about the time.
  8. After a long hiatus from this concept (finished our 3rd Heroes campaign) we're getting ready to start this. I re-read the entire topic. You said you don't keep track of unique (named) pilots. I'm thinking we might use the ejection rules from Heroes to add some spice. If you're shot down, make an eject roll at the end of the combat. The winner will determine if the territory is friendly or hostile based on the side who won. Any named pilot that ejects in hostile territory can be considered captured and lost for the rest of the game. There would be no limit to the number of non-unique pilots. It might add a little bit of extra strategy. Do you use Whisper this battle, and run the risk of losing her? Or save her for another time? I thought about holding a draft for the unique pilots, so that there's only one Whisper (for example) for the entire campaign, but that seemed like it would take too long. Do you have any banned pilots or crew? Given the theme, I hardly thing that Emperor Palpatine would be hanging around. I'm looking forward to trying out your creation. Really love the concept, and hope it goes well for our crew.
  9. I had a mat where 1/3 of it was wrinkled and 2/3 was flat. I sent pictures to FFG. They mailed me a replacement.
  10. Our kitchen table is big enough for a nice 1v1 match. The standard mat fits with inches to spare on either edge, and there is plenty of room on the sides for boxes, cards, tokens, and whatnot. For Epic we move into the dining room. At one of the game stores I go to we push two standard folding tables together and put a 3x3 piece of wood on them to bridge the gap and make for a smooth surface for the mat. At another store they use only one table but the same wood concept; I'm a bit less certain about that setup since the wood overhangs the edges of the table, making it susceptible to being bumped, but it seems to work okay and takes less table space...
  11. I use Battlefoam for transportation, and Sir Willi's tuck boxes for ships and cards left at home. http://sirwillibald.com/games/x-wing-miniatures-games/ I used to use binders for cards but it got to be a pain every time I made a new purchase. I now use collector boxes (http://sirwillibald.com/games/x-wing-miniatures-games/collectorbox-upgrades/) because I can just slide the new cards in place without shuffling everything over one space.
  12. I sold two of my K-Wings at the height of the frenzy, so I'll be buying them back to replace the holes in my collection. Other than that, I'm set.
  13. I'm sort of amazed it took several posts before Heroes was mentioned / linked. It has a very active community (they have their own FB group) and plenty of fan-made expansions to the fan-made expansion. We're on our third crew at our local game store. Once you finish Heroes there is another campaign called the Battlestar Pallas that carries on using the Heroes concepts (and terrain).
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