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  1. Cpt Hellcat

    System Open Series question

    The System Opens are very big events with >100 people. Normally events that size have mats but people usually bring one in case it's needed. I'm pretty sure the System Opens are all Extended format, whereas the Hyperspace events (starting in Jan) will be 2nd Ed. (List of Hyperspace legal stuff is included in the latest point lists on the main X-Wing 2.0 product page.
  2. Cpt Hellcat

    Streams for New England Regional and UK System Open?

    Here's the link for NE Regionals. Not sure what games are on stream or if tomorrow's Top 16 will be: https://www.twitch.tv/skullsquadronttv
  3. Cpt Hellcat

    X-wing 1.0 Balance Mod

    Or you could meet in the middle and do some cost adjustments up or down as needed and fill in the gaps with new custom stuff. A few OP meta lists might be forced out, but that has happened to some extend via FFG FAQs anyways. If stuff is overpowered I'd rather see it costed higher or reduced in power. I get that you're already very heavily invested in option #3 but a compromise approach may be worth thinking about. As an example, TLT could A) cost 8 or B) be nerfed to let the defender get the extra green die at R3. For A) 4 TLT Y's would be out at 8, but 3 + something else would then be possible. For B) 4 TLT Y's would still be an option but it wouldn't be as effective. I think either one would help with balance.
  4. Cpt Hellcat

    ISO: custom squad builder to implement house rules

    Yup. You beat me in your debut of cargotanni and you dropped the cargo on all 3 of my ships...
  5. Cpt Hellcat

    ISO: custom squad builder to implement house rules

    When you're ready, I'd be up for doing some testing. A BG free play night would work good...get to try out lots of different stuff!
  6. Cpt Hellcat

    ISO: custom squad builder to implement house rules

    Awesome man! I've recosted and house ruled other games and been pretty happy with it. I use them when running games at cons and at home. But none of them have a competitive scene like X-Wing. Are you doing any playtesting?
  7. Cpt Hellcat

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Hi, I just downloaded Strange Eons and am designing my 1st X-wing customs. Does anyone know how to add a degrees symbol? Is there a way to superscript an "o"? If not, does anyone know how to add this to the available tags? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.
  8. Cpt Hellcat

    Would the u-wing be "better" if it i was a small base?

    So are you saying that the Landing side should be, "after you execute a maneuver, if you are not stressed, you may rotate your ship 180. If the maneuver was green or white receive a stress token." ?? I think that is worth trying out. Maybe limit it to greens, or could give 1 stress for a green 180 and 2 for a white 180 (stay as 1 for red zero 180). I also like the idea of some kind of side gunnery. Another thought I had was keep the title as is but allow the ship to turn either 90 or 180 after a stop, but I don't think this would help enough.
  9. Hi, does anyone know which missions have special actions that allow ships to dock or board another ship? Examples would be to pick up a passenger or object. I'm working on a scenario that will allow ships with crew slots to board "neutralized" enemy ships to either rescue or capture passengers or cargo. Ships could be neutralized and remain on the board "dead in space" for a few rounds after they are brought to 0 HP. I'm pretty sure I've seen something along these lines in some of the official Missions.
  10. Cpt Hellcat

    What would an Imperial anti-bombing upgrade look like?

    I like some of these ideas and I think some type of anti-bomb upgrade is needed. On a related note, I'd like to see small ships get an anti-ordnance upgrade, maybe related to agility. Missiles and torps should be money vs. large ships but low HP aces can get smoked too easily. Maybe something that would cancel 1 hit from either a bomb, missile or Torp.
  11. Cpt Hellcat

    "I can Haz Mods please?" Punisher

    I'd like to see 2 variants. Heavy bomber that gains a bomb slot and advanced SLAM but loses either 2 torps, 2 missiles, or both, depending on title cost. If giving up torps, then no extra munitions but could still take unguided rockets. Or use the 2 rocket slots and take EM. So what if it is Imperial K-Wing? Why wouldn't the Empire have something like this? It would still play a bit different, lacking a turret and having a system slot. Quick strike ordnance platform that loses bomb slots but gains ability to use torps & rockets more efficiently. Being able to acquire a target lock at the start of combat as a free action, being able to ignore the Target Lock header, or being able to make a 2nd ordnance attack in 1 round could all work. These may need some drawbacks or usage limitations to balance them. Both of these would differentiate the Punisher from the Bomber w/o making the bomber irrelevant.
  12. Cpt Hellcat

    Tractor Beam a Large Base Ship

    I'd like to see 2 TB tokens on a large ship move the ship the distance of a small base, so only half of a normal large ship boost or barrel roll. This would leave open the possibility of a heavy TB that could fully move a large base ship. The heavy TB would probably be able to move a small ship w the 2 template. It could be nasty - not sure what the cost would be but a heavy TB should probably be limited to large or huge ships.
  13. Cpt Hellcat

    3D Asteroids and Debris

    Crap - for some reason I can't see the OP's pics but I can see all the rest...
  14. Cpt Hellcat

    Alternate Methods for Tournament/Game Scoring

    Games are often much closer than the final scores indicate. One thought I had was to give half points for a small ship if you get it down to 1 hull left. Right now you score 0. This way you'd get some points for seriously damaging a ship but there would still be an incentive to finish the ship off to get full points.
  15. Cpt Hellcat

    removable PS stickers????

    I made my own and either just set them on the ship base or use a small amount of sticky tack to hold them in place. PS 0-12. I printed them on card stock. I'll try to post a pic in the next few days. I find it really helpful because I tend to look at the ships to see who is going to move or shoot next. it also helps to remember the crit that reduces PS to 0.