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  1. I wish I had the skills and equipment to scratch build this stuff! All modified and painted plastic kids toys, picked up cheap on the Bay...
  2. Don't have much time at the moment due to the recent birth of my little boy, but managed to find time for a little side project... My first lightsaber!
  3. Some great looking ships there bud! Liberty turned out really nice. I like it when you experiment with a finish and it pays off.
  4. Really nice looking ships! Can't wait to see the updates on them.
  5. Turned out great! Inbox me if you want a link to some Imp logo stencils to really finish them off.
  6. Looking great with the additional touches! You can get tiny stencils for the Imp logo from eBay, so just do a quick search. I normally go for white, but black is good too. What colour did you use for the rust?
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