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  1. Since everyone else is doing it: 4x Victory (2 with Antennae) 3x Gladiator 3x ISDs 3x Raiders 2x Interdictors 2x Gozanti Flotillas 1x Super Star Destroyer 3x Arquitens 2x Quasar 2x Chimaera 5x Imperial Fighter Squadrons 2x Imperial Fighter II Squadrons 10x CR90 3x Nebulon-B 5x Assault Frigate Mk II 4x MC30c 3x MC80 (Home One) 7x MC80 (Liberty) 4x GR-75 Transports 4x Pelta 8x Hammerheads 3x Profundity 7x Rebel Fighter Squadrons 3x Rebel Fighter II Squadrons 3x Rogues and Villains 2x Corellian Conflict
  2. I would have started one by now, but unfortunately there was a highly limited number at GenCon this year.
  3. This is what I’ve heard (balance in campaign). I’m just a little miffed that I couldn’t get my hands on a copy from GenCon. I am hoping they release this soon.
  4. So the real question is, how well does the SSD fit into one of these cases? Any worries about parts breaking off?
  5. From an IT Background, I like this idea. I may have to do this with some of the folks I play with as I am in a similar situation.
  6. I'm jealous, I was hoping to get my hands on Rebellion in the Rim. Alas, it was not available first thing yesterday and then sold out this morning.
  7. Love it. I’m anxious to hear these too.
  8. Perhaps these are going to be on-screen in Episode 9 and they had to wait to present them until now?
  9. During the Q&A it was stated that Clone Wars for Armada will be end of 2020. I got the impression they wanted to build up all the ships prior to release.
  10. Armada article within the next week or so according to the FFG Live Chat.
  11. Never thought to double load my sleeves for the ship cards. As the cardboard is the same, that makes a lot of sense. I may do this. Thanks!
  12. I’m a little surprised by this. I’d only consider spending the extra $100 if we find out only pre-orders would get this. Otherwise, I would just wait the extra 12 days. It would take about half of that time just to ship it.
  13. At this point I’m keeping my pre-order for two reasons: first, I don’t want to find out that only preorders will be filled and second, I worry that non-preordered pieces could see a price increase due to trade issues with China.
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