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  1. You must not play outside of your local area or something. Cause whenever I travel, Rieekan was the go to commander for rebels. And I'm pretty sure that last year's World Championship (it really is, people travel from all over to go play there) was also dominated by Rieekan. Even all the local rebel players here stopped playing him because he was getting too out of hand with all the aces (when you can design a list where nothing dies until your turn is over, something is wrong). You are again pitching your opinion as facts, whereas, by all accounts more people on the forums here (and not all of them were / are worlds players) thought that Rieekan was far more OP than Rhymer or Demolisher.
  2. "facts." By coming and shouting your opinion basically, you are presenting them as facts, when in reality those are your opinions, not facts. A lot of people here thought Rieekan Aces were far more OP than "OP rhymer or OP demo" as you so claim were the kings of the castle. I'm inclined to agree because at worlds, the mix of all the different meta's, the top tier lists all had two things in common: Rieekan and Aces. One list out of the top 10 had Demo in it, and the rest were pretty much copy + paste of Rieekan lists. It strikes me that the Rieekan Aces perhaps are more widely seen (and for good reason) as more powerful to other people if 9/10 of the top worlds list brought similar style lists using Rieekan and Aces. Also, TRC's were crazy good before. Too good for their points cost. Now they are just good cause you can only use them once. Nobody is "untouchable," you're just way off base.
  3. Did it ever strike you that you are over-reacting? And your posts prove it.
  4. You need a giant dose of chill man. Dras is one of the nicest people here.
  5. That Victory II will probably never get to proc the Overload Pulse, and so the Avenger title is going to probably not ever really come into play for the price you are paying for it. Also, you're probably going to want Leading Shots instead of SW7's on the ISD, and not gonna want Needa either on it.
  6. I think this is close, but I think that the wording of the card is "When you are attacking a ship, you may exhaust this card, if you do, add one blue die to the attack pool."
  7. This thread is a disaster area... it needs quarantining ASAP.
  8. I feel like in the first list your squadron cover is pretty light, which could prove problematic.
  9. No. Because in the sequence of attacks, spend defense tokens happen after Accuracies have been assigned. You must actually remove the accuracy from the attack pool to use its effect. Once you do, it has the effect of negating the use of one defense token. So you would roll the attack, count the hits, take the accuracy and remove it from the pool, and then resolve the accuracy effect of "You cannot use that defense token while defending from this attack." Once this (and any other attack pool modifications) occurs, then the Spend Defense Tokens step happens. The accuracy is removed from the pool and it's effect is already applied, it cannot be evaded. So now, since the Scatter is locked-down, it cannot be used in this attack, unless the ship has Electronic Counter Measures.
  10. Oh yes... reminds me when I ran 2 Interdictors a couple of times because I had already bought both of them. Ha. I guess I was only talking about terms of Optimization.
  11. I was toying around with a list like this, and why not take the MC80 Assault Carrier, a Single Assault Frigate, one TRC 90, a Flotilla and some squadrons to taste? Still gives you a bucket of red-dice to toss at people. And with Ackbar you can take the TRC 90, get between 2 ships and then fire out more than it's front arc at 2 ships, with a Turbolaser Reroutes to prevent a whiff.
  12. You can do it with Expanded Launchers too. That usually guarantees enough damage as well, even with a bad roll since you lack ordnance experts. Still need Screed though.
  13. I've used a Demolisher with the following build, and had a LOT of success with it. Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 points)- Demolisher ( 10 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Expanded Launchers ( 13 points) = 98 total ship cost If you can secure the initiative with a big bid, then you can triple tap enemy ships, make them burn their brace, then roll on out before they even retaliate, and do a LOT of damage. Meanwhile, you keep your strongest side to them with 3 shields.
  14. Is this necessary for Milwaukee as well?
  15. Just checking! Glad that you got it
  16. Did you get the Milwaukee regionals data?
  17. I like this solution. I would have happily played a 4th round, (even against Jerry again!) in order to separate the scores a bit. If he had won a 4th game (going 3-1) with a higher margin, I wouldn't even feel bad, he would have just played better. PS: Just so all of this is clear, none of my ill-will is directed at Jerry. I really enjoyed my game against him, it was very challenging and very rewarding, and he was a great sport and very friendly. I'm just upset with the system is all.
  18. I would propose exactly that. W/L first including any head to head matchups with Tourney points and MoV as the tiebreakers.
  19. Except that's not what I did... I designed and flew a pretty well balanced fleet, and won all my games by 100+ points. The first by 299, the second by 120, and the third by 130. 23 points total. The first place person also got 23, then the tiebreaker was a MoV of 12. Despite one of his losses being to me by 120 points. Apparently crushing 2 people is far more important than actually winning all your games. Also I hardly think that going 9-2, 7-4, 7-4 indicates a strategy of imbalance and circumstantial winning.
  20. Not what I'm on about. I just feel that a tournament system where you can beat the 1st place person and still not be ahead of them is pretty... busted.
  21. He litearlly won by a MoV tie breaker of 12. That's totally fair. Somehow, despite that in a head to head match, he lost. And that I played harder opponents most of the day, and winning all my games by 100+ points, I am somehow still in 2nd place. That feels so rotten.
  22. I went 3-0 on the day including beating the champ by a 7-4 score and somehow I ended up in second place. That makes zero sense to me. Win all your games, beat the 2nd place player and still not come out on top. Im pretty miffed at the entire system to be honest. I wasn't really concerned with prize support, coulda been better but it's fine they have a business to run and they gave up most of their gaming space for a day. Im more miffed that despite how I played, I was not the regionals champ.
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