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  1. Awesome, thanks for the additional information! Cool stuff. As much as I have enjoyed the game I wasn't in from the beginning, so learning some of this history is fun.
  2. So I'm not putting my kiddos through college, got it. Thanks for the input, definitely appreciated!
  3. Hi folks, I recently purchased an X-Wing collection. Long story short: the guy I bought it from had no idea what it was, as the X-Wing collection was a very small part of a huge game collection. I walked him through what he had over video chat, made him an offer for the works, and he shipped it to me. When I got it, there was an over-sized version of the Father's Day promo card, with Darth Vader on one side and Luke on the other. Or at least I thought it was an over-sized version. I posted on FB and someone said it was a promo that was used to promote the game during the launch of 1.0. I wasn't into the game then, so I didn't know. My curiosity is this: I know that most 1.0 promo cards have dropped in value (or vanished entirely) but this seems like something else. It's large enough to be framed. (The smaller card in the picture is a standard 1.0 pilot card for scale.) My normal sources for value (eBay completed sales, others) are failing me because (a) I can't be sure I'm using the correct search terms, and (b) maybe I am using the right search terms and there just aren't that many of these floating around for sale. If there aren't that many, then I would think it would have value. I'm thinking about $1,000 or so? And of course I am kidding, but I would really like it if someone could point me to some history of sales or other indicator of value that I can base my assessment on. I have several, and I've already been offered "a few dollars" for one but I have no idea of that's realistic. Thanks!
  4. I was just pricing out carriers tonight as I have one to sell. The last four sales on eBay that were exposed (meaning not "best offer accepted") were were $133, $109, $125, and $124. Some of those were new, some used. Some included the special TIE Fighters (obviously the new ones did) some did not. I am in the same boat. I bought 3 conversion kits as I have at least two of each current epic and I like the flexibility to field squads for more than just me. If you're on the fence, C-ROCs are generally cheaper than the others...or at least they were when I last looked.
  5. Hi folks, quick question that I should probably be able to find via search by the terms seem to be too common. I have opened and started sorting out my epic conversion kits and I see there appears to be only one damage deck. Is one damage deck shared for every epic ship now? There used to be ship-specific decks broken down into front / rear damage cards. Apologies if this is printed somewhere obvious as I have not found it yet...thanks.
  6. I ended up buying a 3rd epic conversion kit when I found a good sale. So I'm set. I noticed this weekend that the regular conversion kits also had the same issue. The Scum conversion kit only provides 4 medium bases but you would need more than that if you wanted to have one for each ship that required one. Most of us, I am sure, just have a bucket of bases and have more than plenty for small/medium/large ships. Epic ships are a bit more of a challenge. Ah well, as I mentioned, I solved the problem by throwing more money at it. Which is likely what FFG wants anyway.
  7. Slight necro, but this thread seems to be the most appropriate. I finally opened my huge ship conversion kit today. My expectations based on what made sense was that since the conversion kit was advertised as converting each of your ships, it meant that I could convert and use each of my ships. The reality is that while yes, it does contain dials and tokens and cards and stuff for each ship, the kit only includes two plastic bases, four pegs, and two resource trackers. That means if you are like me and have one of each ship, and I want to use them all, I have to buy 2.5 conversion kits. Does FFG offer just the plastic bases, pegs, and resource tracker dials for separate purchase? Otherwise this is really a dumb implementation. Before someone says something along the lines of you don't have enough points to field more than two ships; I have an extension collection and I often provide ships for multiple players. That means I expected to be able to buy a conversion kit and fly all of my ships, not just two.
  8. I have sharpies-a-plenty as I bought them a while back when someone posted some awesome pictures of tokens painted on the side. And as you probably expect, I have plenty of 1.0 shield tokens to experiment on in order to get it right. Thanks.
  9. Fair enough. Not as sexy as the new stuff, and not really what they should have done. I did see that some of the newer conversion kits do have shield tokens. I have not opened those yet, so there's another option. Thanks for the productive reply.
  10. Hi, I am 100% confident this has been discussed - probably killing several horses along the way - but the search function here returns too many non-relevant results, so I'm asking again. I have a sizable 1.0 collection, so I bought two 2.0 core sets, two Galactic Empire conversion kits, two Rebel conversion kits, and two Scum conversion kits. When I am all done punching and dial assembling, I have exactly eight 2.0 shield tokens. I have plenty of ships. I don't intend to buy into the new stuff. All I want is to be able to fly my old stuff with 2.0 rules. Not going to happen with eight shield tokens. They included plenty of new stress tokens (because they changed shape?) and lots of charge and force tokens (because they're new) but I have with everything I purchased to convert to 2.0 six evade tokens (no worries, I'll keep using my old ones), six ion tokens (again, could continue to use my old ones I guess), plenty of tractor beam tokens...and so on. But eight shield tokens? Really? I've seen plenty of topics posting about taking a sharpie or something to my old shield tokens to color one side red; I guess that's what I'll be doing. But I would really like to know if FFG ever addressed the shortfall. If anyone can link me to the right topic, or even just give me good search terms, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. It has already been mentioned, but I'll second it - they work really well for tracking squads in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. I have groups of ships already mounted on colored bases and when I set up a mission I pull out the "Orange Squad" or "Green Squad" or whatever. That may seem like overkill but at one point I was running two campaigns at the same time and had 24+ TIE Fighters to put out for an evening of destruction.
  12. We started a "Risk Wing" campaign at our FLGS this past summer while waiting for 2.0 to drop. I made one mistake (my map is huge, so we're a lot more spread out) but so far we've had a good time. We opened with seven teams. Turn 1 was simple movement. The "blue" team as the "double move" team ability. We played it wrong for the first few turns and gave him his double move automatically. Turns out it's supposed to have a die roll to determine success. Oops. Next turn Next turn Purple and Gray squads are playing "chicken" and Gray blinked and turned south rather than seek out conflict. Next turn - three Victory Point territories are claimed at this point, but nobody has more than one. Next turn and "Something-Something Dark Side" aka Blue Team, "The 5o1st" aka Gray, and "Kyber Legion" aka Purple are all threatening each other. After orders for Turn 6 were entered we have our first combat. Gray team loses and retreats, Blue takes the hex. Gray still only has one squad marker, Blue has three and everyone else has two at this point. Fast forward a bit. Gray team was unfortunately sandwiched between two aggressive Imperial forces and has been eliminated from the game. "The Hive" (Orange) scattered Vellery in the only combat so far that did not include the Gray team in one way or another. Here's our current map, and orders for Turn 12 are coming in. The lighter gray team icon indicates their base of operations. Darker icons represent squad markers. A double icon (seen in hex 65) indicates a reinforced squad. Blue team ability is an optional double move, based on a successful Hyperspace roll on a d6 Purple team ability is the option to reroll up to 3 times per match Red team ability is reinforced squads are +30 points instead of +20 Orange team ability is +20 per squad marker but they cannot have any unique pilots / upgrades or any EPTs Green team ability is +10 points per squad marker but they cannot scatter an opponent no matter what the margin of victory is Yellow team ability is they are -10 points per squad marker (70 instead of 80) but they can mix factions, including putting Imperial crew on Rebel ships and so on. We're having fun with this, so thanks for sharing! If anyone wants to follow along with our "Risk Wing" campaign, you could track further progress here: http://x-wing.sunderedrealm.com/maps.php
  13. Saw's Renegades and TIE Reaper are the bridge packages and include both 1.0 and 2.0 stuff. Back on topic - I am a fan of the gear boxes, and would love to see them continued. I also like the collector boxes, and the micro-hangers, and the mini maneuver cards...basically everything you've provided. I have three Rebel transports and a hanger for each of them!
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