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  1. Questions regarding X-Wing: My first question is in regard to FFG's interest in the player-designed HotAC campaign - Will FFG be announcing any cooperative-style campaign set for X-Wing? Aturi Cluster did a pretty good job with that in 1.0, but Second Edition has a bit of a gap in this part of the game. My second question is really just based on my obsession with a certain Rebel ship. Will the RZ-1 A-Wing be getting any new pilots in the future? It's a bit baffling to see that ship lack any initiative pilot above 4, and there are only two unique pilots for it overall.
  2. With this build, do you think it'd be worth considering to drop the Black One title to make the y-wing a stress-bot?
  3. Okay, these replies are VERY useful, thanks guys! So far, I have the expansions/cards to do the first recommendation, but I have a feeling I'll have Heroes before the end of the holiday season. I feel a lot better now about ditching the Z-95! I've been concerned that not having it would put me at a major disadvantage against larger health pools like trip-jumpmasters, but seeing this much consensus on it is relieving. Thanks!
  4. Okay, so I have yet to go to a tournament, as there are practically no game stores where I live. That being said, I'm about to live in an area with a LOT of X-Wing, and I wanted some thoughts about this build I've been toying with. Any tips would be great! Poe Dameron - 33 + BB-8 Tycho Celchu - 31 + PTL, Test Pilot, Chardaan, Exp. Interface, Rage Gold Squadron Pilot - 24 + TLT Bandit Squadron Pilot - 12 100/100 The idea is to have the Z-95 try to block and Tycho to harass while the TLT works things down and Poe hits targets hard. Anything I should consider in tweaking the build, or is just atrocious to look at?
  5. I'm very late to this forum, but I was fiddling with the two recently and wanted some feedback as well. 100/100 Ten Numb - Calculation Etahn A'baht Gemmer Sojan - Chardaan, Test Pilot, Stealth Device, VI Bandit Squad Pilot I haven't played it in any matches yet, but I like the possibility of Ten getting crits often and the other three pilots getting them too if flown right. Gemmer has surprised me with how slippery he can be up close, and he's not that expensive, considering what you'd get. Bandit's in there for blocking and a filler. Should I try something different?
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