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  1. hahahaha And his ability is something super negative like, "On the 7th round of the game Jar Jar Binks gets so ****ing annoying that all ships flee the battle field, including any and all ships playing in your immediate vacinity (not limited to the game you yourself are playing). You get -100pts and lose any tournament your in. Why would you ever field him?" <---- Like the upgrade card actually has that last line on it!! LOL!!!
  2. citruscannon your work is exceptional, you have so much talent and such an eye for detail! It's sad that the mouse wont let you you print them. I'm curious what did FFG say about you printing them under their umbrella? I will personally write them a letter stating that these should be there Alt Art cards! Seriously! I'd like to re visit this idea real quick: What do you think about making a card like this but leaving out all the x-wing stats? Just making it exactly what the pilot would see, I think it would be cool for experienced gamers that don't actually need the stats on the cards. That being said I really like the one you've done up already. I would get both to be honest and that's coming from someone who could literally care less about paying $$ for Alt Art cards! I will buy yours if somehow you ever get to the point that you can sell them. Also your whisper looks amazing!! Any tips on how I could get that printed for myself? Keep up the good work my friend!
  3. That sounds fun! Talk to the guys in your community i bet at least one of them would be willing to play a few games that way. That's what I'm going to do... thanks for the idea
  4. Amen! I don't care about it, but it would be nice to stop that conversation. Of course, all it would be replaced with was "it isn't as good as we wanted" or "It's too OP!" Which faction would it be? It started off under Lando and even fired on the Falcon when they veered. Would it be Scum? Would it be Rebel? One could argue that it started off under Imperial control when the crew went to Cloud City. What if any faction could take it! It would be that real Lando Calrissian flavour!
  5. Good job TO's keep up the good work!
  6. Where are you gaming man, cause in the small chance your in my area I'd be happy to fly with you!
  7. Polda, how do you get the paint job to not look thinck? Do you strip the original paint off before repaint?
  8. I started multi quoting and then realized I agreed with all of you! Hobojebus: I'm burning them all right after I post this, it shouldn't bug the rest of family... right?
  9. Please go read the anti-nerf topic that is going right now. I don't mean to entirely offend you with what I say... Regen doesn't need Nerfing, there is literally viable rebel list being played in tournaments without regen. It is a cool aspect of the game and is not overpowered. If you would like an example of how we know it's not overpowered look at the list that won worlds. If you don't like rebel regen learn how to fly and list build well enough to kick it's ass in a tournament, don't just complain on a forum about it and post a "fix" idea that would make regen close to useless. It's not overpowered it's part of the game, and a really fun part of it. The OP should actually read: I personally don't like regen lists and don't know how to fly against them well enough not to let them regen waaaaay to much, can you guys help me with a strategy on how to destroy regen lists?
  10. Applause is right thank you for posting this! I hope everyone reads it, I'm getting tired of Nerf topics from people who don't get that they just need to learn to fly better and list build better. This game is so diverse there are so many viable tournament lists. If you don't believe me try playing Warhammer 40K for three years. You'll have nothing bad to say about x-wing.
  11. Not mine but I like this paint job! http://www.ebay.com/itm/222312309993?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  12. Thank you Futant420 for some positivity! I'm so sick of "nerf" posts!! Yes guilty of still clicking on this on but in all fairness I didn't know it was going to be another "nerf" topic. Moral of this post Please STOP posting about Nerfing stuff! Just learn how to fly against it if it's popular in your meta!
  13. Hey GreenLantern1138 this is such a great idea well done. I'm not exactly clear so you didn't limit yourselves to faction you all just drew a 32 pt ship at random and then selected a team mate at random for the 2v2? It could be a tie bomber and a x-wing vs. An interceptor and a Scyck? Thanks! Very cool idea!
  14. I'm surprised no one has talked about this yet go to the link most of these people are posting ( https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v4!s!&sn=New%20Squadron ) then click log in click Facebook (it won't post anything) then you can add your entire collection online and whenever you make a list cards you don't have show up in red letters you can also label and save your lists! Message me if you have any questions! It's so handy!!
  15. You should put Primed thrusters on snap instead of Nien, then you could tallon roll and boost. I really like that list though!
  16. Not saying Echo is unplayable!! But I have found counting on the ACD isn't a great way to play her. Using stygem and intel agent then staying cloaked till perfect opportunity, keeping her cheap and add points elsewhere. Ive ran that and buzz saw whisper together with tie/fo's for fun before That sounds really fun! How'd that list do? I'll check out Stygium see how that works for me.
  17. Thanks JSwindy, that's a really good point about EM on Deathfire, I was playing around with switching to Whisper too. I do want to try and make Echo work, but I guess we'll see. He may just be too killable with PS 8
  18. I would try to focus fire your aces, especially Echo due to low PS. Echo's challenge is his unpredictability to both sides. You can end up in great spots with terrible facing, Low PS will make his low health even more of an issue. Also if you want to link your list from (Yet Another) X-wing Lists you need to click the permalink button on top right before copying the link and pasting it in forums. Thanks, forgot to click permalink, also put SD on Soontir. I'm thinking the same thing about echo, that I don't want him to get hit by PS 9+ before he recloaks, it's Echos big weakness and makes him 10 times harder to play thanks for letting me know how you'd fight them, that helps a lot.You guys are right, I don't want the bomber dieing before getting shots off. So take off EM and put on FCS for sure I was going back and forth with that anyways.
  19. First question, have you seen the Clone Wars? cause i doubt you have based on your post, but if you have, it's very similar. Nope, sorry. That's okay, about half of them are unbearable to watch - and while most of those unbearable to watch ones are concentrated in the first three seasons, the latter three have some painful filler as well. What's super painful to me are the arcs where in the first episode you can clearly see what the storyline path is - and then they drag it out for THREE episodes of utter, mind-numbing blaster flashes. **** you, Umbara. But of the other half, one fourth of them are utterly brilliant. The main relation of Clone Wars to Rebels is that in Season 2 it brings back some characters from Clone Wars and wraps up their storylines - while still continuing the storylines of the main characters. Rebels is, in a word, good. It's not great, but it has some great moments, nicely handled character development, good pacing, and oftentimes it pops up with something that you think is a filler episode which turns out to be important later on to the plot. The primary annoyance to me in the first few episodes was Ezra being so transparently Space Aladdin; the first time I watched it I started singing, "One step, ahead of the breadline/One swing, ahead of the sword.." The other characters were interesting from the start, but he grated on me for the first two episodes. Then he started getting more interesting. The only reasons to not watch it is if you're 1) A die-hard grognard clinging to the EU novels and shedding tears over the non-canon wyrwolves, won't someone think of the wyrwolves?!, or 2) Seriously cannot STAND CGI animation. Hahahaha! Space Aladdin, iamfanboy you my friend are awesome! Seriously though I agree with everything that was said in this post. Rebels good not great but have some really cool story arcs and do great things with non mainstream Characters. Clone wars is hard to watch for the first little while but once you get used to the animation it really grows on you! It made me actually like Anakin and brought in one of my favourite Star Wars Characters Ahsoka (this coming from a guy who was raised on the original trilogy). Yeah Ezra was hard to watch, and actually, still is! I also must protest the pointy lightsabers, They have literally never been pointed, why are they in Rebels? Is it the type of animation or just complete and utter ignorance. I Digress Rebels is awesome, watch it and see!
  20. It would be easier to just put "Cannot be equipped by T70" or even easier "T-65 Only" Errata's need to be few and far between otherwise you just have a bunch of misprinted cards and hard to follow rules. Edit: Noticed after people are saying there is no such thing as T65 Easiest way has been said "T-70 Cannot equip"
  21. I've put this list together from ships that I think are awesome. I've always loved the interceptor, easily my favourite looking Star Wars ship hands down! Every time I open my box and I'm not fielding it I second guess why I'm not cause it's too cool to just sit. I also really like how the phantoms fly... it takes a lot of skill to do really well. Whisper is obviously great but I like how unpredictable Echo is and want to get good with him. Last but not least I think "Deathfire" could do really well if flown right! The guy could get off a bomb and missiles in the same turn with a focus (if you target locked before hand of course). So all that being said here's my list, I'm going to fly it to deathfire until I get really good with it. -Soontir fel (35), PTL, Royal Gaurd, Autothrusters, Stealth Device -Echo (37) VI, Collision Detector, Agent Kallus, ACD -Deathfire (28) EM, Homing Missiles, Conner Net, LRS http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!28:18:5:15:M.1;78:27,186,142:-1:9:;192:126,-1,-1,17,138:-1:24:&sn=Fel%2CEcho%2CDeathfire%7Bfly%20next%7D So how would you fly against this list? What's the weak point? How would you fly it? Who are you thinking I want to kill him first? You get the idea. Also if you want to make some list tweaks feel free. I don't want to play with Palp and I really want to keep Interceptor, Echo, Deathfire (I'm honing my skills with Bombs).
  22. Hey Friends, I'm a rebel player for the most part (I also love my imperial) and hear a lot about "Stress Hogs" and "Stress Mules" I know it's normally on a y-wing or now ARC-170 but am unsure about exactly what it is. I know it's R3-A2 but is there anything else you put on to make it a stress mule? Thanks!
  23. Does it ever occur to anyone that I might be building lists based on the cards and models that I actually own? You do make a good point about Predator though, I'll give you that. Wow man! You clearly haven't given a list of what you own, how is anyone supposed to know. Don't ask for help and then be rude to someone trying to help you.
  24. Miranda and the K-Wing have always been one of my favourite ships ever since I started playing so I'm team Miranda. I do want to try Norra more though.
  25. I use Backdraft a lot too and have some success with him, he's fun to fly. I just wish you could add the crit to accuracy corrector.
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