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  1. Glad this is back. Time to lose to SABINE!
  2. Sadly not, LVO is just the name of the event, which dates back before the open series.
  3. I'm assuming extended, but??? It's more of a side event for me, but the event seems low on information.
  4. SOTL - This is my thinking as well.
  5. Thematic that Thweek would fail at copying Jedi's.
  6. Apparently the correct answer is 1 damage. This seems absurd to me. Agility based ships are at a disadvantage in 2.0, and this rule punishes a lot of flimsy ships.
  7. I love the Fang fighter and will probably force atleast 1 in every list for a long time. lone wolf Fenn : 72 Old T w/ trick shot: 57 Han Solo: Trick shot, Jabba, Rigged Cargo, Greedo: 68
  8. Not sure, that's how that works? The unit leader determines the cover for the opponent based on his LOS. The other mini's just need LOS.
  9. This is a topic I am currently interested in, as I've never played a game like this before.
  10. ^^^ so much this.... even when I win all my games with a list. "Hmm, so what should I fly next time?"
  11. Green dice re-roll sounds great, but I wouldn't want Omega leader using it.
  12. I want the firepray to be completely rebuilt. Would anyone actually be upset if the firespray was "reimagined?" So a medium based ship is created, what would it be?? 1) I would assume it uses large based ship barrel roll. 2) They'd be 1.5 bases in size? any other thoughts? I'd want the firespray to have a mobile firing arc (Front or back only).... play like Quickdraw with options for fire control systems and primed thrusters. Boba fett had all the legal AND illegal tech. Maybe even create a new Tech. A card that takes 1 system AND 1 illicit (IG could use it too).
  13. Starviper for the dream of viability. It was always so expensive to kit out. I hate how the firespray flies, but it was the first ship I bought due to SW nerd love. I really wish they'd just completely remake the ship. First medium base ship, c'mon ffg.
  14. 3a) Biggs needs to be nerfed. His current wording completely removes player choice, which is almost universally bad design. My preferred change that I’ve got penciled in for my house rules is to essentially make Biggs a range 1 reverse rebel captive. "Once per round, the first ship that declares an attack against another friendly ship at Range 1 of you and could have targeted you instead, receives a stress token." P.S. Spoiler alert, yes I am rebalancing the entire game with my own house rules because I’m crazy, but that’s a discussion for some other time. 3b) R4-D6 needs a nerf. You should only be able to trigger it if you're not already stressed. Makes Biggs way too good especially with his ability. or just ban him.
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