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  1. On a related note, I have found that the deaths in Kingdom Death substantially impede my friends and I from winning. Does anyone with experience modifying the madness mechanism in MoM have a suggestion for a less-lethal character death mechanic?
  2. This discussion makes me wonder about the possibility for the app subtlely using fire as an enemy... Say it could manage fires, maybe on a given scenario a big-boss enemy could utilize the fire mechanic against the investigators, burning mission objectives if not them. The direction it burns could be slightly influenced by how much time is left in the investigation, or on the possession of an item or the condition of an investigator (mesmerized seems like a good fit). The most memorable Cycle of Eternity I played involved an inferno caused by an dropped lantern and investigators having no actions to spare to extinguish it, so it can add to the tension big time
  3. I would say the most exciting for my friends and I was Dearly Departed. I think we all desperate to find effective weapons against the monsters - and then one of us found a decent weapon and there was hope! But there was a constant feeling of running out of time as events escalated... it felt like an almost out-of-control race to the finish.
  4. My friends and I originally interpreted it as "fire spreads to every adjacent space, but only place 1 token per space" which did indeed result in fire eating the entire board very quickly, haha. Going back to that same reference is what put us on the "a group of contiguous spaces on fire are considered a single fire, which spreads to 1 adjacent space only" interpretation. So say there are 3 fires on the board at once (I'm looking at you, angry Innsmouth townspeople), we would spread each fire 1 space per round. That scenario was hectic, but we pulled off a minor victory, so the interpretation seems OK so far.
  5. We've also kept them in, because the hilarity of someone doing their best to convince everyone everyone that they ought to have the party's only knife has been one of the most memorable gaming moments yet. I also would really like some insanity scenario ending text. In a perfect world there'd be a few variations and you'd select the investigator who cracked so it could personalize it a bit. No narration necessary, in my opinion, it would just wrap things up neat and tidy on that session.
  6. Something my friends and I struggle with is improvising random directions for fire spreading. We all agreed that we don't want the direction to be player controlled, and since the app doesn't handle it (but oh, if only it did!) we usually end up cheesing some off the cuff test, be it numbering fire tiles and rolling a direction die, then rolling again to determine direction or flipping spare tokens like coins. As you can imagine, the amount of pain in the butt this is scales with the amount of fire... I was thinking of using a couple different coloured direction dice rolled at once to determine which tile is spreading and which direction it spreads from that tile. Has anyone else already gone down this road or tried an alternative method? I really want to get the "fire spreads" to resolve as fast as possible, since it generally happens later on in scenario when there are bigger issues at hand and I want to keep the momentum up. In case FFG is watching, I would be willing to buy a "Fire manager" feature as DLC, on top of extra narration, a "hard mode" for hiding skill test results until after tests are rolled and some sort of undo button for when someone accidentally dismisses the skill test dialog...
  7. Scenario: Astral Alchemy Platform: Android App: v1.5.1 (767) 2 bugs found in the same playthrough. At one point, the graphic on the app for where to place a bookshelf along a wall was oriented perpendicular to the wall and outlined in a bright green border. I believe it stayed that way for the remaining few rounds. The other defect impacted play much more - when picking up the "notes" from the female dormitory, the fluff text from the app indicated that the notes couldn't be understood without the corresponding calculations and awarded one clue, but no item. The other 3 required items for the main quest were represented by item cards, so this prompted a fair amount of discussion between the 4 of us to decide if we had implicitly obtained the notes and should attempt to deliver them to the NPC or if it was all fluff text and to continue exporing. At this point 3/4 characters were wounded and we were fighting the clock, so semantics mattered. Everyone agreed that we should bet on the quest text being poor quality and risk the clock running out on principle. Upon discovering the corequisite calculations, the investigator was awarded a clue and explicitly told to take the evidence to the NPC, but again no item card was awarded to represent the item. All of us were of the opinion that the way that particular evidence is handled is needlessly vague - why not follow the convention established by the other 75% of the quest items and just pick up an item card for the calculations and an item card for the notes, indicating that they have a corequisite. The earlier mentioned technical defect wasn't a serious issue at all, but the scenario's arbitrary break with its own convention was pretty frustrating.
  8. This is a great idea! I would be happy to buy additional sounds as dlc, personally.
  9. Admittedly it took my getting a d10 out to comprehend, but it makes perfect sense. Good idea! After hours of playing, I wouldn't trust myself to use anything more complicated than an arrow on a die, though - we were the real zombies by the time the game was through
  10. Playing "Dearly Departed" in v1.1.1 on Android 4.4.2 and when the final event started (we must have failed at the primary objective and the boss monster activated) in the chapel, the chapel was described as though it had just been explored (directed us to place search tokens, explore tokens, etc) even though we had fully explored and searched it earlier.
  11. Just finished a 4-5 hour game with a few friends and we tried a new approach to fire that was discussed here - a Warhammer 40k dice with arrows to control which direction fire spread from all burning spaces. It worked really well; we couldn't rely on it and it had a mind of its own. So that might be something other folks want to try for a variation.
  12. My friends and I had this same scenario happen on the last gaming session and being that the rules reference specified wounded as a state reached upon a threshold of damage, we unanimously interpreted it as being an immediate effect, thereby modifying the Mythos event's outcome.
  13. I believe the rules reference says that a single trade action allows you to pick up as many items as you want.
  14. This is eaxctly the sort of enhancement that has come up in discussion when I've played. If knowing the future is integral to the game's balance, then I think that is a bit of a smell to a larger issue. Not knowing the future really helps with immersion
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