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  1. AxeSpanna

    Submarine analog for RT?

    Basically any small raider armed with prow torpedo tubes and equipped with an"Empyrean Mantle" fills the role of contemporary attack sub. It means that destroyers need better auger arrays, and would be used to actively "sweep" for lurking ships
  2. AxeSpanna

    What's up with the characteristic advancement tables?

    Alternative career "Factor of the Lathes"(DH18,LW,P45)allows Tech-priests to purchase Fel advances at 100/250/500/750. Also has 4 Peer talents available with no prerequisite. Alternative career"Cyber-mastiff Handler"(DH17,BoJ,P45)has Peer Arbites with prerequisite Int 30.
  3. AxeSpanna

    Gangs of Commorragh!

    Given there was a special character in GorkaMorka who piloted a DethKopta, Ork DethKopta mobs would be one possibility...
  4. AxeSpanna

    What's up with the characteristic advancement tables?

    Where's that rule? Sorry for late reply, had hangover. Jargal's right and I got it wrong. (note to self: DON'T post about rules when out drinking!) Basically, I mixed up rules for Crimson Guard and ascended Magos. In DHP03 "Heed the Higher Call", P16, grey text box, "Knowledge is Power", allows a Magos to use Int instead of Fel for prerequisite on Peer and Good Reputation talents. DH18, Lathe Worlds, P40, Trait: Heart of Iron, allows CG to use Int instead of Fel for ALL interactions with other Ad Mech. HoS thus lets CG duplicate the effect of the talent "Whisper of Samadhi"(LW,P30), which permits Acuitor Mech-Assassins to use Int when attempting to Decieive other AdMech. Hope that cleared up how I made the mistake! .
  5. AxeSpanna

    What's up with the characteristic advancement tables?

    Think you'll find it in Lathe Worlds. I'm on my phone, so can't give page ref for it. Might even be in Lost Dataslate .
  6. AxeSpanna

    Acolytes doing crimes

    DH1e Lathe Worlds has information on removing and reattaching mechandrites listed under the Lathe Factor career.
  7. AxeSpanna

    What's up with the characteristic advancement tables?

    That's meant to reflect their lack of empathy! Hence why they substitute Int for Fel when interacting with other Mechanicus.
  8. In 1st edition (Ascension), storm troopers' didn't count the weight of their carapace against carrying load.
  9. AxeSpanna

    force ranged weapons

    Force weapons work by the wielder channeling psychic energy through the inlaid circuitry. Since a psilencer shoots bolts of psychic energy, there is nothing within the projectile for the circuits to be physically present in, so that won't work. For ranged weapons, the only options are psybolt/psyflame ammo, although it could be possible to have the force circuits added to some form of throwing weapon; it then comes down to whether you only allow the additional energy to be channeled when the weapon is held or not.
  10. AxeSpanna

    For the Holiday

    Hate to think of the effect of Brussel Sprouts on orkoid digestive system!
  11. Think you'll find that it's meant to be one action of attack subtype, and one of concentration. A power that uses both means that, apart from foreboding, you can't then use another power that has either subtype.
  12. AxeSpanna

    Defensive, Balanced, and Parrying.

    Perhaps their logic was that it's easier to move your balanced weapon out of the way of your parrying weapon...
  13. AxeSpanna

    Ship components availability

    Core rules p274, BFK p 19.
  14. AxeSpanna

    Something special for the Captain

    Time to repeat the comments about meta-gaming from the Exitus Rifle thread?
  15. AxeSpanna

    Something special for the Captain

    Aligning with Tzeentch wouldn't be enough... He would need to have the Thousand Sons seriously indebted to him for them to even consider lending a squad under the control of a sorcerer. As for having them under his direct control, good luck in persuading them to teach you their secret rituals ( assuming that he's a competent enough sorcerer to learn and cast such!) Of course, he'd only have them on sufferance, until they were required again, or if it was part of some greater plan... Edit: Basically it's on a par with any legitimate business asking for a favor from an organised crime group; it'll be fine at first, but once they've got a toehold, it's only a matter of time until you are working for them.