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  1. TurboCooler


    Hopefully the figures are good quality otherwise I plan to proxy at least the heroes.
  2. I rather have the dice. Once I play the game for some time, I am going to look and see how I can add dice if it is possible. Meaning, I would not need custom dice.
  3. TurboCooler

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Such as? Not sure there is anything like Descent.
  4. TurboCooler

    My desire for 3rd Edition

    Curious to see if FFG has anything new to tell us this year. I am preparing myself to be disappointed yet again.
  5. TurboCooler

    3D Printers

    I upgrade from a Prusa MK2 to Prusa MK3 in May. It is has been on almost non-stop. Never had an issue.
  6. TurboCooler

    Descent speculation

    At GenCon50, they said something is coming and reiterated that Decent was important to them. At GAMA, they said pretty much the same. I assume they have not forgotten about Decent but they are not making it a big priority either at this point.
  7. TurboCooler

    Legion at Salute 2018

    Sign up and you get 14 days for free. Cancel at any time.
  8. TurboCooler

    Legion at Salute 2018

    There is a VLOG post over at BeastsOfWar.com. This was a collaboration from 4Ground and Beasts Of War. The Shuttle and some other pieces are from Beasts Of War and the Terrain will be fore sale some time in the future as it is part of their new modular terrain line. There is no pricing at the moment. Here is the VLOG link http://www.beastsofwar.com/backstage/vlog-visiting-4ground-salute/ If you watch from the beginning you see the modular terrain system they are building and will be selling that includes the SciFi terrain seen in the pictures. All the pieces are stuck together with magnets. If you want to skip to the table, go to 10:40 in the video. The terrain you see in the pictures above and in the video is 36" x 48". They stated they want to film a scenario played on this table but they did not commit to anything so who knows.
  9. TurboCooler

    Free star wars minis or other releases.

    I know of no FFG game that has them for which anything was done with them. I believe the days of sending in your box tops for a secret decode ring are gone.
  10. TurboCooler

    Rules Reference 3rd Party Printing Release?

    I do not have any issues. Kindle HD 8, Google Pixel Phone, Galaxy Tab 3 and i3 Notebook PC. What devices are you using?
  11. TurboCooler

    Rules Reference 3rd Party Printing Release?

    The rules are going to change over time. Do you expect them to mail you a new hard copy each time they make a change? I rather have the PDF and then you can use a tablet or print it however you like. It is not cheap, it is from feedback from other FFG games. It is far batter than having 50+ pages of FAQ or Errata. You can bookmark, highlight, hyperlink and even take notes to PDF. I also keep a OneNote for my own notes that even allows me to take pictures if I have to. Everything is on my Galaxy Tab 3 and gets sync to the cloud. The tablet goes in my backpack and it I consider it a necessary devices just like the movement ruler is in this game.
  12. TurboCooler

    Disneyland AT-AT popcorn bucket

    To be at scale it would need to be about 18.5" tall.
  13. TurboCooler

    Wasn't expecting this one

    You can and if you get a cheap or even used Kindle Fire you can have a larger screen and markups as well as notes
  14. TurboCooler

    Missing stuff

    The missing handle is not in the bag with Vader and Luke? That is where I found mine. However, I am missing Vader's arm in one core set but I am all set in a second core set. Luke's arms do not fit very well and it bothers me so I will be using green stuff to fill the gaps.
  15. TurboCooler

    Im absolutely amazed how restrictive 800 pts is

    Vader does not need to be your commander and you can add more units with that 250pts. That is valid strategy to attempt a game with.