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  1. I bought my CRB used a couple months ago on Amazon for $40 before the announcement they were being discontinued, but after they were labeled "Out of Stock" on the FFG website. The rest were all $80 and up (I saw one that was $250). They're still on there, and for those prices, I'd rather just use a PDF, because that's ridiculous. As for your question... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/deathwatch/ The ones that are listed as Out of Stock are going for wildly random prices on Amazon, because no one knows what they're worth, they're just literally taking shots in the dark for a small fortune, or trying to make a quick buck. The true value will always be left up to the buyer... because if someone REALLY wants a physical copy, and aren't broke like me, they might spend all that. If they're in really good condition I don't think a FLGS will buy them at cover price, because they're going to sell it at that, and they need to make a profit. Amazon is always a better, but slower, bet if you're trying to make some cash.
  2. Our group hasn't used any of that stuff (yet. My plan is to introduce it soon), but I was thinking the same thing... Our Kill-team has 4 so obviously it's not a problem for us, but my immediate reaction reading those rules was exactly like yours. What if we had 3? Or 5? A command test and be done with it, I guess. I haven't seen anything from the official rules on this, other than how much they leave up to the GM to tweak the system as needed in the CRB. They seem to make mentions pretty frequently that some things will probably need to be house ruled. Not because it's imperfect or they're making the players do the design work, but because there may be situations unique to the group.
  3. Have you succeeded with other games without a GM?
  4. Welp that solves that mystery... Thank you! There's seriously so much to this system.... I remember when we played Dark Heresy years ago when it first came out, and playing DW now is overwhelming in comparison. Maybe it's just because missing one sentence in the mass of the book means missing a pretty important mechanic. Or maybe I need to learn to read. Thanks again guys!
  5. This helps immensely, and I appreciate the advice greatly! I'll take any and all I can get, as I'm probably the second greenest person at the table when it comes to GMing.Much appreciated
  6. Rules as in it being okay there's only two player Kill-team? An NPC to fill out a Kill-team trio isn't a bad idea. But you could easily roll around with a Kill-team duo. The rules for strength of enemies basically says Elites are about 1-1 in strength with a Battle-Brother, so I'd just run off that being what you're looking for. I ran a one shot before starting my campaign with two of my friends and an NPC to get a feel for how strong stuff is.... And a 20 magnitude horde with two elites was a decent enough challenge (no devastators present). What specific rules are you thinking won't work for a small Kill-team?
  7. It's a silly question, but me and some friends just started playing Deathwatch, and one of them swears they read somewhere that there's a starting talent, or something in their Armour or just plain being a Space Marine... that knocked Called Shot down to a half action. I can't find it anywhere, and I don't want to just be like "you're crazy let's just move on". I figured I'd bother strangers and give my friend the benefit of the doubt than just letting it go without at least trying to track it down. We're still learning all that DW has in it. Thanks in advance!
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