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  1. Today Ken brings a Thrawn long-range attack build vs John's MC80 super tank "not a fish farm, farm."
  2. So for Sloane, this is addressed in the FAQ: “Admiral Sloane: A token spent by this card’s effect cannot be spent by the defender during that attack. The defender can spend another token of the same type during that attack.” Thank you you very much for your kind words about our video presentation. The points you hit: Pacing and Editing, are two big ticket items that we want to do well. These are the hardest and most time consuming part of our filming and post-production process. In our opinion it is well worth it. Thank you again for supporting our efforts, it means a lot to us.
  3. In today's episode; John's Fleet commanded by Admiral Sloane includes TIE Phantom squadrons. Ken has Mon Mothma leading a task force of MC30 Frigates in an attempt to run the Imperial Blockade.
  4. Keep it simple: When gathering the dice pool for a squadron attack the number of dice cannot be greater than the remaining hull value. An exception will need to be made for TIE Interceptors. This way effects like Flight Controllers will still add dice.
  5. I was looking to angle the middle Star Destroyer to make a flank maneuver. I figured the Vic I was toast at deployment, so if I came in at the sides of the Neb-B I should be able to take it out a little easier.
  6. Thanks, Bertie. I think I might be getting "not bad" at playing Armada. LOL! 🙂 This is probably one of my favorite games that we've filmed. The crits, the dice rolls, the odd fact that we both picked primarily Wave 1 stuff... Good match. The final score reflects that.
  7. Ken and John are back after COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. Here is our first post-pandemic video!
  8. My bad - I should have said unlike CC, you don't award the opposing team a campaign point. 🙂
  9. Both John and I are glad to know we've had a positive impact on the campaign. Playing through an Act and seeing how things work for your group is the best way to check things out. We did play with the Ally Token additional forces counting toward XP and understrength for our campaign. It is still too powerful - at least in our opinion. It looks as though you guys agreed with our assessment that it wasn't enough. We essentially came up with a similar situation regarding fighter squadrons - 45 points was too much (hence why we suggest adjusting the limit to 2). 30 seems about right. Our thought behind a Flotilla with 1 upgrade plus a squadron was to provide the team with the ally token and interesting strategic choice. A flotilla is an extra activation and potentially useful for token manipulation in game. As we play with the "tabling" tournament rule, neither choice gives you a way to keep your fleet on the table longer. The real question is: Can the player get more utility out of a flotilla and a squadron or two squadrons. In your concept: With 50 points, you get both Raiders and the Gozantis. On the Rebel side you seem to have CR90s, GR75s, and the Hammerheads. Slightly more choice for the rebels, so we're both curious to see how your second act goes with individuals possibly picking ships over fighters. More data is always good when developing solid house rules. 🙂 Let us know how it works - we will be starting production on the next RitR campaign soon.
  10. Retiring a fleet in Rebellion in the Rim is strategically a good idea if you can build something designed to take out an enemy fleet. Unlike CC, you do not lose any victory points and you will be able to get the fleet into a half-way decent position after 1 or 2 rounds. Bear in mind that this principally depends on how powerful your opponent is and if they have control of ally tokens.
  11. Thanks, hobbesque. We both appreciate your kind words and we're glad you enjoyed our series. It was a lot of fun for us to play and showcase to everyone. My goal with this series was to relearn how to play Armada and figure out all of the tricks John had learned over an eighteen month long period in which I didn't play any Armada and he went to tons of tournaments. I hope that I showed some level of improvement over the course of the 11 battles we had. The Imperials got beat down, however there were a few things both strategically and tactically that I took out of the campaign that have me itching to get back to the table. We were due to begin the second campaign in April, unfortunately the COVID-19 Pandemic put a stop to that. Restrictions have finally lifted today and we are already making plans to bring back Armada very soon. Good luck with your campaign, we would be very interested to know how it turns out and what your thoughts on how tokens, systems and fighters are. Check out our campaign wrap-up with you buddies, it may be interesting as we are incorporating at least 2 of our thoughts into our next campaign. Good luck!
  12. Ken and John discuss the campaign overall and give our thoughts about how we would proceed for our second run through.
  13. hobbesque, we're glad you are enjoying our little channel. I won't spoil anything for you, however know that we are planning on releasing a wrap-up video this Friday (May 8th hopefully) in which we talk about the campaign and what we would do "house rule" wise for our second play through. John is clearly a more experienced player than I am, but with a little luck, you'll see me improve as the campaign (and the rest of our series) moves on.
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