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  1. I can't agree. From the very first time I saw the Gunboat, way back in the early 90's, I felt it was an incredibly weak design... entirely out of character for Imperial fighter spacecraft. Having said that, I don't hate it. In my eyes, it's a weak video game design, easy to implement with a low poly count, but if FFG decided to release one? I'd take a look. I'm of two minds on the Punisher. On the one hand, I like the idea of it being a big-ass bomber. OTOH, I would have liked if the silhouette were more differentiated form the standard bomber.... different wing shape, or something. But it does not feel out of place to me.
  2. Really how fresh was the Interceptor compared to a TIE Fighter? It's just a wing swap. T-70 makes perfect sense for being the next version of the X-Wing, and the TIE f/o makes perfect sense as the FO was just a wanna-be Empire, so they copied everything they could from the Empire. I agree that the T-70 makes sense as the "next version of the X-wing" in the same regard as the Inteceptor worked as the "next version of the TIE". But that was 3 years later, not 30. TFA made minimal changes to the existing ships, which doesn't make much sense considering the number of years in between. I would expect R1 to have more similar designs to ANH given how close together they are in time. But again, both ships use very similar cockpits and wings in a different configuration and call it a new ship. It just feels like a kid with ONE lego set who just rearranges the parts occasionally. TIE with inteceptor wings HORIZONTAL - BAM! Y-wing cockpit with X-wing Engines and movable wings - BAM! Again, I liked the designs of the prequels even though I know many did not. I felt that the prequels did a much better job of starting 30 years away from the OT and gradually working design elements back into the ships. But compare the ARC-170 to the X-wing and then compare the X-wing to the T-70. Pretty big difference in imagination to me. Compare the Jedi Interceptor to the TIE, and then compare the TIE to the TIE f/o. The difference is that the prequel designs recalled components of the OT designs without blatantly reusing those same components. 30 years ain't that much, really, at least not when technology is relatively mature, as it appears to be in the GFFA.. 30 years ago, the U.S. had F15's, F-16's and F-18's. Some variant of those planes are STILL in service, and will be for some years to come. B-52's are still flying and they fist entered service over 60 years ago. 60. Years. And in-Universe, the T-70 is already an older design. If the "Before the Awakening" story is to be believed, Poe was flying T-85's in the New Republic Navy. T-70's might very well have been introduced just a few years after Endor. I think folks have more valid complaints about the TIE's. The First Order TIE is basically a repaint. The sf variant is different, but not different enough to be visually distinct. A nerd like me notices the differences, but my wife, who is a more casual fan? It's all the same to her. I would liked the SF variant to be more distinct. But I loves me some TIE's, so I'm not complaining TOO much.
  3. Dang it. I just emptied the piggie bank on the CSI sale. Time to open the auxiliary piggie bank.
  4. Then I must say with sincerity I feel sorry for you. You should feel good for what you do and not like an idiot. You post if a joke is a terrible one. One that later you said you are fully serious. You've called players lazy, said they don't deserve to play a game they enjoy then said only trolling. If were serious then it is truly a shame to be such a snobbish player. If you were trolling as you later said then as above, you've called players lazy, said they don't deserve to play. Shame on you. P.S. Yes I have been at LGS with the same attitude that you display here. If you don't paint you shouldn't play. So I simply took my business else where along with many other gamers. The store is gone now but many of us still play. aww shucks. *nods head in shame* you totally changed my mind on how I feel about this. Apparently I am really striking a nerve with all of you, hearing this anonymous person on the internet whom you will most likely have zero interaction with in the future tell you how to play with your toys! I really feel sorry for you. nom. nom. nom. Hey man, in all seriousness, if you are actually taking anything I have to say to heart, you are giving anons on the internet way too much power. Im sorry you don't paint well, it will be OK. oh and thanks for a successful page 4 and 5, if it wasnt for you this thread wouldn't be possible. Paint your ships. Posts like this make me want to punch puppies. Man... just don't be a jerk. Just don't. Indulge in the hobby YOUR way, and let others do the same. And no, I don't care that you've successfully trolled me. If it gives you kicks, that says more about you than me.
  5. Three honest questions: - Do you think the Gunboat would be "wronger" than any other controversial ship released for this game? Like the TIE Punisher, the Raider, the K-Wing, half of the ships in Scum, the E-Wing, the several clones of TIE Fighters? - Do you think the Empire should look like a realistic military organization, or more like a cartoony evil organization? - Why? I'll try to answer: 1) I think the Punisher and Raider look right at home in the Empire, though the Punisher is a BIT odd. For some reason, the K-wing doesn;t bother me at all, though I do not like the E-wing design at all. No problem with the TIE clones. I like TIEs. I'm not a Scum fan, in general, so I don;t have strong feelings about them. 2) Star Wars is not a "realistic" genre. I'd call the Empire more "pulpy" than cartoony, but there is a certain amount of mustache twirling involved, and it's one reason the Empire make fun villains. If they were "realistic," they would be less fun, IMO. 3) A great deal of this simply comes down to personal preference. I don't particularly like the Gunboat, but that's largely because it doesn't fit my personal criteria for what I want in an Empire fighter. The roar of the TIE fighter runs deeply in me.
  6. Wait.... what? If you want to paint models, by all means, do. I love to paint minis, but I'm a middle-aged Dad with a demanding job. When I get time to paint, I usually do a special figure. One thing I dig about this game, is that the factory paint jobs are pretty decent. But hey, if don't like.... don't buy! In the case of HOTR, I think the REAL goodies are in the cards.
  7. Right. That is why they called an Alliance. As that term implies, they were separate groups that united under one banner. Not sure why this confusing to folks. I lik eyour suggestion about the different ships used, but admit I WANT to see X-wings show up in Rebels... even if flown by the Onderon partisans or Alderaanians.
  8. That's okay, it's a free country; you're allowed to be wrong. you too!
  9. I'll be a heretic. Never liked the Gunboat. There, I said it. I didn't like it when it it was in the original TIE fighter game and don;t like it now. I always felt it was intended to fill an operational role for the Imperials, rather than grow organically from an Imperial aesthetic. yeah, I know, it resembles the Lambda shuttle. but or me, that makes as much sense as a smaller assault craft resembling a C-130. I've always preferred the TIE-based starfighters. Having said that, I would not be upset if they arrived. I might not buy one, though, as to me, they just feel "wrong." But that's just a personal opinion. It looks like lots of folks here love it, and, hey, I'm all about personal preference.
  10. When I get my ARC-170s, I'm gonna do an Epic match: Arcs + Z-95s vs TIEs with Gozanti support. Ya see, I LOVE that kind of thing. No one would do that in a tournament, or if their only goal was winning, but it FEELS like it "really" could have happened. Right? Love that.
  11. Otherwise known as Spaceport Scum. Where's BoShek???!!! BoShek is in the Quadjumper expansion as a crew not limited to any fractions. For real? Bo Freakin' Shek!?
  12. X-wings are my favorite ship.... yeah, not the best in the game, but I am more a "flavor" player than a competitive player. Many would classify me as a "casual" since I am uninterested in tournaments or min-max kind of strategies. But that term feels wrong to me. I've spent a TON of money on the game, and I spend lots of time constructing scenarios and campaigns. So I tend to set up the scenarios built around the ships that "would" be there, rather than around what is "best." My scenarios DO allow some customization, though.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. That's a bit disappointing, even if I understand the business model. I'd even be happy to get a fairly large/pricey set that included quite a lot of cardboard and no models. For me, the cost is not so much the issue, it's where I store all my models, and just having models I'll never need. I mean I LOVE X-wings, but short of a some sort of EPIC game, I'll never need 8 of them. I'd love to see these named characters get the ships they are known for,.
  14. It did not disappoint me, or many of my friends. The T-70 X-wing is now my favorite starfighter ever. Love the Upsilon Shuttle... obviously of the same family as the Lambda, but never-the-less different. As I said earlier, my only wish was that the TIE/sf would be more visually distinct. That's it. Loved everything else. And I don't think I am alone. I love the idea of late model A-wing in Ep VIII, but I DO think they ought to consider some more distinct designs as we progress through the trilogy.
  15. The ARC-170 set (which I do not yet have) brings up a point... Norra and Thane both flew different ships, right? AS cool as it is to see them, and the ARC, it's be great to see Norra in a Y-wing, or Thane in his X-wing. But lots of folks won;t want extra models of those ships. FFG should consider the release of "pilot packs" with just the pilot cards and cardboard bits. It would also allow the release of different pilot variants without having to get new models.
  16. Put me in the category of those that like pretty much all the new designs. I'm even okay with the TIE/fo. The only exception for me is that I think the TIE/sf should have had a different look. Sue me... I like my Star Wars to look like Star Wars. I didn't like the PT designs much at all, though I am happy enough to get the ARC in all it's hideousness.
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