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    garciaj113 reacted to Parakitor in My First 250pt Epic Game   
    Hmmm...I'd be nervous taking 21 points of Stealth Device. I think Stealth Device is best when you have lots of tokens to keep it from failing, especially on Kath. Upon seeing all those Stealth Devices, I'd expect to see the Gozanti in a support role, sporting things like Fleet Officer, Comms Booster, and Grand Moff Tarkin. I don't know that it's bad the way it is, but it's atypical. Perhaps you should give it a go, and then let us know your thoughts on Stealth Device spam. I could be surprised.
    Another thing I noticed is that you have the Requiem title, but you don't have Docking Clamps, so it can't carry the TIE fighters. Either drop the title to save points, and don't dock the fighters, or you'll have to lose one of your cargo upgrades on the Gozanti to equip Docking Clamps.
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    garciaj113 reacted to Richardbuxton in Some rules questions   
    1. As to your first question, I had the same one and asked the Developers, here is a link to their answer
    But basically you can only benefit from a single source of "add Force Dice to the pool". Essential skill and Intuitive Shot can't be used on the same check.
    2. Breach 1, Pierce x. Against a target with Soak you would bypass 10+x Soak. Against a target with Armour (a vehicle) you would bypass 1 Armour and Pierce is ignored.
    3. Pierce does not do anything to Armour of vehicles, so Pierce 12 is Pierce 12 and does nothing to a vehicle when you attack it.
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    garciaj113 reacted to syrath in Some rules questions   
    A single check is limited to being only able to use your FR in force dice on the check. So you can have 3 force dice from one or the other but not both.
    Edit - source F &D page 280 bold text on left column. however, the number of Force dice he adds to the pool can never exceed his current force rating
    You could read this in that you could split the 3 force dice 2/1 but I believe that in an order 66 episode it was confirmed as one or the other (I'm working from memory here, so may be wrong), either way house ruling as allowing the split is hardly game breaking but allowing to double up as a house rule is, although again this is up to your GM of course.
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