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  1. Not the mention that the fundamental lack of depth and complexity of the game just gets old after a while. I loved the game at first and I am still collecting but it is becoming chore.
  2. It never really got going. It is amazing that you can go into any gaming store in my town and see 20 plus people playing MTG even to this day.
  3. Oh I don't think it will last like Yugioh, Pokemon, or Magic has. One of the problem with Starwars Games is they always seem to hit hard with much excitement and then die a slow death. Destiny suffers from over simplified game play, lack of mass adoption, and the limited Starwars universe as compared to more fantasy type universes. Starwars is not in a good place right now for either new fans or older fans. Finally the golden age of CCG's has waned. I think if destiny makes it 5-7 years that will be a success. I have already become bored with the game, probably do to lack of a large player's community. I never felt this way about Yugioh and I loved playing Magic for nearly 15 years.
  4. FFG admits to making some wrong choices with old Finn. I would stay away from him.
  5. You have a lot of one of's. I think you need to stream line. My Boba/Phasma deck is on SWD DB and it has been doing pretty well.
  6. It's good. But I switched to ePhasma/eBoba. It has been working even better.
  7. Grevious is at a cost that forces him to run as one. With that being said he is OK with Dooku or Kylo2.
  8. If I remember correctly if you claim Emperor's Throne Room to resolve Force Speed, you get the actions to use before your turn is over right? Example. Claim, resolve Force Speed, resolve a focus on a dice to turn a dice to a damage side and then resolve that damage dice, then turn over. Is this right?
  9. You would only lose shields down to 3 right?
  10. Thanks guys. So Drop Zone, which I thought would, can have damage put on it without the battlefield being claimed? How did we know this for sure?
  11. Hey guys. How does new Finn's special work? What comprises a card?Can it be moved from Finn? Can the damage be moved to another character? Can it be moved to the opponent's character? Or does it have to be moved to a battlefield, support, ect....? Sorry if this has been answered already. I just check the rules on moving and they are wonky. The way they read it make Draw Attention sound amazing like it you move damage to a character they do not take damage. What is the difference in moving damage and taking damage? I thought I understood all the rules.
  12. And you can still claim that round right?
  13. So it sounds to me like I am playing it a bit safe, which is not like me. But it also sounds like my gut has been right because I have been playing against heavy mitigation decks. Thank guys.
  14. If I give control of the battlefield to my opponent that is not the same as them claiming right? Next can I still claim it back that round?
  15. Hey guys I was wondering. I have never played a single game of Destiny outside of my home. I do watch TTS from time to time. Do you guys resolve your character and upgrade damage as soon as you can or do wait and try and roll in both characters to resolve everything together? I do understand that sometimes chaining strategies do require one to wait and setup before resolving. But I always seem to roll in a character and it's upgrades, resolve and then roll in the second character and it's upgrades and resolve. I have always wondered if doing this is actually playing this game the wrong way by good players' standards. I guess my thought is if I don't resolve my good roll it will get mitigated while I am trying to roll in more damage. The people who play with me, my family and friends, play this way as well. But they have been following my lead. Am I teaching this game badly?
  16. Well that sucks for the lovers of this game. I wanted to try it so many times. I guess Destiny is too much to compete with. I too wish they would make an LCG with old the Decipher mechanic. All they need to do is clean up and simplify the rules, kinda like when the game started. Transition to LCG would be very easy. It would be loved the same way L5R is and have a built in community.
  17. By buying (2) 2 player starter sets, you have 2 very fun decks to start with.
  18. So the way I understand the holocrons is this. As long as you play in the right format your stuff from that format is legal. So if we choose not to play standard. We can use all of our cards from Awakenings on right?
  19. Let's be practical here. If by simply adding a yellow neutral, blue or whatever character gives one the ability to not only add that color but also add both hero and villain cards from that color; don't you think that would be incredibly broken. Everyone would run a neutral character.
  20. Yes. I think the rules are updated to include indirect damage. Just like errata'd cards work even though their card still shows the old text.
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