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  1. Thanks! I've really been enjoying your podcast. It gives me something fun to do while I wait for the boat. I'm looking forward to your round one strategies for each race episode.
  2. On the boat

    Nice! I just saw the status switched to on the boat!
  3. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    Cool, I got a quick reply from the support and they're moving to rectify the problem. That's all I can ask for. Hope everyone else is getting their stuff in a timely manner.
  4. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    I finally checked my boxes, and my large order of Dust Tactic figures had only about a 1/3 of the order. Interestingly I saw on that box it said 1 of 3, but only one box came. I've sent an email to Asmodee so hopefully I'll hear back from them on Monday. My other two orders have been complete though.
  5. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    Just to close the loop. I got my 3rd order today. I haven't opened it as it was delivered while I was at work, but the invoice looked complete. I also got a shipment notice for my first order. So looks like everything is coming...just slowly. But at the prices I got on these items, I can't complain.
  6. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    You don't see an "Order History" link down the left hand side after logging into your "sales" account? If not, try this link to take you directly to the order history page: https://holiday-sale.fantasyflightgames.com/accounts/orders/ But, as has been mentioned before, this doesn't seem to get updated beyond "Pending". But, at least it might give some warm-and-fuzzy feeling to know your order is at least in the system... Interesting...that link did bring up an order, but only my third order, the one that just shipped. Not my second order (which I already received) or my first order (which I have no info on, other then the confirmation email). Well ironically the 2nd and 3rd order are the items I want the most...so we'll wait an see on Order #1. Thanks!
  7. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    See the link I provided in post #5 above. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to get updated - at least it isn't for me, one of my orders has (supposedly) shipped, but is showing "Pending" in my order history accessed through that link. Thanks! Unfortunately all that shows is my profile and the date it was created. No order info at all. BUT! I did get a shipping number for my third order and based on the email it looks complete. So just my first order has not shipped. As stated by others, I think things are just moving very slowly due to the massive volume. I know I for one went a bit crazy. At those prices can you blame me?
  8. Got charged for order - still no shipment confirmation

    When you guys mention seeing an order status, where are you seeing that? I made 3 orders (I was indecisive ) . I got emails for all 3 orders, and received one of my orders last week, with all items that were in that order. But I've heard nothing on the other 2 orders since that first email and I can't find a place to see that they are in the system, so to speak. I've looked all over the site, but can't find a "Your Orders" type thing. I'm okay waiting, just would like to verify they are in the system and I'll receive the items at some point in the future.