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  1. As someone who has not yet purchased any of the hero and monster packs, there actually has been numerical symmetry for the archetype representation, so far as symmetry. However, it can likely be argued that mages and healers are likely to be the least common types of adventurers in the world. That said, my gamer OCD doesn't like that, either. And I wasn't really trying to imply that FFG owed us anything. I do see what people are saying about the lack of inspiration with Mage classes, but at the same time I feel like mages should have the most freedom, since magic can pretty much take whatever form you can imagine. I just don't understand why they've expanded every other aspect of the game at this point, but haven't for whatever reason added these two classes. It baffles me.
  2. I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I looked back a few pages and didn't see anything in recent history, so I thought I'd try. Does anyone know anything about whether or not they'll be releasing 6th classes for the mage and healer archetypes? The last expansion didn't have any classes, and the new one looks to only have the hybrids. My gamer OCD needs every archetype to have the same number of options available, and they presently do not.
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