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  1. Could they not just rename the "Heavy Scyk" to the Dune Lizard?
  2. I highly doubt they will be but it already exists the rear movement.
  3. Plus the Spacetug can go backwards.
  4. Raltus

    High PS Scum

    How do you post from that site to here? I cannot figure it out and yes I like Tweek as well but Guri more, I have a soft spot for her.
  5. Raltus

    High PS Scum

    Talon Bane Cobra: Vaskai, VI, EU, VT, Scavenger Crane, Pulse Ray, Scrambler (35 pts) Fenn Rau: VI, Title, Auto Thrusters (34 pts) Old Terry: VI, Title, Auto Thrusters (30 Pts)
  6. that is good too, could be something like the card for the large ships
  7. What about Angled Deflectors: If the enemy attacks you in your rear arc [this will be added on] you may turn a Target Lock if you have one in an reinforce token?
  8. I figured as much but best to ask
  9. So if you fire off the poon, and wipe out a ship with the 4 atk die lets say, do they still take the harpooned condition? and still do AoE dmg to other ships at range 1?
  10. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/HWK-290_light_freighter http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Aggressor_assault_fighter Just look at the lengths and tell me that FFG did not Royally F' up on those ships, like HUGE. HWK is 29 m, the Aggressor is 20 m. the Hwk needs a redo
  11. Either would be an awesome addition, the Purgatory class would be to long but it does have landing ships that are shuttles would I feel be similar to the U-wing in how they work so that could be the 2 person shuttle. Really they should just fix the Hwk-290 and make it a 2 person shuttle.
  12. The Defender light Corvette is more inline with the GR-75 since the Defender is 4 metres longer. The Defender is also from Knights of the Old Republic so I cannot see Disney allowing it but FFG could do something similar, as someone pointed out earlier it would be nice to have another support ship for each faction.
  13. That is fair, Other than the Y-Wing the others have only 1 slot, It is something that FFG could just FAQ in since it is not OP and it takes away your attack action for the next round.
  14. Well hope and Trust in the Force that one day they will give the T-65 a new title or something. What about if it was given the reload action? I know that it isn't a fix or anything but it could be something, It could be a title or such that goes along with the B-Wing and the Y-Wing but only for Torpedoes.
  15. Someone had a post saying that FFG should make online list builders and such legal since the FAQ's are changing swaths of things and not many have updated cards.
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