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  1. I'm seeing it. There's some interesting choices for points in here. Glad they made that choice with Boba though.
  2. He did it. He called it in a heartbeat, etc etc.
  3. Wait, is this a thread on Poe the pilot, or Poe the internet law? because someone should teach SOTL, Stay on the leader, Stay OT Leader
  4. The problem with all these people attempting to save soontir by closing down the meta, is they don't understand that more soontir's will die if we close the meta. We need to reopen the meta and accept that some soontir's will die.
  5. that sounds like communism son, I ain't having any of that in my free country
  6. All I'm saying is we have to accept the new reality, if we have to let soontir succumb to the meta in order to open up xwing as normal is it really that bad? Think of the economy built around xwing. Hard working small xwing businesses that are suffering because we're trying to keep soontir safe.
  7. Soontir's lived for two editions and got to a ripe old initiative of six. He's lived a full life and is it really that bad if the meta kills him off?
  8. I agree, seems like fun
  9. If you can't win with them, the response is not so much git gud as it is git basic competency
  10. oh I agree, I just wonder if Poe feels worse than he really is because soontir is so comically underpriced and poe is probably slightly overpriced
  11. I wonder how much of that is us comparing him to soontirs ridiculous undercosting and it feeling bad by comparison.
  12. Wait. Travis and Zack. We promised a Zack and me **** on people podcast
  13. Imagine thinking history starts in an area when white people decide to gentrify it
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