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  1. Launching a Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy game in your community is easier than you would think. We recommend you start by reading our Organized Play Rules. Once you understand the play rules you can start by creating an event on our event calendar. Once it has been added to our calendar you can share the link on social media with friends and others in your area. Players in your backyard will begin to RSVP securing a seat at the table. Then simply show up and have fun running a game. It is that simple. Don't have a Game Master, no problem. We recommend that you post an event for a character creation night. This allows many players and game masters to meet up and network. It does not take long to get a game going. You can also host Learn to Play events to introduce new players to the game, growing the community. I recommend that you print off a few helpful guides/cheat sheets, some pre-generated characters, and have a set of table dice that people can share. Doing this will make your game more inviting to new players. Consider printing one of our event flyers and ask your favorite local game store if you can post it on their community board. By sharing your game with your local game store they can begin to recommend your events to players who purchase the game at their store. Need some help running adventures. Legends of the Galaxy has your back. Visit our Adventure Pages to access links to buy official adventures or download fan made roleplaying adventures. The Adventure pages include opening crawls, suggestions for introducing players or expanding adventures. It lists story and equipment rewards to give to your players and much more. The team at Legends of the Galaxy will also help by sharing your event to the community on social media and recommend players in your local area. We can send out e-mail blasts to players near you advertising your game event. When your game is over you can report your adventure results and earn points towards our GM Legendary Award Program. If after hosting a few events you are not successful with finding players. You should consider running or playing in some of our online game events. Legends of the Galaxy has a Roll20 and Discord Server where games are frequently held. I hope this was helpful.
  2. I used the web install and have the same problem. I found if I load it as Administrator and run in combatibility mode it works but sometimes I can’t see all my characters and have to close and reload to access my characters
  3. How has the creation of this rpg supplement you were creating coming? I can't wait to see the finished pdf.
  4. If you visit the Legends of the Galaxy discord server we have a few play by posts going and need more players. You should join https://discord.gg/hMW5B2v
  5. Tell me do you have a full color version of this character sheet? Also I am interested in encoding one to auto fill out with the dice symbols. I think this character sheet is amazing. Any design files you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated. info@LegendsoftheGalaxy.com
  6. Check out www.LegendsoftheGaxy.com you can view a map of local community players and contact them on our discussion boards.
  7. Check out www.LegendsoftheGaxy.com you can view a map of local community players and contact them on our discussion boards.
  8. Village Games in Champlin MN runs tons of game nights. Check out www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com feel free to post an event of your own for meeting new players and GMs
  9. Check out www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com we run tons of public games in the Twin Cities. I know there is a game tomorrow as well as the following weekend there will be a few put up online.
  10. I was wondering if GMs were willing to share any fan written adventures for Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny? Or any converted adventures from D6 or D20 Star Wars? I am trying to collect them to offer for free download in Legends of the Galaxy which is a community driven rpg experience website that helps GMs and players build good games and acts as an organized play if you will. I found many here on the forums but wanted to see if there were any more.
  11. It has been since 1/27 since oggdude has posted in this thread. Hope the guy is ok
  12. Since there are no official stats this is what Legends of the Galaxy uses for our Organized Play.
  13. I backed up the generator manual download to offer people who contact me at oggdude.com and LegendsoftheGalaxy.com https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5hl59fthqvwrik/SWCharGen.zip?dl=0
  14. Feel free to post this in our discussion boards to look for Our GMs at www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com
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