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  1. Maybe resistance (heat) should not aid you against a flamer or a burning stake and the like but more about moving in a desert or a burning house or even a overheating enginedeck.
  2. Okay I'm now certain, those weapons are called psilencers.
  3. Thank you guys! I dont own enemies beyond so those information were not available to me. But i was thinking in the fifth Ed, if i'm not wrong, grey knight codex there is a weapon that has no ammunition because it fires mental energy of the knight so maybe this weapon could be a Force one . Also weapon qualities can be used with any kind of weapon i WANT to make or there are specific guidelines like for modifications?
  4. Hi everyone! I was thinking about the grey knight's weapon which if I dont Remember badly is called psisilencer ,would that be rappresented correctly by the Force quality . Would It Be against the rules to have other ranged weapons be Force weapons?
  5. It seems cool, but how much does It cost in exp?
  6. Great idea! The only thing i would criticise is that you chose toughness instead of fieldcraft
  7. My thougth ( I hope that word is correct) process was that the finale plus or Minus to the influence check determines the rarity. About the clarification on the cerebral implants i think they are more about stating how rare and far between they are than about an reception to a rule
  8. I think that quality affects the rarity of an item because the cybernetic cerebral implants says something like a Hood quality cerebral implants becomea near unique in rarity.
  9. It seema to me that the second part of the ability is static
  10. Just One thing i Remember that space marine are not welcome Upon terra since the heresy? Or am i wrong?
  11. I have the same problem from my cellphone but i used to be alble to access the site:-(
  12. My opinion is that those bonuses stack if you parry with the shield while having a sword in the other hand. About the axe question i heard that the axe is a very difficult weapon to use defensevely , It also make sense to me that a two handed axe would be more difficult to parry with. Last point dont you guys think that a person with a sword and a shield has an easier time parrying a blow than someone with Just a sword or Just the shield?
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