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  1. I really hope for a cooperative Star Wars LCG, like Arkham Horror LCG, in the future... I love the story telling aspect of Arkham... it just sucks you in the theme, setting and atmosphere. Star Wars has so many stories... it could work well... I wonder what would be the main story driving mechanic though (like finding clues in Arkham LCG)? Another thing I prefer in a co-op LCG, compared to a competitive one, is the fact that you can play it solo. Again, like Arkham Horror LCG. Fingers crossed.
  2. I really hope FFG can make a Star Wars Co-op LCG that's entirely story-based, like Arkham Horror LCG. Imagine the sheer amount of story you could participate in. A solo playable LCG, again, like Arkham LCG, would be incredible, in my opinion.
  3. I would love some Google Drive backups of my squadrons because I'm not a Dropbox user at all. I guess I'm not alone on this (minor) issue? iCloud backups could be nice too. Thanks for your great app!
  4. Thanks for your reply... In my case I bought a large second hand lot with some spare cards and double items... I think I'll do it just once and keep it that. :-)
  5. Great work, what if you update the file? Do I have to retype all my acquisitions in the updated file?
  6. Loading squadrons goes wrong for me. It doesn't load the entire list, only part of it. Plus the 'My collection' part doesn't work; items I don't own aren't greyed out anymore... weird things. e
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