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  1. Great to know, but kind of hard to copy...
  2. gjnido

    Blinded pilot and M9-G8

    Well. Juke modifies another ships dice. But not the attack dice
  3. Of course an entry in the FAQ might help making this clearer.
  4. This might help: In page 8 of the Rules Reference under Damage Cards: "Damage cards are used to track how much damage a ship has suffered." Same page under Damage: "If an effect instructs a player to deal a damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage. " So even though damage cards are defined as being used to track suffered damage, you can get damage card without suffering damage. The same can be argued for shields.
  5. gjnido

    Rebel Captive is Back! Stress-Sith!

    On the other hand, you get to choose which attacker gets stressed instead of just stressing the first attacker. Also you can stress multiple attackers if you have more than 1 force point.
  6. gjnido

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    You can have 4 evade dice with Stealth Device. Which is cheap for a 1 die ship
  7. "I'm goin' in. Cover me, Porkins."
  8. gjnido

    They're up!!!

    Is Kannan useful? Now that his ability doesn't work on himself I don't really see who is he defending.
  9. gjnido

    They're up!!!

    I wonder why Ezra gunner didn't get a point reduction. He has now 3 times the cost of Veteran Gunner for practically the same effect.
  10. gjnido

    Can Corran work? What lists do you have?

    How can Corran have a coordinated evade? Squad Leader only allows actions on the coordinators action bar.
  11. Thematic, but if possible it would cost 171 pts!
  12. gjnido

    Fly Casual “I’m Online!” thread!

    I’m looking for a game online. Anyone available?
  13. gjnido

    Intimidation stacks?

    Lando has to fully execute a maneuver. So it does not work if he rams
  14. gjnido

    Why would anyone fly a Jumpmaster?

    actually, Blaster Turret, which was clearly OP!!