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  1. A quick question... seeing how the royal guards have the Sidearm keyword, does this mean heavy weapons aren’t only restricted to the weapon on the card and can use other weapons on the Unit Squad Card (both melee and ranged) if possible I.e could a flame trooper in the snow trooper squad use an E-11 if he knows the enemy is at range 3 as the flamethrower is restricted to range 1?
  2. Just a quick question, for command upgrades: 1. Do abilities like strict orders work only within a certain range 2. Do upgrades like improvised orders and strict orders only work if that commander is the designated leader this round 3. So would a card like commanding presence affect both leaders or only the one with the upgrade
  3. But I thought you can’t attack again even from Palpatines ability. One attack per round including Free Attacks I thought...
  4. So if I’m correct they can only perform dodge or recover or move action afterwards
  5. Thanks both for clearing this. However I am still unclear for 4, as it states on compel after rallying ,not immediately
  6. I’ve never really used the standby action before so I have numerous questions to ask and hopefully someone can clarify them with me 1. For Krennics Deploy the Garrison command card, do the troopers get assigned there standby token before they activate or as a free action WHEN they activate 2. If assigned to a death trooper, does it get its aim token from the READY ability, as essentially they don’t perform the action 3. If assigned before they activate, if they perform any action, does the token disappear 4. Does Krennics compel ability allow snowtroopers to perform their STEADY ability, and if so, perform an aim action before it attacks sorry if I am quite unclear as I’m not the most experienced player
  7. Looks very good for 90 points! My biggest problem though is the defense die and unarmed attack
  8. Not the UK page though. If I have to pre-order from the US page shipping is 25$ 😭😣
  9. Does anyone think it is possible that inferno squad and Iden Versio could be added to Legion, seeing how she is now in X wing and destiny. Would be a cool addition.
  10. You still have 2 points for a recon intel upgrade
  11. 😃 I can see where your coming from but I meant on the upcoming page how they forgot to label Krennic as on the boat and left it as in development
  12. Finally! Looks like they were never on the boat... 🙄 Now all we need is the preview after all this time...
  13. Finally! Looks like they were never on the boat... 🙄
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