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  1. Guess you'll just have to meekly accept it
  2. It was Fenn-tastic beasts, which lets you know that `1) Fenns in it, 2) roughly when it came out, and 3) mynocks are bad at naming things. [Insert Name Here] Special lets you know someone stole a list from Ben but doesn't want to credit him. Final Forms lets you know that you shouldn't play first edition anymore.
  3. he slipped it into an episode. I refuse yo tell you which one.
  4. But if I can't put them on squad leader null, what's even the point of a cheap across the board coordinate?
  5. When you forget the one good player on team USAs name...
  6. Gunboat configs. But even then it's pretty clear which one you meant to take.
  7. they're like fat inquisitors with a focus instead of force
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