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  1. October 11-13. It is live: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/13/arkham-nights-2019/
  2. Are there any details (dates) on Arkham Nights 2019? Thank you.
  3. If you can't attend GenCon, the GenCon scenario has traditionally (the past two years) been given to attendees at Arkham Nights in October.
  4. Do the monsters move and attack the same turn? Or do they move and engage, but not attack if they moved and engaged a player that phase? Do only monsters that were engaged at the start of the enemy phase attack?
  5. Fyi, there is a post in the Arkham Nights 2018 thread that tickets are now available. Copying that post here if you didn’t see it: Tickets are $70.00  link: https://www.showclix.com/event/arkham-nights-2018
  6. October 19 & 20. No word on when the tickets will be on sale. That's the reason I keep checking this forum.
  7. I don't have the Arkham Nights 2010 promos. However, I have been desperately seeking Hastur (2011). If I have something you want for the Hastur card, please let me know. Best,
  8. Thank you. Thank you. I'll send you a private message. I really appreciate this. Forrest
  9. Thank you for checking. I appreciate the support. (FYI, I see another response from someone who has Yog. So I might have a trade with him.) Best, Forrest
  10. I am willing to sweeten the offer, if it will help me complete my set. Thank you.
  11. I am seeking the Yog-Sothoth 2013 Arkham Nights promo to complete the set. It was great seeing they were giving out old Arkham Nights promos. I thought I was completing my set with Shub-Niggurath, but I was mistaken. I have Shub-Niggurath. Anyone willing to trade and help me with my set? Thank you. Forrest
  12. Are you sure it is ‘sold out’ or could it just be listed as ‘sold out’ because pre-registration is closed so ffg can make the pre-reg swag? I think they have closed pre-reg anout this time in previous years to make swag kits for those pre-registered.
  13. The clue tokens might come in handy. What I use for clues in Arkham Horror and for Eldritch Horror are the "mini cthulhu" figures you are looking to trade. I put little location stickers on the bottom (for Eldritch Horror). I could probably use whatever extras you have from Arkham Horror. It would save me from having to buy a second copy. I'm Forrest- my cell is 703.MACBETH. I get into MSP about 1p on Friday. I do plan on wearing a unique golden (ie yellow) suit coat on Saturday. I appreciate your assistance. Best, Forrest
  14. I may run a To The Barricades at a con and the extra AH cards could be useful.
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