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  1. You know, I would have agreed with you a year or two ago about the popularity of the "board game" industry in general going down. But, Game of Thrones the TV show and the new book finally "being worked on" has brought a whole new market to this particular board game. My wife and I got into board games last winter when we were strapped for cash but still wanted to be social (we are both 30, so young enough to go out to bars still but do not do it all the time like most people in their early 20's) so we got into board games as a way to socialize with our friends and not spend much cash. Over time, our group grew from one other couple to 6 other couples. When we introduced Game of Thrones the board game, everyone that played it wanted to play it again the next time we meet up.... (we have the 2nd edition). It is a complex game, with a high replay value (granted you have to be ready to play for 4-7 hours with 6 people). After playing it fairly regularly for 2 months, I really do hope they make a 3rd edition, with some varied house starting options (thank you to the 100's of people that have listed variations) and expanding for an "option" to play up to 7-9 players (maybe this franchise buys out the guys who created their own 7-9 player version, or just hires them). Especially as the book and TV series expands on the white walkers, house Targaryen, Wildlings faction.... I think there is much "interest" in playing different "houses or factions" and expanding the variations of game play. I believe this board game series has a lot of room to grow, a market to sell to (that is growing with the HBO series especially), and a great concept to work with. Once again, thank you to the fan base that keeps producing new variations to this game, and I hope FFG decides that this is a game worthy to grow a 3rd edition with a new map/houses/variations.
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