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  1. I mostly play rebels, and I always sport some flamer ATRTs or the Landspeeder. I plan on switching to CIS once they come out and will be fully committed to playing all the units.
  2. It is for you the player owning the Droidekas to note that you do not regen shield tokens if you do wheeled mode.
  3. (When you activate, you may increase your maximum speed by 1. If you do, until the end of the round, you gain cover 2 and cannot attack or flip active shield tokens.) This is my interpretation of what I can read.
  4. 10 or 18 points Twin Laser Gunner Maybe 36 points RPS-6 Rocket Launcher Maybe 30+ points Ion Gunner
  5. I think the Droidekas are about 100 points or more? I have high resolution screens but cannot read it clearly.
  6. The Republic is suppose to be better than the Empire.
  7. Linked Targeting Array Emplacement Trooper or V... (Vehicle?) only You gain TARGET 1 (After you are issued an order, gain 1 aim token.)
  8. It means that you can choose when to detonate during one of the six rounds. That's all. Don't try to read to far into it, it doesn't say anything else to imply otherwise.
  9. Then I suppose it comes down to me not understanding and having to ask questions on the forums to get clarification and better understanding.
  10. So, although the tank can provide heavy cover, it can also block LOS. I suppose it will be one of those rare instances that some of the minis are on one side of the tank while the leader is available to shoot or be shot at?
  11. Page 43, "Pieces of terrain and vehicles can block line of sight"
  12. First, this is for all likely confusing areas in the new RRG released today, May 28, effective yesterday, May 27. Secondly, within the RRG it states that ground vehicles and block LOS to minis. It later states that ground vehicles, Imperial Tank, cannot obscure minis and provides heavy cover. Situation. If I run my minis behind the tank and my opponent cannot see the minis from their leader but is able to utilize the move 1 to re-position them so that the other minis can, can my opponent then shoot at my minis behind the tank with the applied cover 2 or does the tank completely block LOS and you cannot shoot at them no matter what?
  13. No Sharpshooter keyword though. Without at least Sharpshooter 1, and all her upgrades or potential upgrades, she just doesn't feel worth the points at least in the current meta against R4 Imperial.
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