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  1. I agree but would maybe impose even more strict limits. A good Imperial player can mop the floor with inexperienced Rebels even when using the "weakest" Imperial class deck. Some ideas: Allow the IP to own up to 4 total agenda cards but only bring up to 2 agenda cards per mission. You may also want to discuss if the IP is open to reducing the threat level after X missions (-1 threat level after half-way point in campaign) XP respec The ability to ban one open group deployment card per mission. Starting with some bonus credits (maybe 400?) or sell items at full value. Lots of possibilities depending if your Imperial player wants everyone to have fun or just wants to crush Rebels (which is actually no fun for anyone).
  2. Not that, as an Imperial player, I've ever wanted to encourage more play of Gideon since he's so strong and we see him more than enough... but... one house rule I use is that whoever is playing Gideon's gets to roll the dice attack dice of the attacker when using Command. Rolling dice is part of the fun of playing this game.
  3. I've strongly considered this in the past and still not entirely ruled it out. I'm a bit afraid of how much time I would sink into it - the thing I like about campaigns is that you plan a night to play, play for 6-8 hours and then not put a lot of mental energy into it between sessions (aside from reading the forums, obviously! ?). The two play by forums I played were fun to play (and often much more competitive) but I found myself constantly thinking about the game and min-maxing every move throughout the day every day. I have a feeling skirmish would be the same way except constantly thinking about skirmish lists. Thanks, I'm hopeful that a break will bring back the fun of playing again when I do pick it back up. Although my original post made it sound like I'm not playing at all anymore, I'm secretly playing an app campaign with a few friends (shh) but it doesn't really feel like it counts. Overall, it's alright but doesn't have the same feel. I like the competitive nature of playing against people vs surviving the onslaught of computer generated opponents. I know everyone doesn't feel this way so I'm happy for people who get a lot of enjoyment out of the app. Of the past six very lopsided campaigns, I've played both Imperial and Rebel (also note that two of the campaigns were PBF so I feel less bad about it, for those on the receiving end who may be reading this, sorry). We've tried various house rules in the campaigns to try to help but I guess it hasn't been enough (bonus XP, as much as +2 threat level, reduced threat level, influence adjustments, etc.). As a Rebel player, I have tried sitting back which has varying degrees of success depending on the group. In some groups, the Rebels have a hard time making a decision if I just sit back without providing input and the missions take twice as long (also, I must admit, it is a bit challenging not to say anything). I guess the bigger issue is that I want to be able to play 100% straight up. I know that's probably asking too much of this game. This is good advice. I agree with most of what people have said here. The problem is that this isn't as fun for me for some hard to explain reason. In the end, the point of games is for everyone to have fun. If I'm not having fun as the Imperial player by tying both hands behind my back or if neither side is having fun by a blowout, maybe we should play another game. With all of that said, I appreciate all of the thoughtful responses and may try to make some additional balancing/handicapping tweaks if/when I return to play.
  4. Well, after nearly three years of being enthralled with the campaign version of this game, I think I may be in need of a break. Over time, the game has lost its level of "fun factor" for a couple of primary reasons: Campaigns no longer competitive Initially, when I was new to the game, it seemed like I had to work for a victory in each mission. However, the way that I tend to play games that I enjoy, I can't help but do lots of research in order to min-max my abilities and play style. Over the last 6 campaigns that I've completed, in missions where I did not intentionally decide to lose (I intentionally lost 2 missions in my most recent campaign to maintain Rebel morale), I'm a combined 54-4 win/loss ratio. I do not state this to brag about it but to highlight the one-sidedness of the campaigns that I've played (3 times as Rebel, 3 times as Imperial). In fact, across all campaigns, six of them have seen 0 or 1 win from one side of the table or the other. In the finale of the most recent campaign that I completed, I tried to play in a way where the outcome of the mission would be extremely close. This involved applying handicaps (allow Rebel respec, remove agenda cards, reduce threat level by 1, remove banes) but even after all of this, I had to "forget" about certain abilities, intentionally make some less optimal moves, and provide occasional suggestions to make it come down to the wire. I think most of the Rebels had more fun this way but it wasn't particularly fun for me. Lack of variety Maybe this is a result of overplaying the game (I've completed 11 full length campaigns more or less) but things have gotten a bit stale. There are only so many ways to structure missions and they often play out pretty similarly. At a macro-level, the same is true of the campaigns overall. Rebels tend to buy the same upgrades, it's generally understood what the "better" heroes are (and no, we don't always play only the best heroes). With all that said... the game was a lot of fun while I played and I really did I enjoy most of the campaigns that I've been involved in. The game itself has some good mechanics and I love Star Wars so there's always that. I will probably still join one group if they start up another campaign in a few months (just to hang out with the group), but I think it's time for a break. Anyway, just wanting to share my recent conclusion.
  5. We are playing the Flight of the Freedom Fighter campaign first.
  6. Finally got around to starting our first app campaign this weekend and we had a few questions come up: Move X to attack - rules state that the Imperial figures should move adjacent to the target but this seems unnecessary and often worse than just moving into range. How is this supposed to be played? Surge priority - when an Imperial figure is attacking and has surge priority of Blast but only Imperial figures would be affected by the Blast, do they skip the surge ability? We assumed yes. Burst Fire - one of the deployments had a bonus ability of Burst Fire where Rebel figures within 2 spaces of the target suffer one damage after the attack resolves. Two questions related to this ability: first, does the target suffer damage from Burst Fire since it is within 2 spaces of the target space? Second, if the target dodges, do all Rebel figures within 2 spaces of the target still suffer damage from Burst Fire? Repositioning mobile figures - when a probe droid or another mobile figure is repositioning, does it reposition the number of spaces based on the way it moves or counting spaces? (example, blocking terrain diagonal from corner might make the figure actually 5 or 6 spaces from a rebel figure by counting spaces but the mobile figures could move into the space of a rebel figure with a smaller number of movement points). Repositioning with Jax - if Jax (or other companions like the R5 astromech) is on the map, do Imperial figures try to move away from Jax when repositioning? For example, a Stormtrooper group might have Move 3 to reposition 3. After moving adjacent to Jax, do they then try to move 3 spaces away from Jax and other heroes? It seems like this causes the Imperial figures to move to much less optimal spaces (further away from the heroes). Target priority - when the target priority is the last healthy hero, it seems like blocking the Imperials from being able to get LOS to that hero causes them to just give up and attempt to withdraw other heroes. Is this correct? Also, we only played the first mission but on Hard it seemed like
  7. Time to reset the "no news" timer... https://fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/18/return-to-jabbas-realm/ What's the over/under on how many days until we start complaining again?
  8. Apparently you just have to bait his Parry and then attack him with figures that have Pierce 2 or Pierce 3 (like Maul, ahem) ?.
  9. Either way, Endless Ranks has gotten immensely stronger with JR and regular Jets and now even moreso with 3 and 4 point cost single figure Death Troopers.
  10. The heroes are also pretty bad. However, a few of the items in the expansion are some of the best items in the game. EE-3 Carbine is the best Tier 2 ranged weapon and Plasma Cell is one of the best ranged weapon attachments. Also, Gaffi Stick which can be combined with Vibrogenerator to be the most cost to damage efficient weapon combination.
  11. For campaign play, the core box is really all you need to have a good experience. With the core you have access to the core campaign as well as the coop app campaign. However, if you don't like the idea of using cardboard tokens for some of the allies and villains, you might consider buying all of the wave 1 packs: Chewbacca General Weiss Han Solo IG88 Rebel Saboteurs Rebel Troopers Royal Guard Champion However, in terms of pure value for campaign play, the big box expansions are probably your best bet - a lot of figures and they give you more full length campaigns to play (obviously they require the Core box). Jabba's Realm is considered by many to be the best expansion campaign but I also have had a lot of fun playing both Return to Hoth and Heart of the Empire. I haven't played a lot of skirmish so I can't really speak to that but I own all of the small box and big box expansions (in addition to a few blister packs) which have provided hundreds hours of entertainment.
  12. Side note: In the last campaign that one of my groups finished, I played Davith and found that it is a lot harder for Davith to remain hidden than you might anticipate. There are often a lot of other things you want to use your surges on which makes it difficult to end his activation hidden.
  13. In response to your first question, I think you played it correctly. Regarding allies, in the Mission Setup (see the Learn to Play guide), Step 6 is "Read Mission Briefing" which happens before Step 7 where the Rebel players choose if they want to bring an ally.
  14. It does have an interesting effect on abilities that can be exhausted outside of a player's activation. For example, Jarrod can exhaust Mechanical Master twice in a round if it was not exhausted at the start of the round thereby allowing Jax to activate three times in a round - exhaust during hero activation before Jarrod activates, Jarrod activates and the card is readied, exhaust during hero activation after Jarrod activates.
  15. Well, not much but it's something... skirmish championship prizes. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/7/let-me-show-you/
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