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  1. Time to reset the "no news" timer... https://fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/18/return-to-jabbas-realm/ What's the over/under on how many days until we start complaining again?
  2. Apparently you just have to bait his Parry and then attack him with figures that have Pierce 2 or Pierce 3 (like Maul, ahem) 😉.
  3. Either way, Endless Ranks has gotten immensely stronger with JR and regular Jets and now even moreso with 3 and 4 point cost single figure Death Troopers.
  4. machfalcon

    Newbie don’t know what to buy

    The heroes are also pretty bad. However, a few of the items in the expansion are some of the best items in the game. EE-3 Carbine is the best Tier 2 ranged weapon and Plasma Cell is one of the best ranged weapon attachments. Also, Gaffi Stick which can be combined with Vibrogenerator to be the most cost to damage efficient weapon combination.
  5. machfalcon

    Newbie don’t know what to buy

    For campaign play, the core box is really all you need to have a good experience. With the core you have access to the core campaign as well as the coop app campaign. However, if you don't like the idea of using cardboard tokens for some of the allies and villains, you might consider buying all of the wave 1 packs: Chewbacca General Weiss Han Solo IG88 Rebel Saboteurs Rebel Troopers Royal Guard Champion However, in terms of pure value for campaign play, the big box expansions are probably your best bet - a lot of figures and they give you more full length campaigns to play (obviously they require the Core box). Jabba's Realm is considered by many to be the best expansion campaign but I also have had a lot of fun playing both Return to Hoth and Heart of the Empire. I haven't played a lot of skirmish so I can't really speak to that but I own all of the small box and big box expansions (in addition to a few blister packs) which have provided hundreds hours of entertainment.
  6. machfalcon

    Hiding Davith - Is it possible?

    Side note: In the last campaign that one of my groups finished, I played Davith and found that it is a lot harder for Davith to remain hidden than you might anticipate. There are often a lot of other things you want to use your surges on which makes it difficult to end his activation hidden.
  7. machfalcon

    Inside Man

    In response to your first question, I think you played it correctly. Regarding allies, in the Mission Setup (see the Learn to Play guide), Step 6 is "Read Mission Briefing" which happens before Step 7 where the Rebel players choose if they want to bring an ally.
  8. machfalcon

    Starting our first campaign tomorrow night.

    It does have an interesting effect on abilities that can be exhausted outside of a player's activation. For example, Jarrod can exhaust Mechanical Master twice in a round if it was not exhausted at the start of the round thereby allowing Jax to activate three times in a round - exhaust during hero activation before Jarrod activates, Jarrod activates and the card is readied, exhaust during hero activation after Jarrod activates.
  9. Well, not much but it's something... skirmish championship prizes. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/7/let-me-show-you/
  10. Does an article on Star Wars: Force and Destiny count? 😛 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/4/bind-the-galaxy-together/
  11. Here’s hoping for an article today. May the fourth be with us!
  12. machfalcon

    Loku - a defense/eulogy

    Just like over the course of a campaign, there can be a bit of a snowball effect, the same is true in missions and even in a single round. Getting an early lead in a mission by removing a lot of the Imperial figures from the board makes it difficult for the Imperial player to get the mission back under control. Overwatch and other attacks outside of a hero's activation help to maintain that advantage once it's achieved. Often when a lot of Imperial figures are removed, the Imperial player will attempt to get back into control of the mission by flooding the board when an event brings other deployments into play. Overwatch allows the Rebels to really mitigate that impact and keep the flow of the mission in their favor. I'm sure anyone who's played as a Rebel has had the situation where you're close to the end of a round and debating whether to open the door with the last activation or just waste an action or two. Being able to "bank" an attack can be very impactful in cases like these.
  13. What class deck are you using and what heroes are you facing? I assume you're playing RTH? I'm currently running Technological Superiority in a Return to Hoth campaign and I found Snowtroopers to be pretty solid. Good health to threat ratio and can easily Focus themselves with Experimental Arms. If you add in Cloaking Device, your Rebels will be in a tough spot because the Snowtroopers will be difficult to defeat but when Focused, they do really really good damage for a three threat figure (even moreso with Superior Augments).
  14. Oh wait, you're the Imperial so I guess that's ok
  15. In general, I agree that you don't want to overload your hand of open groups with a lot of expensive deployments. I usually try to keep the pressure on the Rebels by reinforcing and regularly deploying figures vs saving up a lot of threat which does make it more difficult to get expensive groups on the board. However, there are many times where it makes sense to bring a few elite open groups. With a few Agenda cards, you can often have enough threat to deploy elites without hoarding threat. For example: For the Right Price - High Value Target: I have a hard time not taking this agenda set in any campaigns because this card is so good. Essentially you have double threat in the round that you wound a hero which makes it quite reasonable to deploy a 9-10 threat group. Agents of the Empire - Imperial Informants: Although you gain the threat at the end of the round, if you use this in round 1, you can have double the threat during the deploy/reinforce step in round 2. Lord Vader's Command - A Dark Power: I've actually never purchased this agenda card (due to the 2 influence cost) but it can be used when you deploy a group to reduce the cost by 5 - bringing the cost of most elite groups to less than that of the normal group. It also varies depending on which elites you're talking about. For example: Elite Jet Troopers: with Fly By, +2 damage surge, better health to threat ratio - these guys are worth their 7 threat deployment cost. Also, it is common to have 7 threat if you have a carry-over from a previous round, gain threat during the round, etc. Which leads me to... Elite Jawa Scavanger: only 3 threat to deploy, so very cheap for an elite. But with Haggle, you can often gain additional threat (50% chance to gain 1 threat, only 1/6 chance to lose 1 threat). They also can do pretty good damage with Pierce 2 and +2 damage surge. Motivators also makes them superior to their regular counterpart. There a number of other factors as well such as the Imperial Class deck you are playing, which Rebels you're facing, the specific campaign you're playing, etc. As with most questions, I think the answer to the question of "should I take any elite open groups?" is."it depends"