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  1. I'm deep into a Force and Destiny/ Edge of the Empire game, but I'm starting to consider running something in the future revolving around pilots and starship combat using Age of Rebellion. I'm a big fan of shows like Battlestar Galatica and Macross where the social drama of the crew is at the fore, but also where the ship itself is in its own way a character. Considering this, and noting that the characters would probably be Alliance fighter aces, I've started looking around for deckplans, schematics, cutaways, descriptions, etc. of the interior of a Mon Calamari Liberty class cruiser. I've come up rather empty-handed in the endeavor with only the shots of the briefing rooms, hangar bays, and bridge from what I think was the Home One from Return of the Jedi, which itself is technically a different class of ship, and a handful of drawings and technical specs. For that matter, I haven't even found anything regarding the interior of the arguably more iconic Star Destroyer. I realize the sheer scale of these things, but my group and I like having a solid idea of where things are, especially on ships, rather than simply hand-waving it. I suppose this is all to ask, does anyone out there have deckplans for a Liberty class, or really any comparable capital ship, in Star Wars? If not, how have you worked around it? Use the rough idea of something like the deckplan for an aircraft carrier? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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