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  1. I'd like to see 2 TB tokens on a large ship move the ship the distance of a small base, so only half of a normal large ship boost or barrel roll. This would leave open the possibility of a heavy TB that could fully move a large base ship. The heavy TB would probably be able to move a small ship w the 2 template. It could be nasty - not sure what the cost would be but a heavy TB should probably be limited to large or huge ships.
  2. Crap - for some reason I can't see the OP's pics but I can see all the rest...
  3. Games are often much closer than the final scores indicate. One thought I had was to give half points for a small ship if you get it down to 1 hull left. Right now you score 0. This way you'd get some points for seriously damaging a ship but there would still be an incentive to finish the ship off to get full points.
  4. I made my own and either just set them on the ship base or use a small amount of sticky tack to hold them in place. PS 0-12. I printed them on card stock. I'll try to post a pic in the next few days. I find it really helpful because I tend to look at the ships to see who is going to move or shoot next. it also helps to remember the crit that reduces PS to 0.
  5. OK here is my dial rating system. This only factors in DIALS, but some common upgrades are included. It does not account for actions that affect movement (barrel roll, SLAM, cloak, etc.), and it does not account for small vs. large bases. Maneuvers were costed as follows: Green = 7, White = 6, Red = 3; any maneuver that changes facing 180 degrees costs double (K-turn, S-Loop, T-Roll). So a red 180 move costs the same as a white. The baseline ship is the TIE fighter rated at 100, so all other ratings are relative to the TIE. The values in each column are the total number of that color maneuver for each ship. More maneuvers corresponds to a higher rating.
  6. I have a dial rating system that I am going to post soon. Maybe I can get to it tomorrow. Similar to the system described above, I assigned a value for each maneuver, with the standard TIE fighter dial given a rating of 100. I don't have it on hand now so I don't have the values I settled on for each color maneuver - I also tried a few different point values. I counted any maneuver that turns a ship around (180 turn) as double the normal value. I think it correlates pretty well with which dials are considered good, OK and sucky. Stay tuned...
  7. To me most of the miscosting seems to come from dials and pilot abilities (e.g. Manaroo) rather than from base stats and PS. Some of the large ships should cost more, I'm not sure if any should actually be less. Cost corrections can be done, but it is a blunt method that game co's rarely use. Instead we get endless tweaking with a resulting domino effect. Besides cost corrections a few things to consider: Boost should either cost less for small and/or more for large (say 3 & 5 pts) or should move Lg ships less (distance of a Sm base) 2 tractor tokens should be able to move a Lg ship the distance of a SM base. They just need to define an official method to execute the movement (also TBs should be able to move ships backward, not just fwd or sideways)
  8. I agree with the part about limiting it to 2 AT ships. So what I meant was to keep your proposed idea (if there are more green dice than red, then cancel 1 green) for attacks at range 1-2 and if not obstructed (which someone else was questioning). That way it would reward good positioning w/o negating a defenders normal bonuses for range 3 and obstacles. My 2nd point was simply that instead of cancelling a die after it's rolled, the defender can just roll one less die. But now rereading your reply, you're actually letting the attacker cancel 1 Evade result, is that right?
  9. Or even make it - for a Range 1-2 attack that is not obstructed, the defender rolls 1 less die, instead of canceling.
  10. I think they a need a bit of help, not as much as some other ships though. Ideally, if point costs for all ships and upgrades were at 100% of their "true" value we would see a wide, even distribution of different ship types and combos in the top ranks of competitive play. In actuality, there are some lists/combos that are more prevalent/dominant. So how far off are a swarm of TIEs from having close to 50-50 odds against the most dominant lists? I don't know the answer, but my guess is at most 8 points, and probably less. Here is an idea I posted in another thread on squads: Obsidian Squadron (TIE only). If your squad contains at least 4 TIE fighters, the cost of your squad is reduced by 3. This could be a Title, or a new type of card assigned to your squadron as a whole. The advantage doesn't go away when the ship the card is assigned to dies. It is really just a cost correction or handicapping method for a 100-pt game. If assigned to a specific ship, it could be worded so that the same card could be assigned to another TIE so it would stack (so if you have 8 TIEs cost is -6). These may not be the right numbers or costs but it is a different and simple way to bring ships into balance w/o imbalancing other stuff. And it encourages same ship squads. The same thing could be done for other ships like T-65, A-wing, B-wing, etc. How many points away are they from being "equal" to top tier 100 pt lists?
  11. Here's an idea I had that would encourage same ship squads: Red Squadron (T-65 X-Wing only). Title If your squad contains at least 3 T-65 X-wings, the cost of your squad is reduced by 5. Obsidian Squadron (TIE only). If your squad contains at least 4 TIE fighters, the cost of your squad is reduced by 3. Could do the same thing for A-wings, B-wings, etc. It would help to partially fix the imbalance of over costed ships, but only if you want to bring multiples of them.
  12. Cool idea. You could simplify it to either of these: 1) If you are not stressed, you may assign an evade token to your ship after executing a white maneuver. 2) You may assign an evade token to your ship after executing a white maneuver. Evade token makes it easier track, and of course is a guaranteed result, but for only 1 attack instead of for the whole round. Option 2 may be OK because then you could either do a green to clear your stress, or do a white to get an evade and stay stressed.
  13. N. England regionals were in Mass in mid-Dec and in CT in late Jan.