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  1. As Finch204 says, "health" is called "Stamina". You determine your stamina as you select your skills. The number of skills you choose effects your Stamina. You start with 14 at the base number of skills allowed (7, IIRC) and for every additional skill you take above that, your Stamina drops by 2 points. This is mentioned under the Skill Selection part of the rules and is detailed in the creator's write up of how she came up with her NPC character for the story). Also, there is a blurb about Stamina being effected by number of players, if just you and your wife, your Stamina is at +2.
  2. What beautiful work !! I'm going to attempt painting mine, too. Games do look much more polished with painted miniatures. Did you prime your figures first and, if so, what brand do you use ? Thank you
  3. Thank you all for the advice. You make some excellent points. Thanks !!
  4. Hi All - I'm new to the forums and to Descent (sort of). I've been collecting everything that has come out for the game but haven't had the opportunity to play more than a couple of "starter" games to get familiar with the rules. I've wanted to play a real campaign but finding consistent players with consistent schedules has been challenging. Well, that being said, we have our party of adventurers and are ready to delve into the Dark but, having accumulated so many great expansions I'm not sure where to begin. Should we just stick with the base game and characters ? Or be able to select from all characters, monsters and expansions ? That seems overwhelming. Should I use the RTL app and let it randomize the game with all I have ? Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions !
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