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  1. Its Hunter, someone already leaked all the stuff in the IRG box.
  2. A couple things I found: 1) Rebel Commandoes are listed as 68 points when they should be 60 2) it does not let me add Boba’s cards 3) the electrostaff guard for the Royal Guard squad is not appearing A sidenote: do you think you could add the generic commander and it’s upgrade card version for imps and rebels On a positive note, the app looks very nice and handles well. Thanks for making it.
  3. Of all the eras the Sequel trilogy is definitely the most lackluster (almost a carbon copy of the OT), for the OT I'm going rebels and the Prequels I'm going droids, but Sequels definitely a hard pass. Here's to hoping they don't make them OP to push sales.
  4. The stuff in the priority supplies expansion are actually objective miniatures, not terrain, which is why they all come on bases. The crates are for secure the supplies, the moisture vaporizers for repair the moisture vaporizers (included in the expansion) and the consoles are for intercept the transmissions.
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    @BigBadAndy they only displace on their final position of their compulsory move.
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    In terms of fixing the T-47, me and my friend have been trying an interesting solution. New Keyword: High-flying Target when measuring range to this unit add 1 to your current range (i.e. if you are at range 1 you are effectively at range 2). This prevents things like grenades and flamethrowers hitting the T-47, which is thematic and greatly increases its ability to not get pinged down by range 4 impact weapons. Let me know what guys think.
  7. I'm very happy they separated both the OG and the Sequels now me and my friends can field our factions without being required to purchase Sequel stuff, it always irked me that Quickdraw was one of the best "imperial" pilots. I hate the new ships, they are just repaints or extremely lame, the only exception being the Tie Silencer, that is a slick design. Its going to be fun when they redo epic and I can do full on rebel vs imperial battles.
  8. @NeonWolf 1) I am not the one who posted the topic, it is implied this is the TTS meta as this is a TTS tournament, but the arguments about the Airspeeder's efficiency still stand and it becomes even worse when commandos come out, which look to be crazy points efficient. 2) The Airspeeder's ability ability to capture objectives is severely hampered by its compulsory move and the way vehicles move, yes it can score breakthrough and key positions, but it comes at the cost of a lot of repositioning which hampers its ability to contribute to the fight. 3) Regarding its flimsiness you failed to mention two key things, its wound threshold of 5 and natural crits. Starting with the wound threshold of 5: if wounded and you roll a surge the Airspeeder is effectively completely destroyed as the opponent will blow up your main gun leaving the ship useless. If you roll a block a your action efficiency is crippled meaning your ability to take opportune shots is gone. So as soon as this thing to 5 wounds its efficiency plummets. Also in your equation you leave out natural crits, which completely negates the Airspeeder's natural cover and have the ability to push wounds through in addition to impact. Getting 7 wounds through is easily accomplished unless the opponent rolls extremely poorly or misplays. 4) You fail to address the fact that main weakness of the Airspeeder is that you can just take more stuff for its obscene point cost, by trading the Airspeeder for troopers and AT-RTs you get more scoring units, more activations and higher damage output 5) Even with the aim token being used on two red dice and the normal average still being achieved, you only get an avg of 5.25 hits, which if attacking Stormtroopers (completely out of cover) you kill 2-3 on avg, pretty weak if you ask me. 6) The Airspeeder is completely crushed by a good imperial list, not even mentioning the fact that Veers can orbital strike for an avg of 2 successful damage (orbital strike roll an avg dmg of 3.75 and had an avg crit of 1, with impact 2 and ignoring cover the Airspeeder will have to make 3 saves and make one on avg [this is without Veers aiming btw]) before the thing even activates. The whole argument of the opponent putting to much firepower into a unit without suppressing it is not a real argument, as this thing has a very real chance of going down and you suddenly lose 1/4 of your list for barely anything in return. 7) the psychological effect only works on noob players, same idea with the double AT-ST list, although AT-STs are much, much better than Airspeeders - Also I've seen and played with the Airspeeder in real life, its still bad To sum it all up the most efficient rebel lists will be lists that spam troopers (both regular and fleet troopers are pretty good) and AT-RTs and will probably come to include commandos as well. I personally like the Luke + Leia dual lead, I think it is very strong (I personally love running Luke). Unless I see Airspeeders winning large tournaments I will not be convinced otherwise, as all the numbers and my numerous games point to the Airspeeder being bad. I have designed several lists for myself and friends and all of them have done very well without utilizing the Airspeeder. If you like the Airspeeder fine, but all the point you made do not make an argument for why I should not just run other things for the same cost the Airspeeder.
  9. @Orkimedes for the Fleet Troopers I like to move them up with the AT-RTs, as they provide a good source of mobile cover, Luke is usually flanking on his own since he is so mobile and heavily utilizing LOS breaking terrain. Also key is that when the AT-RTs run into enemies, they dont engage them allowing them to still be shot at by the Fleet Troopers.
  10. @Orkimedes my favorite thing about running Luke + Leia together is the dual command bubbles. The main issue with running Luke by himself is that when he charges forward your rear troops lose their bubble and makes them vulnerable to panic. Aside from the command bubbles, giving Luke a dodge token turn 1 is really nice (with Leia's take cover action) and makes Luke's ability to move up field much stronger. Also since the list is very troop heavy Leia's inspire and take cover abilities really kick into high gear. Having both Luke's and Leia's command cards is also really nice as they are all much better than the neutral ones, notably, Leia's one-pip and two-pip are both really good for turn 1. Leia's one-pip lets you start off with a powerful alpha strike, or utilizing Leia's two-pip allows troopers to take objectives turn 1 rather than turn 2 (this is due to the fact that the speed-1 move puts the unit close enough for the speed-2 to move into base to base with the objective, allowing for the 2nd action to be used to capture the objective)
  11. So I will speak about the T-47 and why I will never run the thing (I am Riggins, who is the top seed) The T-47 is massively overpriced: 175pts for 7hp is disgustingly sad, almost every single Imperial unit has impact and will easily blow up the flimsy thing as soon as it moves in. Its damage output is nothing to write home about either (3.75 on avg). The main reason I will never run it is what I am giving up: 175pts buys me -> two rebel squads with Z-6 and and a rebel squad with a rebel trooper (174pts), two AT-RTs with laser canons (180pts) the list goes on. The Airspeeder will be better off on the shelf since all the other rebel options are better, want armor take AT-RTs, want firepower take rebel troopers. All of this coupled with the fact that the Airspeeder cannot hold objectives makes it even worse. Also as to my list running double naked AT-RTs, looking at my bracket the earliest I can fight a rebel match is in the quarter finals. The problem is the laser canons are really potent in the rebel matchup, but pretty terrible in the imperial matchup, since they get blown up stupid fast, esp with all the AT-STs running around. Putting minimal investment into the AT-RTs is strong since if they actually do get into melee they will make up their points fast and if they get blown up early I lose very little, it also frees up my points to run more troopers. Also here are my lists for those curious: List used in the round robin: Luke Skywalker (Force Reflexes + Force Push), Leia Organa, 2x AT-RTs (Laser Canon), 3x Rebel Trooper (Extra Trooper + Z-6) + 2x Rebel Trooper (Z-6) 795/800 [9 activations] List being used in elimination: Luke Skywalker (Force Reflexes + Force Push), Leia Organa (Environmental Gear), 2x AT-RT, 2x Fleet Trooper (Extra Trooper, Scatter Gun, Environmental Gear), 4x Rebel Trooper (Z-6) 798/800 [10 activations]
  12. Another problem with the snowspeeders is also they do not help for any of the objectives except for breakthrough, if the opponent is running two snowspeeders kill everything else, since the damage on the snowspeeders is actually pretty low and they will be left with nothing to cap objectives. Against imperials those speeders might as well be made of paper-mache since almost anything on the imperial side has impact and with only seven wounds its not long for this world. The thing with Luke is nothing can kill stormtroopers like he can. He is easily worth 2-3 rebel squads in killing power since Luke kills 3-4 stormtroopers on avg per swing while 6 man rebel troopers with Z-6 kill 1-2 on avg.
  13. For playing rebels I feel there are two rules 1) Always run Luke: Luke is the only rebel unit that can consistently deal with Stormtroopers and his command cards are amazing. For his loadout I would prioritize Force Push and then filling him out with Force Reflexes, Mind Tricks or leaving the second slot empty. I recommend against scope as Luke will rarely aim, he should always be moving around an optimizing his melee attacks, Force Push is excellent for this as it serves as a free actionless disengage. Luke also synergizes well with Leia, giving Luke dodges with her take cover ability and providing a rear courage bubble as Luke goes charging forward. Leia's two-pip can also give Luke that incremental bit of movement that could mean the difference of Luke being caught out of cover or tangled in an engagement. 2) Never take the airspeeder: the airspeeder is a horribly inefficient unit that dies to relatively little commitment, esp. against Imperial lists. The activations you give up and the opportunity cost of not running more troopers with Z-6s (avoid the MPL-57s exhaustible weapons are not good) or AT-RTs with your prefered loadout is too high. Rebel Lists as of now should always include Luke (and possibility Leia) and have a combination of troopers (if you want to run fleet troopers I recommend running two of them as that seems like the optimal number) and AT-RTs. The List I have had a lot of success with is Luke (Force Push + Force Reflexes), Leia, 3x Trooper (Extra Trooper, Z-6), 2x Troopers (Z-6) and 2x AT-RT (Laser Canon) 795/800 I find the framework of Luke + Leia, 5 trooper squads and 2 AT-RTs very effective
  14. I mean its mostly going to be repainted rebel and imperial ships, with a new design rarely thrown in. The factions lore-wise are ridiculously boring in that they are just rebel and imperial lite
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