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  1. Probably a flaw in the app. The app has glitches that allow illegal builds sometimes. I know there was one where a 400 point list was coming in as only 200 points.
  2. It is important to also note that Tractor tokens cause a ship to boost or barrel roll (in a sense), but does not count as executing a maneuver. I don't have the RR in front of me, but I know the section of tractor says something about being executed as a boost or barrel roll, except that it can overlap obstacles. Edit: totally missed that tractored was referenced in theBitterFigs's reply. Maybe I should get my eyes checked.
  3. Well don't I feel dumb. Back to X-wing...
  4. Okay, so I get why Lima is on the list, but do they seriously censor Lima. I mean one is seriously messed up to say in society and the other is just a nasty type of bean.
  5. For an example where crits *do* bypass shields you need to look at the condition card "I'll Show You the Dark Side" which replaces the word "suffer" with "dealt". I'm sure someone who is better on the forums than me can post the card for reference so you can see how the wording is different.
  6. Cannons are out the forward facing arc only, unless otherwise stated. So Dengar's turret arc can be pointed in any direction, but the jamming beam must be shot out the forward facing arc (and can be no matter which way the turret faces). My suggestion would be to look at a cannon that can deal damage. Cannons can still trigger Dengar's pilot ability, so putting an ion cannon or autoblaster on him gives him 180 degree coverage depending on where you rotate the turret arc.
  7. My Vennie was always too fat and I was trying to make traj simulator work (it does, but not well). I like an emphasis on just using a big gun now (like Rey in the Falcon). Vennie, Rey, Perceptive, VTG and Pattern Analyzer seems to be the best offensive build. Then put some A-wings around him for support. Dropping Rey would be my first choice, but I don't like it... Bombs on Vennie seem so good, but just never worked out for me. Tallie was fun, but I never triggered her ability enough. I do wonder about Rey/Vennie as an option. Both can be beefy, tough to kill and hot like a bus with the right loadouts.
  8. I'm with Nitrobenz here. I think clarifying the source of the action is important - whether it be an AB boost, a Vader ability target lock or a focus into a linked barrel roll. Using "free action" helps clarify that the token/action came outside of the normal action step. This helps eliminate any confusion as to the source of the token. Granted you can state the card name/ability source, but saying "it was a free action from decloaking/3 speed maneuver/Vader ability" just feels cleaner for some reason. Edit: Back to OP's point - AB is such a valuable card on Vader because he can trigger his ability off from it after losing his action for another reason (excluding a bump/stress). You cannot use his ability of AB when he performs a talon roll or trigger passive sensors(if you have it) as an action outside the action step, so keep those two things in mind when flying this cool combo.
  9. HLC can't fire at range 1, so you wouldn't get that range bonus either way. An easy way to think of it is that any time you would be allowed to roll more than 3 dice with a cannon attack, reduce that attack to 3 dice. Edit: this means that HLC is at 3 dice even when fired at range 2 or 3.
  10. I think this a the root of the question - which of the two timing statements is the one that sets the limitation. My interpretation is that "while you defend or perform an attack" is less about limiting the ability in terms of the once per opportunity, and more about limiting it to the combat phase. While there are no specific advantages gained from using the ability after flying over an asteroid/gas cloud/debris or any other non-combat triggers, this seems like a safety net to prevent any potential (imagine Sunny with Rebel Lando crew rolling double evade for example). The "after rolling or rerolling dice" is the once per opportunity trigger in my mind. This means the ability triggers after the initial roll and after any reroll. While this could make Sunny crazy good with enough reroll potential, the odds are not in his favor. If I ever see it I will congratulate my opponent and enjoy the fact that I saw a once in a lifetime event (like my Lambds that rolled 4 nattie evades in a 1e epic match).
  11. It's about as wholesome as the 4k Defender plus Lambda trick. Unfortunately so long as there are rules that can be circumvented people will find ways to do so.
  12. If Juke was reasonably costed that could also be good fun option.
  13. This was my point. Buzz droids are just a better version of proton bombs and Trajectory simulator baked into one.
  14. Mentions the bombs and completely skips over Buzz Droids. Take Traj Sim, let you do it at the beginning of engagement, the bomb never disappears or affects your own ships? It's like proton bombs meets proximity mine, but better.
  15. And to add some clarification, because his ability technically stops the destruction, he also doesn't trigger deadman's switch. Edit: makes great point and then types the wrong upgrade. (I said Feedback Array initially).
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