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  1. Getting back into the game, and tried to update my trusty ol' oggdude generator to find the serverhost is over capacity, ah well! I'll try again in a few days.
  2. Sorry to double post, but the FFG twitter page has responded to a tweet regarding the page: https://twitter.com/FFGames/status/918946658196574208
  3. I tried to discuss with them, but they were not willing to allow dissent. They have rules in the sidebar that literally state 'no pushing of social views on others' but disagreed when I said it could be argued that referencing a woman's place being the kitchen is a social issue. It's a shame, because they are indeed the largest SWRPG group on facebook, and the founder is the Admin of not only that but the facebook Genesys Group and the facebook SWRPG GM group.
  4. Both manual and web installs do nothing for me. I try and run launchers for both of these types of installs and NOTHING happens. I have deleted and restored, uninstalled and re-installed, tried purging all the original files... I am at my wits end here. Where is the cache file located?
  5. Sorry, I should have been more specific; I'm referring to the App data folder that houses Adversaries, Characters, Encounters etc. Restarted my laptop, was able to delete the rogue GM tools launcher. I unzipped again and tried running any of the launchers - still getting the same issue. Edit - Tried deleting everything, Including my character files and whatnot then unzipping again. Still not able to launch anything. I was actually able to run the latest version though. This only happened after I changed the data file location from the launcher, and then transferred the data across.
  6. I have a strange issue - I tried moving my data folder for the purposes of accessing my characters across both of my laptops - since moving it, I cannot get any of the launchers to work. Nothing happens. Character/data/GM/general launcher, nothing. When I try to delete all the files, it is unable to delete the GM tools launcher - apparently still in use. I can't find it running anywhere in my processes. So I tried deleting all the other files and just skipping the GM tools launcher, to try and unzip again and replace this strange GM tools launcher. I got this message: So, it is apparently in use SOMEWHERE but I cannot for the life of me find it.
  7. I'll say the same thing I say to you on reddit - Good luck! I admire your persistence and patience.
  8. Hey RLogue, do you know if the Green and Tan sheets are black-n-white print friendly? I tried printing a sheet of the TC ones today, and without colour the ranked/passive talents are indistinguishable.
  9. This is some fantastic stuff. I'd like to thank everyone involved, especially Rlogue! I like the character sheets too, although as a primarily EoE player I feel like the spots for Duty/Morality are wasted (I understand why though, a lot of campaigns have a mixture of characters).
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