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  1. I also find this a major stumbling block which may push me to find an alternative app.
  2. I am on the fence - i want to be in, what little we know sounds like a great improvement...... But the cost of upgrading the stuff I have may force me to be out.... Will have to see if it continues to look as good once we get more information, and I can manage to scrape some spare cash from somewhere!
  3. I like both ace and swarm wing... so its a tough call..... However will go Acewing
  4. I think this title is good and realy helps the starviper perform, the repositioning options the banked barrel roll brings make it hard to predict, and if you can move after your opponent, it makes getting them in arc a lot easier. The downside (for the viper in general) is its low ps skills on the likes of Guri (probably the best viper pilot ability) making taking advanrage of the barrel roll harder. Thweek's capability to almost guarantee going last helps - but need Virago to pack a decent punch. Generally the reliance on the Virago title limits the number of these you can fly. Without the system and illicit slots a starviper can struggle to perform - often this limits you to one per squad (although some people far more skilled than me have made multiple vipers work quite well). All in all this title has pushed the Starviper up into the competitive mix and made it real fun to fly..... but can't help feel in current game its not quite enough.
  5. Go for it, i make no guarantee that its good ? Its been ok for me and if i can get into range 1 can be hard to skake off as they are so good at staying onyou, while outputting some decent damage. Bombs are a worry but you need to burn down those bomb carriers fast. I just wish i got more game time in... I generaly get one xwing night a month (2 games) and a Local game store kit event every other month. Let me know how it goes......
  6. Thweek it gives him FCS so i have the potential to get modded shots and reposition if i can get him hunting a target down. Full list is Fenn Rau (Push the limit, Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters) 34 Thweek (Starviper mkii, Autothrusters, Virago, Fire Control System, Glitterstim) 32 Guri (Push the limit, Starviper mkii, Autothrusters) 32 Gives me 2 point bid for thweek (though have been experimenting with dropping the glitterstim for a 4pt bid)
  7. I have been flying fenn rau and 2 vipers (Thweek and Guri), and was realy happy to see the three viper list do well, it gives me hope that my list has a chance against some of the current Meta (if i practice it enough)
  8. Sozin, I am a big fan of your work on the scum and villainy podcast and working on list juggler. I have read a number of you posts here and generally agree with a lot of what you say. I do believe you were wrong on this though. Don't get me wrong I prefer RAI to RAW on this, but its not the judge Illuminati's job within the community to change the rules (even when they are causing issues like this), thats FFG's job. Yes they are respected leaders of the rules community, but that's because they are good at what they do, and people trust them to interpret RAW. If they were to rule in favour of RAI it would harm that and could hurt their position in the community. I respect the way you have acknowledged your error and hope that you can patch things up with the judges. We all make mistakes, particularly when we feel passionate about a topic.
  9. This looks great. It does have ships/pilot skills in it not in the standard hotac dowload i have found. Is there an updated Hotac containing these?
  10. At a tournament a few weeks ago i had a 1 hull remaining talonbane parked at range 1 behind a z95 with 1 shield and 2 hull. I believe the z95 had concussion missiles left as well. Seems like a good place to be.....but the z 95 also had dead mans switch. I had no mods and all game ihd been rolling an average of 2-3 hits on 5 dice unmodded. I was concerned about not shooting as i felt i needed another point of damage or two on that z95 before breaking off and trying to get the kill shot at range 2-3. This it turns out was the round to roll 5 natural hits killing the z95 and myself and taking the game to final salvo which i promptly lost..... entirely self inflicted due to lack of patience.
  11. my current list Guri attanni mindlink, autothrusters, virago, cloaking device Talonbane Cobra attanni minlink, vectored thrusters Fenn Rau attannin mindlink, autothrusters, Concord Dawn protector One i have ready to try - no mindlink!! Kath Scartett fearlessness, homing missiles, thermal detonators, guidance chips, dengar ig88B Fearlessness, hlc, ion bombs, fcs, autothrusters
  12. As said above by others, great stream and realy appreciated GSP, thanks from me
  13. I ran Fenn with title, autothrusters and mindlink, Talonbane with mindlink and vectored thrusters, Guri with mindlink, cloaking device, autothrusters and title at an tournament on monday just gone. Went 2/2 and finished 8th out of 21. Fun to fly and when it works it realy destroys your opponents list (fairly convinced i got so high based on Mov, one of my friends was also 2/2 but they came 15th) should hvae done better in both my losses, one was a foolish bit of flying which my opponent exploited expertly and one was lost on final salvo as my one hull talonbane shot at a 3 health z95 at range one when he had deadmans switch and got 5 natural hits...... (should have had more patience). Definately fun to fly, not sure its top tier but still worth a go. Talonbane seems like the weak link, to easy to pick off compared to the other two.
  14. Mindlink Kavil would make a good fit for this (Mindlink frees his action for the Tl) and 4 dice at r2 (outside arc) sound good to me
  15. Fenn Rau with snapshot - would that be a range 1 shot with 3 dice in activation phase before he attacks in combat phase? Not bad but can I run Fenn rau without PTL......
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