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  1. I'll take red dice 3, 9 & 13, green dice 3 & 6. DM quote pls/thnks. * * * * * JK
  2. @Mightyhawks, I started the game by playing a four activation list. I quickly learned two things: (1) the activation count is important, and (2) playing a list where every figure is quality means your best figures are "wasting" their actions to open doors, or interact with the mission objectives. I also noticed that the games got palpably more difficult if I lost a figure early. I tend to think of 6 activations as the minimum and suggest a few games switching out the Rancor/Feeding Frenzy/Beast Tamer for eWeequays, rHired guns, and black market. I am personally a big fan of the rebel care package in this type of list, as it can increase your activation count and hands out double the focus that Jabba does, but Jabba+Black Market can turbo charge your card draw. What does your command deck look like currently?
  3. @Jaster Mereel, I think the answer is, it depends. Played through both missions again last night. The crates on raining freight really kept the game close and kept our units in each other's faces. We both kept throwing our crates in areas that forced us closer together, which I don't think I'd do so willingly again. RD3 started with the scoring at 30-38. My opponent made a play with a rJawa to double move, and grabbed three crates. I managed to grab the victory with a lucky shot on the next activation, but the crates were at least 8-10 points for both of us. Grabbing those three crates prevented me from the guaranteed victory, and if he rolls an x-man (it was 3po, so two tries) he wins on his next activation. I don't think we placed the crates very well, which makes me wonder if crate placement is going to be a deciding factor for top tier play. After a couple of reps, it feels like the crates are going to be something that will either be largely ignored or integral to victory/defeat, from game to game.
  4. @TheUnsullied, thank you. 8 tokens, and the clarified "claim" rules were exactly what I was missing.
  5. My wife and I played through the map a couple times this weekend - we both enjoyed Shielded, but we completely forgot the mission for Raining Freight for the first two rounds and then just decided to play to the death. Upon further review, the mission seems a little confusing. How does raining freight work - can someone let me know if I've got this right? (1) The crates start the game in the same position as noted on the insert (where they are in the shield generator mission); at set-up, each player "claims" two tokens as described, but no victory points are scored. (2) An adjacent figure can spend two MP to gain two VPs and claim the crate (regardless of control). (3) at end of each round, in initiative order, each player places two claimed crates (moving the crates from their current position) to within 2 spaces of an opponent's figure the questions are: re: 1, for the first round, are the crates where indicated on the insert? re: 2, (a) when the crate is claimed, does it stay at the placed position or does it follow the figure that claimed it? re: 2, (b) when the crate is claimed, can it be counter-claimed by an opponent's figure on their activation, during the same round? re: 3, each player moves two claimed crates within two spaces of his opponent's figures - does my or my opponents claiming a crate overrule the set-up "claim" we each put on two crates? (If I manage to claim all four crates, I place two, my opponent places zero, or do we always place the two crates we claimed at the start of the game?)
  6. Agreed. I used Hera & Gideon as the example because of the mobility they add to the squad as a tandem and Gideon could still focus Hera (it might not have been the best example, but it was better than my original). IF RCP was limited to focusing rebel figures, it would be a game changer that would shake up Scum lists. Falling back to Jabba for those points also means dropping an activation.
  7. Heck yeah, worded like Jabba this is the simplest way to keep the care package in rebel squads but still allow for say, Hera and Gideon to be splashed together. I like it!
  8. Metas tend to develop slowly as well. In a game that, at least in my experience, has a fairly small player base and winds up being under-documented when compared to other miniatures games, I assume the meta should be even slower, but potentially more diverse. I think we're still adjusting to the droid wave a bit, and things are not solidified yet. Chopper should, at least in theory, really put the damper on stacking command cards. Jedi Luke & the Alliance Rangers squads can add Chopper and RHC - which should lead to Jedi Luke drawing into SoS before the hunters can stack all their beef or draw into Blaze of Glory. A scum list can splash Chopper and put Headhunter on him for a different flavor of card advantage shenanigans. The Chopper meta, but at least in my region, people are mostly planning on playing around him rather than playing with him - I think that's a mistake and have adjusted my lists accordingly. Hera is AMAZING. BT-1 has wild variance - he's amazing when that variance breaks your way, but inconsistency for damage AND range make him not great. Blast 1, can mess with your opponents head and strategy, but still - not bad but not great. He has some level of synergy with Inqui, who's also not bad, but not great. 15 points of not bad but not great that melts a little too fast doesn't cut it when you're facing down 12 points of focused hidden eQuays. 0-0-0, I think is actually better than people give him credit for, but still winds up being not great. Jawas are fun. Haven't faced down an Utinni swarm yet, but I have enjoyed the 2 pointer over Greedo/Hired Guns as the bellhop in my scum lists. The eJawa is really a great piece, who will shine even brighter if temp alliance is neutered - and gives scum access to Chopper, and Chopper access to Headhunter. I actually really enjoy this "meta" and look forward to more fixes for iconic characters that have fallen behind the power curve (Han/Chewie/Boba) or never lived up to expectations (Inquisitor/Dengar). I don't love the one-wave day-in-the-sun that we're seeing for characters like Bossk - a force to be reckoned with until he wasn't but still "good-enough" as a piece yet minor enough of a character that he won't get buffed back up to starting line-up status.
  9. My store champs had 7 scum lists and 10 people. 1 rebel, 2 imps. 6 of 7 scum lists had 2 eQuays, all but one had Gideon & Threepio (the one that didn't had Gideon and Jabba). I hear Temp Alliance is on the chopping block to be outright banned or otherwise nerfed into oblivion. Rebel Care Package and 2 eQuays is incredibly efficient. I think the meta is more fun than the trooper/spy meta and I agree with anyone who says that the scum lists (specifically IGGY+2 eQuays) are more efficient and easier to do well with than anything the rebs or imps can muster right now. The game is fun to play as it stands, and both rebs and scum lists have a lot of variety outside of the auto-includes. Imps are lagging on the power curve because their hunter options are limited and slightly sub-par in most lights and the droid lists are as finicky as they are cute. Temp alliance may be part of the "problem" but without the Imp TA, I don't think the imps have a legit tier 1 list (or half the droid shenanigans that are at least fun to play casually).
  10. @mellowthelloSure! Let's cost it at 2-3 points (because it basically says, exhaust an enemy unit of the opponents choice), name it something else, and have a potential second initiative changing card in the game. I'm all for that. (I play X-Wing as well, I'm a little scarred and I get concerned when I hear the call go out for a sacrifice to the nerf/ban hammer. IA is so much better in terms of balance and power creep than X-Wing, and as I have cried into the darkness with the X-Wing crowd, when you change one thing, the ripples often have much greater and often unknown effects on game balance which often just make other cards look OP instead.)
  11. Command cards swing the game, it's what they do. Part of what I enjoy about IA-skirmish is the triple random quality of dice, command cards and match-up - Take doesn't remove strategy from the game, it is just another element of it. JT, SoS or Blaze can end an opponents game, so can Take. Take is just the most readily accessible and I argue, the easiest to counter. That seems balanced to me. Is it so powerful that you might be a fool not to take it? Yeah, probably. I just don't see what's so bad about that. I don't see it as intrinsic to the meta, but as one of the more important game changers in a command deck - seriously, win or lose we have a less enjoyable, less variable game if all we do is back and forth with no changes or at least threats to who controls init in a given round. Take isn't the problem - it may multiply the power of some of the mor-power-creepy cards, but is Take really the problem in that scenario? Rd1 of the last store champs I went to, saw Luke SoS murder IG-88 after the scum 3PO used his activation to devotion for Blaze of Glory. Both of our take initiatives were negated in that game, which was just as much a game changer as either one of them going through would have been. That's the intensity, the razor's edge excitement that Take & Negation bring to the game - and I'd posit that's the reason they're auto-includes as much as anything else. They are fun!
  12. I don't think take the initiative is a problem - please don't change it! Please don't nerf it! It's practically a core mechanic. Is Son of Skywalker/Blaze of Glory into Take the Initiative a huge swing? Heck yes it is! You're not investing 12pts into Luke or Iggy to have a slighly superior unit. This unit has to be 2x as good as eQuays. Focused & hidden eQuays can cripple or potentially kill Iggy or Luke in a single activation, with NO command cards. Investing another 2-3 points and 2-3 card slots on top of the unit's cost for a devastating combo is huge, but taking it away from the beast units isn't the answer. Take is also a card that can lose value fast as the game draws on. It's also a card that once it is played by your opponent, the game becomes more predictable - once you've weathered the storm, you know where you stand. Don't over commit! Plan on your take getting negated, plan on not being able to negate theirs. So many command cards are on the power level of Take and Take is the easiest to play around. Changing the mechanic of how it works as suggested makes it practically unplayable (I despise playing cards that allow my opponent to decide if they trigger it - it's like, hey, here's a comm disruption that you can only use against this card - I'm going to play this card, will you comm disruption it? I'd argue its a far worse snow-ball effect for your opponent - already losing, I can give you initiative, or I can exhaust one of my two remaining units... Now, at least you pay the price for taking the initiative.
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