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  1. The games not broken, so it doesn't fix the game. Pointless rule.
  2. That was one of the games that really made me want to start a mind link list, I really like synergy lists like that! Also it was intense game.
  3. Think about it! They made Paul fly a scum list so we'd all want to go and buy scum ships, they obviously altered the dice result with magnets underneath the dice trays. Not to mention the cool paint job FFG Obviously made Benjamin Lee put on his Double Protectorate Manaroo list! ... OK, but in all seriousness what a cool worlds for S&V, it's great that they won (though Miranda has to be one of my favourite pilots so I was cheering for Rebels). I like to see a change and we sure did see one in this years worlds, a new worlds winner from another country (big congrats to Nand Torfs) and a new faction taking home the trophy. Being a Rebel and Imperial player only so far worlds makes me want to try S&V even more than I wanted to before, so I want to take this moment to ask you all. What Scum list do you have the most fun playing? And if you had to choose 1 S&V ship which is your favourite (whether it's looks or how it fly's or anything else)? You guys rule, keep it positive!
  4. Backdraft is one of my favourite Imperial ships to play right now. VI,Title, Accuracy Corrector (sensor cluster if I can afford). Recently I heard a rumour that you can't add the crit out the rear with accuracy corrector. Is this true!? Also why not!? Is adding counted as modifying?
  5. This is perfect! Great idea Dagonet!!
  6. Where did you see that Backdraft can't add a crit to accuracy corrector in the FAQ? I've been looking for that.
  7. It's a gap in the SWX numbers. Every X-wing release has an SWX number, and there is a gap between Heroes of the Resistance SWX57 and the first item in Wave X which is SWX59. Thus there is a hidden SWX number - and since no numbers have been skipped before, there is great assumption that SWX58 exists - we just have no idea what it is. Thanks KryatDragon! I've been curious about that for awhile... where do you see these numbers?
  8. Where do you guys read that there is swx58 coming out. I'm confused!
  9. Main thing to make an epic tournament worth it is to make sure everyone playing has to have at least one epic ship on the table. A big group of small ships wreck huge ships every time.
  10. VT-49 decimator!!! Also the K-Wing looks amazing, like a WW2 bomber and Star Wars had a baby. I felt like it needed some love
  11. Well done! This is what this forum should consist of!! Seriously got me excited to play the space bovine
  12. How did Biggs get nurffed?
  13. I've gotta stop you right there, I really don't like that idea and actually Love that FFG doesn't change stuff via errata. It's one of the reason I started playing X-Wing and would stop if they ever pulled crap like that. If your curious as to why it's a HORRIBLE idea play Warhammer 40k for a couple years waste tons of time and money and irritation at power creep by rule changes and you'll understand.
  14. If there where a Rebels veterans pack coming out I would really like to see the E-Wing get a new title or something as well as the A-Wing (especially seeing how much use it gets in Star Wars Rebels). It may not be plausible but that's what I'd like to see!
  15. I think any new factions would dilute the game, Scum and Villainy is such a cool faction to add and widens the game just enough. FFG has so much they can do with the factions they have, especially with Star Wars Rebels and all the new movies HOWEVER I'd really like to see FFG make a different game very similar to x-wing with the prequel stuff. I just wouldn't want X-Wing to go the way of Warhammer40k. THAT BEING SAID your question was Hypothetically if they did add them which factions. Galactic Republic, and CIS. I think there would be soo much potential for some synergistic driod ships. I imagine a whole faction of IG-88 type titles and upgrades the synergy would be amazing! Also Imagine how many unique pilots you could put on the Jedi Interceptors Delta 7 and eta 2. Or the Gunship!! Amazing Amazing gunship! Then you've got those Naboo fighters and big ships. That Sith Stealth ship that Darth Maul has!! I rest my case.
  16. Your bang on with this! I think we need to keep Han and Chewies notoriety in our minds and in our own stories. I do feel though that they could not screw it up by telling a story we don't know and leaving the rest of the stories that we've already started in our minds. For an example how Han and Chewie met, there is no elusions to this at all, or Han before the Falcon. Han as a young smuggler trying to make it in an enormous galaxy, maybe even at some point he sees the falcon in passing, maybe he immediately loves it and makes it his goal to acquire it, even better he passingly calls it a scrap pile and goes about his business. Though I kind of doubt it and for the most part wish they would leave Han alone, I still am trying to stay positive, it might just be an alright Star Wars movie.
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