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  1. This is a good one to mention. Someone posted on the subreddit a picture of PS1 ships vs a TA-175 swarm of PS1 droids. The other ships had iniative and the droids all took target lock because "they will get the calculate when #15 is destroyed". When I pointed out that they will get the calculates when he is removed multiple people pointed to the wording of TA-175 without referencing the RR at all. Granted we have all made mistakes because of strange rulings vs wording, but that one really resonated with me.
  2. My brain is struggling to figure out how you added a ship that is 18 points more expensive and dropped the list by 2 points. Are both Starvipers supposed to have been dropped or did the official app do FFG math again?
  3. Or the Lambda, Upsilon and Resistance Transport.
  4. I've thought it would be an interesting option to give it the traditional bowtie arc, but not allow rear shots. Basically it can shoot out the sides with 2-3 dice, but when it goes front/back the back arc doesn't count. Instead it gains an extra die out the front (to represent the bubble turrets firing on the same target instead of ones out the side).
  5. As the individual who flew this list I will say that I had high Hope's for Maarek, but they didn't pan out except in my last match (and even then, just good, not amazing). The biggest issue has been laid out nicely- he only has one action and unless you can save the lock you have to really think about it. I took focus and had 2 dice shots a lot (especially after my second match when Maarek died to two 2-dice attacks and rolled 6 focuses on defense). On the flip side, Marksmanship, ATC and his ability can be ridiculously fun. If crits make it through, the right combo is devastating. Fuel Leak->Direct Hit or Hull Breach->Direct Hit can easily end a ship. I think in the future I would be more likely to coordinate to Maarek (I passed Duchess evades for 3-4 rounds in one match and never needed it). This gives him double mods and potentially a linked barrel roll before a blue move(so valuable to get triple actions). I don't think my time with Maarek has ended, but I do think I will focus more on using him as an annoying gnat rather than a crit king in the future.
  6. In first edition it was three mines. I don't like to assume things work the same from each edition, but we should at least realize the potential for similar rulings.
  7. 1. If your opponent has allowed you time to determine whether or not you were going to spend the evade before using crackshot and you chose not to, then you cannot retroactively decide to. For your example the evade token spend happens before crackshot triggers. Other specific examples are if someone rolls one hit and their opponent rolls 1 evade and 2 eyeballs. If the defender chooses not to spend a force to make one an evade, his opponent can declare crackshot, there by cancelling the rolled evade and dealing one damage. When I run crackshot I always make a point of asking my opponent if he wants to spend his tokens before declaring crackshot. Too often the player realizes they should be used that 1 force to have 2 evades(preventing me from using crackshot and potentially killing a ship). 2. Spending a force, using a force, etc are not actions. You can have actions where the cost is to spend an evade(like your example). In these situations the normal 1 action (unless linked) still applies. You could either lock or spend the force for an evade, not both.
  8. How much would you pay for an upgrade that turns all your red moves white and gives you am extra attack and evade die? That's what Leia does for Cova. Yes, you lose some of the maneuverability when you lock yourself into red moves, but the punishing one title is 8 points and only boosts offense (and grants a droid slot instead of crew, but I'm torn on what is better for that trash pile).
  9. I personally don't stall/fortress because I consider it a cheap tactic, and I am glad that they have adjusted the rules on it to inhibit players ability to do such a thing. The interesting thing about the rules(and I bring this up in reply to your post because of the third ship moving aspect) is that a ship only needs to be moving(not necessarily forward or backwards). This means 4King defenders blocking a Lambda on alternate turns is perfectly legal. Or using Cova with Leia to shift forward and backwards while the rest of your list hard ones into each other. These are instances of "legal fortressing" but would be considered unsporting to must people. That said, FFG has given us the official rules and it is up to our excellent TOs/judges to make the rulings.
  10. No matter what a ship can only perform one bonus attck in a round. The Ghost/Attack Shuttle/Turret trick still limits you to one bonus attack (either from the turret or the rear arc, not one of each).
  11. These are great! I'm running a demo this weekend and had been hand making text only cards just to have the information on them, but these already have the pilot abilities and upgrades included for ease of new players. One request - would it be possible to make them more printer friendly? Maybe B&W line art instead of full color.
  12. Maybe. I haven't flown Hux a ton, but I like the SFs with him. I think missiles and passive sensors make even more sense. Go Alpha or go home basically. Use Hux to give all 3 a focus, passive sensors to get a TL and rotate as needed. Still hamstrung by stress, but good use of banks, the rear arc and passive sensors can help protect the little guys. Just make sure the shuttle is a lower pilot skill (or same PS and moves first) and you are golden.
  13. Hey, that's me! I ran Bastian (M9-G8), Tallie (Heroic, Crackshot) and Vennie (Traj Sim, Seismics, Protons, Prerceptive Copilot, Rey, Veteran Turret Gunner). Biggest issues: self bombing with Traj Sim, lack of actions on red maneuvers, and over reliance on Vennie in general. I modified the list since, but have yet to run it. Dropped Traj Sim and the mines. Added Pattern Analyzer in. Swapped Bastian for Nien. New concerns: weakness to swarms without bombs, still weak against aces, losing Bastian's ability (it works so well with M9!). My suggestions: try something with the bomber; it's a tank. Try some "Resistance 5" lists. Put Poe out there with a couple of friends. Experiment with different ships to figure out what you like. Oh, and never, ever, replace Heroic with a different talent. The day you do is the day you roll nothing but blanks.
  14. I would be inclined to drop one of the A-wings. Gives a lot of points to shuffle things around and improve the list. I know the extra mobile arcs are good for Vennie, but 1-2 plus his own is enough.
  15. I will concur with feltiperr on this one. Having flown Vennie at the only HS Trial I have attended, Rey was so valuable. Being able to tank so many shots is nice. My list was Vennie with Perceptive Co-pilot, VTG, Rey, Traj Sim, Seismic Charges, Proton Bombs Tallistan with Heroic, Crackshot Lt. Bastian with M9-G8 I would likely change out Ttaj Sim to fit PA and boost the support ships more. Biggest issue was wanting to stall and not having actions or really needing a hard one. I liked Tallie over L'ulo for survivability and adding the evade die to Vennie. Throwing 4 dice with Vennie thanks to Tallie, Range 3 and an obstacle, then adding a focus result to score 5 evades is just hilarious. I look forward to seeing how your version goes - maybe C3PO is a good choice, but I liked having a full focus token.
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