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  1. Join us for some games of play by post or simply hang out and discuss the game. Honor is stronger than steel! https://discord.gg/xF7Qsnr
  2. That's a lot of content to consider. I'll be sure to look into the adventure! Backgrounds haven't really been developed yet. The sullustan ace is a former slave from the Kessel mines and has sworn to return to the mines to rescue the other slaves, (Rescue Quest) but besides that I don't have a lot of information.
  3. Awesome, thanks for all the advice and resources. Operation Shadowpoint definitely intrigues me.
  4. I've read through the first few pages. I assumed it was more of an introductory game than a solid standalone adventure.
  5. I was reading the sullustan species profile on a third-party site. Awesome, thanks for the clarification!
  6. What does the (Skill) +1 mean when selecting a species during character creation? (For example, the Sullustan species bonus of Astrogation: +1) Is this similar to a vehicle's handling, and adds a boost die to the indicated skill check, or does this mean you gain a free rank in the skill? Thanks, - Jake
  7. My group and I recently ran through the EotE beginner game, and now I'm looking for an AoR adventure to run before I create a campaign of my own. My RPG group currently consists of myself and two others. The characters are an Ithorian Spy with the Counter-Intelligence Duty and a Sullustan Ace with the Space Superiority Duty. (I might be playing a droid sidekick GMPC to round out the party skillset.) Adventure suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Fantastic. I've been searching for a good planetary resource.
  9. Even though I am a devout Crab, I would love to see a minor clan pack. Hoping this dream will become reality in the new Disciples of the Void clan pack! The following is quoted from the First Flames, a preview of Disciples of the Void. strange calamities throw entire regions into chaos, and underneath it all, a Minor Clan looks to elevate their status.
  10. I have been reading the beta L5R RPG rules recently, and I can't find where it might tell me how many players the game is designed for. Could anyone help me with this?
  11. Thank you! I realize I have been doing it wrong all this time!
  12. All you need are four ingredients: Spirit Eowyn, Galadriel, Nenya, and Herugrim. I attached Nenya to Galadriel and Herugrim to Eowyn. I exhausted Nenya and Galadriel to add her willpower to Eowyn's, discarded one card as did my buddy, and there you have it, Eowyn with 11 attack.
  13. What two heroes do you think will be included in the new deluxe expansion? The description says that it will be two heroes who work well together, so I'm guessing (and hoping) it will be a spirit Sam and a leadership Frodo. Post your ideas below.
  14. Awesome! I can't wait! This expansion looks like the best one yet!
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