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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from lunitic501 in RitR experiences?   
    I am currently engaged in three RitR campaigns. In one of them, while I had the initiative for a round I was able to choose 2 assaults that were effectively useless for the opposing team. Even though my team lost all three battles, we were able to get the upgrades we wanted (mostly due to understrength bonuses). The opposing team got 1 upgrade they wanted (their assault), 1 upgrade from a base (sub-par though) and nothing for their third fleet.
    This campaign is rich with strategic decisions and has directly influenced which fleets are defending and why. Receiving the "understrength" reward bonus is almost equivalent to a win.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to OuterPop in Sorastro's Painting   
    Joruus C'Raastro. 
    Sounds dangerous...
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Lemmiwinks86 in RitR questions   
    Lets quote the pertinent rules:
    Page 10 under "Veteran Ships and Squadrons": "Each non-veteran ship that was not destroyed during the battle and that destroyed at least one enemy ship becomes veteran"
    Page 12 under "Hyperspace Retreat": "... It will count as destroyed when determining score, but does not become scarred after the battle has been resolved".
    As I understand it, the ship will become veteran because it was not destroyed during the battle, it just count as destroyed when determining score.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Karneck in SW:A -- Clone Wars? Or was I dreaming?   
    They've said several times they are aiming to hit Q4 2020. Considering there is no more product to be released for Armada until then, I'd say its a good bet they make that goal barring unforeseen issues.
    Which is fine by me, I really do enjoy the 1 wave a year expansion rate myself.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Karneck in SW:A -- Clone Wars? Or was I dreaming?   
    ok I amend my previous statement, physical ship expansion once a year, and card only expansions once as year as well.

    Although with it being clone wars coming out, I would assume they would want enough product to make it worth while buying into CIS and Clones.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from Karneck in SW:A -- Clone Wars? Or was I dreaming?   
    I also enjoy expansions for Armada at about one per year. It would be nice to get a campaign expansion annually also.  New squadrons and titles would be a nice way to mix things up. 
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to medaloffairness in RITR questions + supplements   
    thank you @Fraggle_Rock
    the 250 points cap was my missing element on the first part. Now it makes sense.
    Also thanks for the clarification on the commander abilities.
    Much appreciated.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from lunitic501 in RitR experiences?   
    I'm with you on this. I have really been enjoying this campaign and Armada in general more so then I have in a long time.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from cadetvw in RitR experiences?   
    I'm with you on this. I have really been enjoying this campaign and Armada in general more so then I have in a long time.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from ClassicalMoser in RitR experiences?   
    I'm with you on this. I have really been enjoying this campaign and Armada in general more so then I have in a long time.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from Red Castle Games in RitR experiences?   
    I'm with you on this. I have really been enjoying this campaign and Armada in general more so then I have in a long time.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from Joker Two in RitR experiences?   
    I'm with you on this. I have really been enjoying this campaign and Armada in general more so then I have in a long time.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Muelmuel in Spare Scrap Stations   
    I'm somewhat of a hoarder, so I've hoarded almost all my Armada stuff in the boxes. That means alot of spare dials and cardboard. I've been thinking of getting a 3D station, so I was fooling around with the spare stuff and came up with these:
    Rabble supply station

    Imperil squadron station

    The main disc is simply a speed dial with three squadron tokens and topped off with a victory token. The lower sections are some more victory tokens and and tapering off to the smaller round cardboard that is leftover when punching out shield dials plus rectangular cardboard leftover from the ship token to make auxiliary platforms. Can mix and match to one's preference

    They can also easily hold objective tokens if they happen to be scenario objectives. If you want a neutral station you can just swap the top for an engineering token or something else 🥰

    Here is a Imp variant of a supply station

    And a rabble squadron station

    If you feel that you have no need for your initiative token, you could use it to make a landing platform

    I used the squadron tokens again for the platform but you could use your spare numbered tokens to give the platforms different numbers. I think there are many other ways that spare stuff can be reused. What will you make?
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Grumbleduke in RitR: More questions   
    As you noted, page 10 of the Rules Reference, under "Setup" says:
    These are part of the standard setup rules. These rules apply to every game unless there is some specific rule (different format, objective, upgrade card) that overrides them.
    There is nothing in the Task Force Battles rules, or elsewhere in the Rules Reference, that says to change that rule.
    When FFG streamed a Task Force game, unfortunately they skipped over setup - but it looks like at least one obstacle was placed right up against a distance 3 line, so I'm taking that as a hint the distance 3 rule applies. But I might be wrong - a couple of obstacles could be a bit closer than distance 3.
    While I can see an argument for the obstacles only needing to be outside Deployment Zones (so beyond distance 3 of the player edges), if the rules wanted to say that they would. For a normal 3' x 6' game the "beyond distance 3 of the 3' edges" part of the rule is irrelevant, so I think it is there for the 3' x 3' games.
    But as with everything, if you want to house rule it, do so - just agree before you start playing.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from jbrandmeyer in RitR: More questions   
    As stated above, you are correct. For reference, you will only find the "tabling" rules regarding flotillas in the Tournament Regulations. Look under "End of Round" and "One Player Defeated."
    This rule states that "At the end of a game round, all of one player's ships that are not flotillas are destroyed. The player with at least one ship remaining earns a win and the opposing player receives a loss."
    Having said all of that, in one campaign I am playing in we decided to play with the "tabling rule" and are using the following rules:
    - Player that has been tabled loses the battle.
    - Ships still on the table (including squadrons and flotillas) are not considered destroyed and therefore are not scarred.
    - Score points for the winner as equivalent to the full fleet cost. If allies are included in the fight, the full 45 points are added.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Frostweasel in Final Rise of Skywalker Trailer, Now with Capital Ship Classes ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️   
    Did anyone else look at this and think "Well that turn 1 is going to see a **** of a lot of overlapping."
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from Mad Cat in RitR fleet point total?   
    The RitR calls attention to a few of these points:

    Page 18 under "Equip Upgrades" it states: "Upgrade cards that are not equipped are set aside and can be equipped during a later campaign turn, but still count toward a player's fleet-value total."
    Page 3 under "Scoring Additional Forces" : "...the fleet point value of destroyed ships and squadrons that were added to a player's fleet are counted as enemy ships or squadrons by that player's opponent."
    In the campaign I am in, this did come up. We decided that for Hired Scum, the extra 37 points counted toward the fleet's total and this was sufficient to allow the opposing commander an extra experience point.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to ChavoGuerrero in New Tie Fighter?!   
    Lame. They need to bring more Droids content into the new Cannon. 
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from noggin in RitR for 8 players: looking   
    I don't think it will be necessary to worry about which fleet is assigned to assault and defense. In this campaign, upgrades are specific to the locations you are fighting. In the two campaigns I am involved in I have seen at least 2 battles in which really mismatched fleets fought specifically to gain the upgrade at that location. For example: Rebel Fleet A is suited to taking out Imperial Fleet B. In this particular round, Imperial Fleet assaults Montross. Rebel Fleet C needs the squadron points but might get beaten by a wide margin. The decision for the Rebel Grand Admiral is which fleet will defend at Montross.
    I do believe that the 4 vs 4 game will get big, akin to the All Out Offensive from the Corellian Conflict. You may need to increase the size to 9' x 3' for the pivotal battles. Consider the rules used in CC to deploy ships.

    Here are some thoughts I had on an 8 player Corellian Conflict game:
     - Only allow 1 upgrade / round per ship. This eliminates a highly superior fleet in the second round.
     - With 8 players, rewards are divided by 4 instead of 3 (as for six-players).
     - Place starting bases, etc. as you would for a 6-player game.
     - When choosing attacking and defending fleets, only 3 total battles are formed. Each side will have one fleet that is not involved in the battle for the round. Fleets can not be skipped two rounds in a row. This should allow a few badly damaged fleets a round to repair and upgrade.
     - For the all-out offensive split into 2 groups playing on a 3' x 6' table. Remaining ships (from all 8 fleets) will gather for a third battle on a 3' x 6' table. I don't think having 8 fleets on a 3' x 9' table will work well. I suspect it would be a little too crowded.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Church14 in RitR for 8 players: looking   
    For RitR we are running 8 players. Adjustments made so far:
    -Increase threshold time trigger pivotal battles. 
    -If scheduling 8 people for a pivotal battle is too much, then break it into 2X four player pivotal battles.
    —If you break them up, we haven’t decided if we average the results and then apply effects or if we want to make the effects of both pivotal battles apply. 
    That is about it
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to RobertK in Thoughts/discussion on campaign rules from RitR   
    Ok, there's some concern about how scarring is too light of a penalty in this campaign. Maybe.
    But this campaign is different than Corellian Conflict. This campaign isn't a glorified exercise in fleet-building spread out over 3-4 campaign rounds. The focus isn't solely on building the best fleet so you can win the final battle. 
    In THIS campaign, what you do in the meantime matters. Let's say you fight a battle, your fleet gets tabled, and you lose presence on a planet that your team had hoped to build a base on. The loss isn't that your fleet got beat up. The loss is positional. You just lost the opportunity to bring in strategic assets that your team may have been counting on. And instead of refitting 4 ships/squads per turn, you've only got 3 refits to spend because that base isn't getting built there. And that loss of a campaign point to the other team isn't just slowing down your inevitable march to the final battle like in Corellian Conflict. Nope. That's a point you'll have to make up somehow if you want to win the campaign. Because unlike in Corellian Conflict, you can win the final battle and still lose the campaign. Losing is bad.
    I know there's inevitably a big focus on the fleets, but this campaign is different. Fleets are very much a means to the end, rather than the end in itself. And that means the scarring mechanic, no matter what it is, is less important than it was in Corellian Conflict and other campaign systems we might be used to. It requires an adjustment in thinking.
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    Fraggle_Rock got a reaction from Destraa in So how *does* the SSD show up in RitR?   
    You could spend an Ally token though and have an SSD with a fleet cap of 295 points.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to Squark in So how *does* the SSD show up in RitR?   
    Nice catch. Good to know.
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to RobertK in So how *does* the SSD show up in RitR?   
    I think you are right. That means you could leave an extra 45 points of ships, squadrons, and upgrades in your fleet when doing the replacement. Then you could put a few upgrades on the SSD or ISD. Thanks for that interpretation!
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    Fraggle_Rock reacted to RobertK in RitR questions   
    Not quite. The rules state:
    You don't pick a DIFFERENT upgrade type to purchase. You're stuck with the type you chose to dump. Squadrons are different; you choose a new squadron type to buy. This is the only way to respect part of the spirit of this campaign: you have to fight a battle at a specific place to get a specific upgrade type. No switching one upgrade type for another.
    Question #1 is explicitly answered in the rules under Equip Upgrades, p. 18.
    Question #2 is also pretty clear, I think. You couldn't choose a Weapons team if you don't have a Weapons team card in your fleet (equipped or not). Under "Add or Remove Forces" it states:
    I read this as you can remove either:
    a) one type of squadron
    b) one upgrade card.
    If you don't have an upgrade card to remove, then that slot can't participate in the points shuffling. This also respects the general spirit of the Campaign again: you only get to have upgrades from places where you fought battles.
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