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  1. Do you happen to know what list it was?
  2. No such problems in our neck of the woods. If I am not mistaken our shop also supplies FFG games to the Balkans. But they don't sell localized versions (too small market for that), just in English.
  3. Why is there no article about the worlds? Nothing about who won, what were the top lists, nothing ...
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/25/the-tools-of-war/
  5. I'll try him with Luke and Leia for extra attack. But I'm a bit worried cos Leia is so squishy. Well, live and learn. ?
  6. Sheets are sized 70x50 cm and the paper is 450g, I think.
  7. It looks like this ... And most of the maps are double-sided to save up on space.
  8. Did you mean .dwg files or finished maps? I think I once tried making pdfs, and they are pretty good. Dunno about jpg. The maps were always meant to be printed and the quality is really good cos Ibsh's scans are just superb.
  9. I can certainly try. ? When I get home tomorrow.
  10. I used AutoCad where I cut Ibsh's great maps then put them back together as mission maps. And where needed, I scanned missing tiles. For Jabba's realm I also cut and used nickv2002 scans.
  11. 1.90 € per two maps. But that's over a period of year and a half so it didn't feel expensive.
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