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  1. I think it's worth mentioning that I ran my own version of the Granee Noopa (Lords of Nal Hutta) that featured "Dinner" and "Dance" as parallel events: The dance was an anarchic swoop race on a hovering track above an island where my combat group fought in a PUBG-like event. Our Clawdite diplomat enjoyed a bit of sabotage of the rival pit crews before she impersonated one of the competing drivers and caused havoc on the track.
  2. For players who have their characters stay behind, it's important to understand why. In my game, one of our players has strong spectator tendencies, and was a piloting droid, so he'd often stay behind on the ship. It made sense in-character, since he was protective of the ship, and I didn't want to constantly put the spotlight on a player who tended to shy away from it. I saw no harm in letting him get group experience, since he had a mechanically important role, and produced occasional moments of comedy gold when he'd snark off in-character. He was there to hang out with friends and watch us have fun, and I was fine with that. Players like that generally don't mind twiddling their thumbs as long as the rest of the group is having fun. But if the player in question isn't a spectator, you need to figure out their motives. Some thoughts: OOC Paranoia: Some players have had vicious GMs who'd give players trouble if they didn't put a PC on guard duty or the like. If you want them to participate with the group, let them know you're not going to do that sort of thing. IC Paranoia: Star Wars has a lot of hives of scum and villainy beyond Mos Eisley, so let their paranoia pay off on occasion where they get to use their preparation and best skills for the group's benefit. "I can't contribute": You might need to give the player clear utility in whatever the group's doing, so they'll participate. Take a good look at what they can do and come up with ways to make their skills relevant. "This sounds boring, so I'll just stay behind.": That's a bigger problem, needing a deep discussion with what the player wants out of the game. Of course, this is assuming you want the PC in question to stay with the party. If they're splitting off for good reasons, give them something to do, even if it's just dialogue with a passing NPC. And I imagine there are a lot of ways to make interesting encounters out of needing to quickly rejoin the group when they get in trouble. I had a non-combat character stand by with a swoop to act as an ambulance, for example.
  3. I'll throw in my +1 to the observation that how you handle it depends a lot on your group. If your group likes playing criminal masterminds, slicers, and more cerebral ne'er-do-wells, laundering a ship can be an adventure in itself, up to hacking the BoSS database. Let them flex those giant Computer, Deception, and Skulduggery dice pools. If they just want to quickly get a pile of credits, let them fence it at severe markdown. --- My current group got a former pirate ship with a false transponder, but we went through a lot of laundering, aided by the fact that the ship had been sitting in a hangar bay for a few years so we could "salvage" it. We got it so clean, the only problem with getting inspected is if customs notices the cloaked smuggling compartments.
  4. I'm a fan of having contrasting strengths and weaknesses, so I approve of this thread. Current character: Tresk, Bothan Ace (Driver/Rigger). Brawn 1. The party's heavy on fighters, leaving Tresk as the odd man out. Fun bit of embarrassment: "Tresk, the Gamorrean hands you his rather heavy vibro-ax. Roll Athletics." Kind of got an interesting relationship with the team's Mando, Do'jeer: Tresk has earned a bit of respect for helping the group fight smart (or flat-out avoid unnecessary fights) and being fearless when he's on a swoop. Party member: Dracmus, Selonian Hired Gun(Marauder/Force Sensitive Emergent): Cunning and Presence 1. Half the fun is when he goes off on his own and gets himself into trouble with his mouth. Also, since he's something of an outcast Selonian (Selonians consider lying to be a major crime), he's apparently having fun telling tall tales... with a Deception pool of one ability die. During my turn as GM, he's had some 'lucky' rolls of 1 success and numerous threats... We should probably stay away from Kwenn Station for a while.
  5. Funny thing: Shortly before I picked up Fully Operational, I was in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game, and we had picked up some spiritually awakened grenades. "I'll see you in ****!" *Boom* Our GM was quite amused when I brought up that entry.
  6. IIRC, some gambling games use Cool as a skill, to reflect your characters poker (Sabacc?) face.
  7. My character would be happy to pick up more ranks of Defensive Driving, but remember that Defense and Armor/Soak are two different things.
  8. Forgot to thank you for a dose of Scyk a while back, 2P51. Got any more art of an Arrow-23 landspeeder? My group's recently acquired one.
  9. Now I'm really excited to pick up my copy. My Ace/Driver recently picked up a new M3-A Scyk and the Rigger spec. Tempted to have him rebuild it with the new crafting rules to see what sort of insanity he can get away with. Push the Specs also appeals to him, since he's soon going to pick up Supreme Full Throttle. Imagining him buzzing Imperial bases before the TIE pilots can get their pants on.
  10. I'll make sure my Ace Driver/Rigger makes good use of the book in your name. He's recently gotten a new Scyk to toy with.
  11. I can hear my Bothan Ace squeeing in my head.
  12. From a game balance perspective, I see no reason why you can't request a homebrew cybernetic for the same credit cost that improves agility without requiring the loss of a limb. I think some of it comes down to "how do Star Wars cybernetics 'feel' to your group?" I've got a swoop racer (Bothan Ace: Driver/Rigger) of my own. I'm also excited for the Courier specialization, hoping there's a vehicle side to it, since he's considering using his swoop's advanced avionics computer for Rebel data smuggling. For your career and specialization choices, it might be helpful to look at the signature abilities for the careers. You can always buy out-of-career specs, but you can only buy signature abilities from within your career.
  13. This game defaults to Canon, but Legends material is welcome as long as we don't spot contradictions with Canon. I am planning on picking up Jewel of Yavin for some info on Cloud City this weekend.
  14. Background: I'm running an ongoing campaign, and we're wrapping up after successfully completing an extra large version of the Granee Noopa from Lords of Nal Hutta. This game takes place around the time of Star Wars Rebels, and Lando hasn't become the Baron of Cloud City, yet. (We're playing a bit loose with the timeline.) The game is mixing between EotE and AoR, with the PC crew "acquiring" resources for some Rebel cells they linked up with. The Crew: Do'jeer Ordo: Mandolorian Ex-Stormtrooper. Sosha Boz: Trandosian Rebel sniper. GI-01: Droid pilot for the crew's Ghtroc 720 freighter, Cobalt Pioneer. Tends to stay out of the spotlight as a player. Candor: Clawdite Rebel Propagandist. Very trickster-y. Player is a big fan of Lando. Don't want her to hog the spotlight too much. Tresk Saiga'skra: Bothan swoop racer and mechanic. PC from when I was a player. Sometimes awkward for me as a GM to play, since he's been acknowledged as the group's voice of reason, so there are downsides to both remaining with the group (risk of railroading) and leaving them to their own devices. Dracmus: Selonian Marauder/Force Sensitive Emergent. Obligation: Obsession(Adventure). Hylia Tainer (NPC): Besalisk Technician(Modder). Former head of Tresk's pit crew. She's currently acting as the ship's engineer. The premise: A Rebel Commander gives the group a mission to Cloud City, premised on being a celebratory vacation after their victory at the Granee Noopa. Their mission will be to get some black market spin-sealed Tibanna gas (used for turbo-lasers) while they're there. When they get there, they'll discover their contact was raided by Imperials. This is where Lando and Lobot come in, offering them some Tibanna gas, if they help Lando get into a card game with the current Baron so he can bet the title and lose it to Lando. I could use some ideas for what sort of setpieces to give the crew to build a scheme around, plus Lando's suggestion for how they handle it. After the combat-heavy Granee Noopa, I feel like giving them something less straightforward.
  15. If my players asked for an outdated ship, I'd be happy to invent an updated version. Though I suppose it'd be an interesting campaign premise if some players salvaged an abandoned ancient ship that was left adrift and mostly preserved by the vacuum of space. Or if the first session involved them stealing a restored antique.
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