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  1. Seconded! Also, Roll for Heresy seems to be down.
  2. Hi. My character is a Devastator, and I had been planning on diversifying him so he's competent in melee, too, and the easiest way to do that was to take Deathwatch Champion as an Advanced Specialty. I've recently changed my mind about that, as I have realised that I always, always try to spread my characters too thin, and my truly effective characters, in any system, have only come about when I've been forced to specialise. However, I'm still considering Deathwatch Champion nonetheless, for the defensive Talents such as Wall of Steel and Step Aside, the earlier access to Dodge +20, and the two Hero Signature Wargears (Master-crafted Lascannon! Artificer Plate opening up the normal Hero SigWar for something else!). Also I think Xenos Bane, the special ability, works at range? Not sure. Maybe later, much later, I might take some of the melee-based stuff, get it after I've got all the ranged stuff I'm interested in - if my character lasts that long, of course! Does this make any sort of sense? The only other Advanced Spec I'm considering is First Company Veteran, but all the skills are Intelligence-based, and Int is my worst stat - plus, could someone explain to me how to make Battle-Hardened and Survivor useful? I know they are, I've seen people rave about how good they are, but I seem to be missing what everyone else sees.
  3. I've been thinking of running a Talent past my GM, an upgraded Hip Shooting. It would require Hip Shooting as a prereq, and allow the character to move up to their Charge range while firing semi- or full-auto. Does that make any sense, or would it be OP? If it's not stupid, how much do you guys think it should cost? And put it in every Specialty's chart that gets Hip Shooting? One or two Ranks above, do you think?
  4. Oh - oh wow... that makes her... so frickin' useful... She's going to make her way into every one of my bomber swarms...
  5. Sorry to necro, but I'm confused: how is this useful? If you didn't resolve Norra's crit, you'd have a crit that would either do a shield anyway, if there was one left, or deal a crit to the hull, if there wasn't. How does Norra force-multiply (which seems to be what she's supposed to do)? If it allowed non-Bombers to resolve this crit effect, and ONLY this crit effect, it could be very useful. If it allowed bombers to deal an ADDITIONAL damage to shields, if they rolled a crit, over and above what the dice say, that would also be very useful. But as it stands? Your crit icon was either going to do that anyway, or the effect is unneeded - I can't see any situation that is a middle ground where Norra is useful. If I'm wrong, please point it out, If love to know.
  6. Ah well, no problem - woulda been cool, though.
  7. Waitwaitwait. If that's the case, what's the point of Requisitioning a Voxcaster? Is it just so non-Astartes around you can link their voxes in and stuff, or is it more for when you're in Scout Armour? And if you have one, could I grab a page reference, so I can show my GM, please?
  8. When getting Artificer Armour and rolling for Histories, if you roll on the table to choose Power Armour histories and get a 4, that's the Skill of the Artificer table. The only thing is, literally every option on that downgrades the armour, even Mk8 chest, usually by 4 or 5! While the last four options do provide other benefits, they all reduce either the arms or the head to Armour 7, rather than the Armour 12. Would you guys say it was fair to either reroll which table to use, or to say that, if you get one of those results, the armour has been reinforced and upgraded to the point it grants Armour 12 anyway? So, while you might see some benefit, say out of Mk6 Greaves or Helmet, or Mk8 Gorget, the only time the marine would see a real benefit is if he got an upgraded form of Histories 7 through 10, in which case he wouldn't see the downsides because of the very fact his armour is an Artificer suit?
  9. I've got what may be a stupid question. The organs that give Heightened Senses, the Occulobe and Lyman's Ear, are not actually the eyes and ears - they're processing augmentations, not better eyes and ears per se. Does that mean that Common-quality Cybernetic eyes and ears still have the Heightened Senses traits, and Exceptional-quality ones add a further +10, since Heightened Senses stack (eg Autosenses)? Or is that silly, and all an Exceptional-quality cybernetic sense does is replicate the bonus a marine's normal eyes and ears have? Thanks for answering my stupid question!
  10. Oh man, that would be awesome - a miniturised version of that is probably much more likely for the Deathwatch to be able to get their hands on, then a Heavy version of a Great Crusade weapon that, if I recall what I heard correctly, had to have Vulkan's personal touch added when building it for it to actually, y'know - work.
  11. Actually... I've got a bit of a theory about that. If I can quote myself from an entirely different forum (one with somewhat more... lax profanity rules), after a close friend (my GM, actually) said something that put me on this train of thought: I thought it explained quite a bit. DH1 Ascension, p. 12. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I'll show the reference to my GM next session, and we can look it up in his books!
  12. Well then that part of First Founding is not very well worded, because with the "spend xp to buy off Insanity or Corruption" it seems to strongly imply that you can spend xp to buy off Corruption independently of the Pain Glove. Dammit. So only Imperial Fists can get rid of Corruption without Mind Wiping, huh? That's annoying.
  13. Yeah, it does. As for what you want, it exists! Kinda. Something like it used to exist. The Pyroclast, a flamethrower that could narrow the stream and burn hot enough to function as a Melta - in effect, a combination Flamer/Melta, but with a hit to the Melta's strength. If a Heavy version existed, it might have been big enough for the Multi-Melta half hit at full strength.
  14. I... think you responded to another topic here. Yeah, I joked (maybe a bit serious) about dual-wielding a Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer while in Terminator Armour in another topic, but this topic's talking about Heavy Combi-Weapons, which we have an example of in the Infernus Heavy Bolter/Flamer from the Deathwatch Codex for the wargame. No two weapons in this topic, just Combis.
  15. Well, ideally I'd be dual-wielding some sort of Heavy Pyroclast (Flamer/Melta hybrid) and an Assault Cannon, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. And yeah, I'd have a real problem with people Dodging, since neither of them are multi-hit weapons, wouldn't I? Or causing a lot of damage to a single target quickly (you'd think a Multi-Melta would be good at that, but somehow the rapid-fire weapons are better...)
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