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  1. Garven Dreis’ ability: After you spend a focus token, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1-3. That ship gains 1 focus token.


    Esege Tuketu: While a friendly ship at range 1-2 preforms an attack it may spend your focus tokens as if that ship has them. 

    My question is when Garven uses Esege’s tokens can I then give a token back to Esege? Garven’s ability says “a” focus token and not “your” focus token. It seems like it could be abused as an infinite loop of sorts. Especially if one of them has perceptive co-pilot.

  2. 5 hours ago, thespaceinvader said:

    It really does.

    Who else, I wonder.  Not really scum types because Mindlink.  Not really Squints because they need to be able to focus/evade.   Poe likes it maybe?

    Wait, I didn't notice it gives evade tokens as well...

    I don't know that there are any combos though, as you need a second EPT slot to mix it in with Juke.


  3. I'd go with rage, it's cheaper. Yeah it bring menueverability down but if you comiting to the baffle it's deadly double taps all re-rolled with a focus makes for heavy round of fire. Just make sure you position Q-Draw properly. 

    PTL is more long game Quickdrae so it does depend on how you fly him.

  4. 4 hours ago, Lobokai said:

    Oh good lord. I'm not moping around crying while staring out the window wondering when FFG will call back. 

    You guys must either be fragile little emotional creatures looking for puppies to kick or game with a far more emo crowd than I thought... I'm surprised that anyone thought I meant this to the extreme you seem to think I meant it, and if you did, why would this be the reaction? 

    My job keeps me busy, my family more, but an occasional brief little X-Wing article has been appreciated during the weeks when game time can't happen.  There was a little tongue in cheek there that I apparently didn't communicate 

    And by the way, if someone actually was literally depressed or truly worked up, what a bunch of asshats you guys would have been.  If after the Parker drama I didn't view the community as far more petty and vindictive than should be, the snark and cheap shots here were surprisingly visceral. 

    Lets not play to the gamer stereotype and jump on every single stumble which such glee. If it hadn't just been a poor choice of words in the OP, but someone with serious over attachment to a TTG, this thread doesn't reflect well on quite a few of you 

    Lol how much time did you spend writing that... btw I didn't even read it 

  5. Send this question to FFG and then standby for disappointment. It's pretty clear that you've got to be attacking the ship in your auxiliary arc using your auxiliary arc, and I'd bet that's the way FFG would intend it to go.


    Just sayin'.

    Yup! I'd play it like this, it's how it was meant. If I were in a tournament I would fight you on it all day! Casual play I'd let it happen cause that's just cool!

  6. If this question has already been posted sorry for missing it.

    If a striker does it's pre boost and bumps it can still do its movement. Can it preform and action though? My initial thought is "yes" but has this been officially clarified



    It does refer to Leia, the point being that no one aside from Luke or Leia would have a chance of killing Vader, seeing as he might hesitate just outright killing them. Now compare this with how he treats the other Jedi that survived, he either hunts them down or sends someone else to, there is never any mention of capture since he doesn't feel any need to pull his punches. 


    Another terrible consistency error generated by the fact Lucas presumably didn't bother to watch his own OT one more time before deciding to have Obi Wan oversee the delivery of the Skywalker twins at the end of RotS.


    The most logical implication of 'Force Ghost' Obi Wan and Yoda's brief exchange on Dagobah in TESB (Obi Wan's "That boy is our last hope," followed by Yoda's "No! There is another!") is that Obi Wan didn't even know about Leia's existence up to that point. In short, to have 'fitted' with the Dagobah exchange that's supposed to happen twenty-something-years later, in the last scene of RotS Yoda *should* have handed over *one* potentially force-sensitive twin (Luke) into Obi Wan's care, without even telling him that there was another potentially force-sensitive twin (Leia) in Bail Organa's care. Having Yoda keep the twins and their guardians tightly 'compartmentalised' in this way would have been logical as a storyline, because it would have minimised the danger to one pair if the other was compromised, just as in our modern world terrorist groups have learned to limit each cell's knowledge of other cells within their movements, to minimise the damage done by the security forces' penetration of one cell.


    To say otherwise is surely to infer (illogically) that Obi Wan was: (a) extraordinarily absent-minded, in having forgotten about Leia; or (b) extraordinarily sexist, in totally discounting Leia's Force potential because of her sex!


    Whatever happens with Kanan and Ezra in 'Rebels' henceforth should not be allowed to further undermine the credibility of that important Dagobah exchange. It might be suggested that, even if Yoda and Obi Wan knew about Ezra and Kanan's existence, they would have discounted them from consideration because they would not consider either of them anywhere near powerful enough to challenge Vader successfully.



    It is most likely that Old Ben remembered there was two but just hadn't heard anything about the other twin until Yoda said there is another essentially updating him that the other twin is still alive. If you notice in the scene Old Ben isn't super surprised when Yoda says there is another. This is easily explained. No sexism no forgetfulness. 


    Seriously, though. Where do I hand in my kidney? I'm Irish, so it's especially resilient to alcohol. Is some of my liver needed as a deposit?

    I'm going to get some made, and once I do, and know the process, I'll go about figuring out how to get them out. I can't sell them or recoup costs in any way, so it just takes some planning, as I'm a student on a budget :)



    I"m wondering if there's a way for a bunch of us that follow you and love your work to send you a donation to be able to get them printed seeing as your a student on a budget. If there's a way to do that without it counting as you selling them I would be willing to do that, it's sounds like some others here would be too!

  9. that scene of Jango chasing Obi, showering him in really powerful-sounding lasers and yet somehow never killing that little pinprick of a ship baffled me for years


    and then I saw Luke's ability in X-wing miniatures for the first time. Puzzled, I tried to think of what Luke did to merit changing focus --> evade. Then I remembered A New Hope and Vader taking forever to lock on Luke because "the force is strong with this one."


    And who told Luke to let go; use the force? Old ******* Ben Kenobi


    So, what apparently does the light side of the force do in X-wing miniatures? It cheats hard on green dice


    hence, Obi's proposed ability :P


    Man if I had the force I'd use it to not get hit by some crazy powerful space lasers while flying my x-wing and or Jedi Starfighter. Screw dying in space!  :P

  10. ...

    Why the Rebelion didn't seem to have much of a fleet to attack the death star with.


    I thought it looked like the Rebellion was already well to equipped. They could strike anywhere and everywhere it wasn't like they were on the run as they were in Episode 4 and 5. It sort of have the Supreme Commander strategy where the Empire was on the back food from these break away states and they had to bank their military strategy around completion of this one super weapon.


    I was hoping for evacuation of a Rebel base then the Rebels go to Yavin 4. To me it seemed like Rouge one followed the video and table top games like Rebellion and Battlefront than they followed the movie.

    I haven't read all the comments yet so maybe someone already said this but you way off. Clearly the rebellion had grown to a decent size, decent enough to have a strike force but notice that they threw everything they had (in a surprise attack) at the empire lost a ton of ships and then were on the run again after losing that many ships. They weren't nearly all powerful and that wasn't half the empires fleet, not even a quarter. I've said my peace continue.

  11. Thanks all for the help, I'm actually really hoping for a lot of defenders as I know how to deal with them more than a manaroo and friends type of list.

    I'm really getting to the point where my palp aces list is the most solid. Though I shy away from it because you see a lot of them!

    I'm really working on starting position now.

  12. I am about a month and a half away from my first regionals, I have played in three tournaments in my X-Wing Career and am excited to try my hand in regionals. I'm looking for some wisdom from those of you that have already played in regionals this year.


    What's the meta like? From the videos that I've watched I'm seeing lots of scum, Dengaroo, attani, Partybus. Rebels are pretty much rocking k-wings and Imperial well we all know that it's palp aces defenders. What am I missing?


    Also I am struggling with what to bring so far I'm thinking Rey, Norra for some serious damage output. I also have a palp Aces list but I'm very reluctant to take it as I feel everything imperial is palp aces and everyone knows how to fight it.


    Thanks in Advance

    Stay Positive


    PS I'm looking for good advice if you've never played in a tourney or regionals at all this post isn't for you with all due respect.

  13. Sorry to hear that JB, I do agree with what TurboCooler though with one little addition. Most people hate to hear this but it's often the truth. Adjust your attitude towards situations. I'm not talking about the guys berating you about your list or some ****** fortressing (that annoys us all) but you went to a tournament you tried your best and you flew some hard ships to fly. 

    Take it as a learning curve and do a little better the next time, and a little better the time after that. It doesn't matter how many time you fall as long as the times you got back up is one more!

    Good luck!

  14. This is where I'm at with it, let's see some tie swarms come back...

    -Black Squadron Scout


    Searm Leader

    Lightweight Frame

    -Imperial Trainee

    Adaptive A.

    Light Frame

    -Imperial Trainee

    Adaptive A.

    Light Frame

    -Imperial Trainee

    Adaptive A.

    Light Frame

    -Imperial Trainee

    Adaptive A.

    Twin Ion Engines

  15. Ok, this is good therapy. Head of to the Destiny forum, realize those guys are paying 50 bucks for a Darth Vador card with die, laugh, and then get the hell out of there before you become one of them.

    So good! I almost fell into that trap, just narrowly escaped with out dent in my wallet *fewf*

  16. I enjoy this post thanks That One Guy. I fully agree with you. There seems to be a lot of hate for the new Stat Wars content so I'm glad to see a thread like this! Star Wars is going in a great direction with Rebels and Rouge One. I can't wait to see how episode 8 plays out either.

  17. It may be true that The Mouse is making FFG release only new canon stuff. Even if it's not it's in their best interest with new Star Wars movies coming out why would you ever make the mistake of drawing from stuff that's not even official cannon, from a business standpoint that would be suicide. So we might as well say goodbye to E-Wing fixes, that horribly ugly Tie Lancet thing (sorry Dwing but it's horrible) and anything that your not seeing in new releases (yes this includes that gunboat gunship thing that people are crazy about)

    I think there's a good chance we'll see a Mining Guild Tie for scum as well as a x-wing partisan with a fix for T-65's (yes I know there technically no such thing or whatever) there's a possibility we'll see some A-Wing stuff from Pheonix Squad. Mostly we're going to see brand new ships from the new movies.


    Also I agree please slow down the releases FFG this game will go the way of 40k (hey that rymes) if ships keep getting released at this rate.

  18. I should add as well that this is also an option, although of course the transparency of the cards becomes critical. I'll try it when I finish arrangements with a printer.


    You've taken this to a whole new level! Such a cool idea!

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