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  1. Fraggle_Rock

    SSD article up!

    I’m all for campaigns. I’m my experience, they tend to draw in Armada players more than new releases.
  2. Fraggle_Rock

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    I don't think I will be able to unsee this now. LOL
  3. Fraggle_Rock

    Happy Friday

    So here’s an interesting idea. Is it possible that FFG is actively doing this, hence the increasing time between releases?
  4. Fraggle_Rock

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Didn’t think of that.
  5. Fraggle_Rock

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Fair enough. I do have a tendency to read into things more than I should.
  6. Fraggle_Rock

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Maybe it is just me, but did anyone else get the feeling that new objectives are coming with the SSD? “In the article they state “The objective system that gives players control over the conditions of their battle, adds a lot of nuance to Star Wars: Armada, and it’s one of the game's greatest strengths. As such, all standard objectives can be included in Sector Fleet games” this to me seems to imply some new objective?
  7. Fraggle_Rock

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Working on that. I have a concept for a better Armada "campaign" that requires landing troops and taking over planets. I am working on abstracting that for Armada and leaving room for Legion.
  8. Fraggle_Rock

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    I didn't think of that. Yeah, a 2.0 version of Armada being released with conversion kits would have me pull out of future versions. I think a rules update and a new campaign or set of scenarios would be best.
  9. Fraggle_Rock

    Hasn't the info drought gone on long enough, FFG?

    The Super Star Destroyer flier was included in the December GTM (Issue # 226). Within the Magazine, it stated "Scheduled to ship in November 2018." Issue 227 did not include the SSD.
  10. Fraggle_Rock

    Odd numbers on game night?

    I've done this twice and it works out fairly well. The only down side is when one of the players (in this case me) really wanted to test out a newly designed 400 point fleet. I still had a lot of fun though, and a new player got an opportunity to learn how to play.
  11. I think a better balanced or narrative campaign would help Armada more than a second edition. The last time a group in my area really got together and interest was generated was due to the Corellian Conflict campaign. If a new campaign box was released along with some new ship cards and objectives you could breathe some life into some of the ships and open the door for different fleet compositions.
  12. Fraggle_Rock

    Issues with the Corellian Conflict

    I like the idea of having different victory conditions depending on the final tournament score. As an example, I have thought that to control a planet you need to adjust its "loyalty" to your side. If all planets start at 0 points, and you gain a number of points equal to the difference of the final score (in an 8-3 win, you would gain 5 points). Once you have 10 points you gain control of the system. You would only gain "loyalty" points if you are attacking the system or have a round in which the system is not attacked. You can lose points when defending the system. Once you have control of the system, you gain the economy bonus and any special bonuses as well.
  13. Fraggle_Rock

    What I would like to see in 2019

    Has anyone tried playing on a Hex mat and limiting squadron movement to hex counts? The overall effect would be different, but I suspect this would speed up the movement of squadrons.
  14. Fraggle_Rock

    Public apology

    Huh. I wonder if one couldn’t expense this as an external drive caddy? LOL.
  15. Fraggle_Rock

    Asymetrical Campaign?

    Maybe a better way to go about it would be to select ships from the overall pool and have objective based missions that require a smaller fleet build list. I'm still working out the details.