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  1. - when the thief and assassin are the most experienced and knowledgeble of the party - ... and the thief is the leader of the group - when the warrior is more afraid of a dinner with his previous captain than a chaos space marine - when the biggest problem is figuring an alter ego/cover up to the party's wizard (psyker) - when you're more concerned about what the religious character is going to do then the assassin, berzerker, wizard or thief - when you realize that no form of law enforcer can be reasoned with - a rocket launcher and heavy machine guns are ok to walk around the city with - Limb loss is less of a problem and more of an opportunity - when the mafia are more honest than the lawful leaders - when learning about technology and engineering is considered heresy, unless one belongs to the correct religious faction - when equipment has the categories: Useless, Something, Usable, Good, HOLY S###! - when killing is the prefered method of punishment and everything else is too much of a hassle
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